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Purchase Pokemon Black or White Promptly for an Easy Victini

Posted by James Newton

Eager beavers get a Liberty Pass

Pokémon Black and White reaches North America on March 6th, and if the Pokémon preorder bonuses haven't convinced you to get the game straight away then Nintendo is hoping its new giveaway will seal the deal.

Pokémon trainers who purchase the game in North America between March 6th and April 10th can receive a Liberty Pass via Wi-Fi Connection, opening up the path to collect the Mythical Pokémon Victini, an otherwise unobtainable monster.

The world's only Fire and Psychic type Pokémon, Victini's unique Victory Star ability increases the accuracy of every Pokémon on the player's team whilst in battle, which should come in handy for the double and new triple battles throughout the game.

We're working our way through the world of Pokémon Black for our review – if you have any questions, drop them in our Pokémon Black forum topic and we'll do our best to answer.

Nintendo and The Pokémon Company are giving Pokémon™ fans yet another reason to get revved up for the March 6 launch of the Pokémon Black Version and Pokémon White Version video games for the Nintendo DS™ family of systems. Consumers who purchase either of the new games between launch and April 10 will be able to receive a special Liberty Pass via Nintendo® Wi-Fi Connection (broadband Internet access required), which will enable them to catch the never-before-seen Mythical Pokémon Victini™.

Victini – the Victory Pokémon – is the first Pokémon that’s Psychic- and Fire-type and cannot be obtained through normal game play. It is said that Victini creates an unlimited supply of energy, which it shares with others. This energy source may be the secret to how it brings about victories. Victini’s unique and exclusive Victory Star ability not only increases its own accuracy in battle, but also boosts the accuracy of all a player’s Pokémon in battle. Victini is a must-have in any Pokémon battle, and is especially useful in Triple Battles, which debut in Pokémon Black Version and Pokémon White Version.

Pokémon Black Version and Pokémon White Version include more than 150 never-before-seen Pokémon that players can catch, train and battle as they progress through the game. Both games are now available for pre-order from major retailers throughout the United States for a suggested retail price of $34.99 each. A deposit may be required for pre-orders. See individual retailers for details.

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MasterGraveheart said:

My Nintendo Wi-Fi USB Conector doesn't seem to work with Window's 7... I may need to hook up the old rust bucket computer again for this one...



Tails said:

I'll have this day one well both copies but one is going to my niece.



motang said:

Which reminds me, I need to pick up the third and finaly legendary Pokemon for my Heart Gold and as well as Ash's Pikachu.



Crazygamerfreak said:

I WANT IT!!! But do you have to pre order it or just buy it by April 10th? I'm not sure I will be able to pre order it.



Oscarsome said:

#13-Nope, you just gotta have purchased the game within the first month of release. No preorder needed.

Anyways, I love this! No need to wait forever to get one of these special Pokemon. I hope you get the rest pretty quickly, too.



Retro_on_theGo said:

My friend should be happy to hear this. I won't be getting b/w, but nice to see the people who are will get another nice treat.



Megumi said:

Chances are I'll get this, would love to see more info on the game first though....and I'm still trying to figure out what version to get. xD

I wonder if that Poke is breed-able though.
EDIT: fixes typo Ugh, I hate my keyboard...>_>



Ark said:

I've already got my Japanese Victini, but it never hurts to own two. xD If I recall correctly, the Japanese version launched with Victini as well, or it showed up a few weeks later. Without spoiling anything, there's a bit more to capturing Victini than just going to an island and catching the Pokemon effortlessly. It was a fun event.



komicturtle said:

If you preorder Black and White @ Toys R Us, you get a special 'wall' mount poster thing of either Zekrom or Reshiram (depending on your version chosen).



bboy2970 said:

Well I certainly hope that the mystery gift option is usable before beating the game. I don't wanna be rushed through the game just to make a deadline to get a Pokemon which will likely never be given away again...



Portista said:

WooHoo! That's sweet! I'm so totally lucky. THANK YOU SO MUCH NINTENDO! YOU ROCK!



DarkEdi said:

When people say NA it doesn´t mean NorthAmerica, it means all America continent. Weird manner to say some things. But it´s a big incentive to buy sooner this awesome game.



SuperLink said:

Gah! I really, REALLY want this, but if I actually do preorder this, it'll make me feel like such a sucker to fall for this old marketing gimmick. Stupid corporate hijinx, trying to screw with my thought process....grumble, grumble

By the way, Portista, I love your avatar.



PSICOffee said:

finally. I've been waiting for a psychic/fire combo. Still waiting for that fire/water one...



KiroX777 said:

yes! i love a pokemon that throws up gang signs, we need MORE make a special edition blood charizard and crip blastoise next.



NGpenguin said:


@PSICOffee: ive been waiting for that too .......

@Yasume: sorta, America just gets a chance to catch Vinciti at launch, Europe, does not, but they do get the game first



sonic_brawler95 said:

This comes out on the 6th!? Coulda sworn it was the 24th. Oh well, I quess I gotta step it up with with HeartGold since I restarted it. :/

Can't wait, I'mma buying White. :3

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