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Proof that Inazuma Eleven Really Is Out in the UK

Posted by James Newton

Update: Nintendo speaks!

The Inazuma Eleven saga continues. Launched in Europe on January 28th, the game's been absent from the vast majority of retailers, causing many sites to speculate the game isn't available. In fact, a Nintendo customer service representative told N-Europe:

Unfortunately, this game has been delayed slightly within the UK. We should have further information available about this very soon, but we would suggest that you keep an eye at, as any further information would be posted there first.

However, here we have a photograph of the game in question: our Editor-in-Chief Damien McFerran cradling a genuine UK copy of the game in his gamers' mitts, courtesy of Gamesbasement.

The game is not a German import as many sites have speculated, as the game is only localised into English, with no other language options available on the cartridge. It also it bears no distinctive USK rating diamond, and is intended for sale within the UK, as denoted by the green triangle on the game's spine and cartridge code NTR-YEEP-EUR.

Update: We've contacted Nintendo and have received confirmation that Inazuma Eleven is not released in the UK, but that a small number of copies were sent out "in error".

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drdark said:

Interesting, since the Gamesbasement screenshots showed USK logo which caused some of the confusion.



James said:

@drdark Yeah, not sure what that was about, but if I were to guess I'd say something to do with the lack of high-quality packshot from Nintendo UK.



Portista said:

This game looks interesting. I'll wait for a review before I buy it though.



Tails said:

Sound interesting. Not really a sports fan for games on the Go but might make a exception on this after 3DS and Pkmn games come out.(If it comes out in NA around that time.)



Sylverstone said:

Wow. I wonder why all the confusion.

I've never tried out the Inazuma Eleven games but I'll be happy to.



Issun said:

It's out in France and it is having quite a buzz here, I've seen quite a few ads in stores like Game and there is also (small) TV ads.
For what I've played I like it a lot, the gameplay is fun and Mitsuda's music is awesome.



Damo said:

Having spent some quality time with the game, I can report that it's a fantastic fusion of sports action and RPG. Kim Wild is reviewing this, expect her review in the next few days!



y2josh said:

I wanna play this game pretty badly, even though I know nothing about "football".



Fuzzy said:

Looking forward to the review, as I'm interested to hear what this game is like. RPG sports game is a really interesting combination.



wes008 said:

@Fuzzy Camelot's done that to a ton of sports before. Just never Soccer, err I mean Football. I really want to try this game out. Perhaps I should get an import in before I get my region-locked 3DS (there better be a hack to unlock it)



Incognito_D said:

It's almost like they've decided not to release it at the last second - with the result that some copies have slipped through anyway. I excpect this game will become very rare as a result but I'm not really interested in it anyway so I won't bother picking it up.



nick_gc said:

I hate football but I really want this. Damn you Level 5 making any game enjoyable! I'm so annoyed that you can't buy it from anywhere other than Gamebasement. They have the preview video on the Nintendo Channel and shortly after that it was removed the Nintendo UK website. I want to buy it from Game so I can get my reward card points!



nick_gc said:

OK, I succumbed to my poor willpower and purchased it from Gamebasement. It better be the UK version now or I'll be cross!



trikxy said:

this whole thing is so lame, it looks really cool, was £42 when i checked last week, too much!!



Fuzzy said:

@wes008 - Ah ok, didn't know that. Might have a look and see what sports games they've made, and on what platforms. Thanks.



SilverBaretta said:

Nice job with the quick-grab, NL staff! If this is any bit as fun as Mario Tennis on the GBC, which also did a Sports-RPG thing, I may have to import it.



nick_gc said:

Seriously people, learn to read: GAMEBASEMENT.CO.UK!! £28.99 including delivery.



jesao said:

According to Eurogamer:

"A spokesperson for Nintendo told Eurogamer that a UK release is planned too, but not until after a cartoon series based on the franchise launches" (

Maybe the gamesbasement stock went out early by mistake. I've seen on other forums that people who ordered at the weekend still haven't had theirs dispatched yet.



Damo said:

That EG story is from last year. As far as I can tell, there's no sign of the tv show coming to uk networks.



kurtasbestos said:

This game looks pretty interesting, and I was thinking about buying it, but for some reason looking the picture in this article makes me want to try out World of Warcraft instead.



HipsterDashie said:

At the moment the only reason I want to buy this game is because of it's potential rarity. I'll pass for now though.

/goes and plays Maestro Jump in Music



Ristar42 said:

Reminds me of taking my copy of 'Calling' into Game to trade in. They refused to belive the game was available in the UK so didnt want to trade it, even though I was there with my PAL copy.

Now try and find Great Giana Sisters or King of Fighters on the Wii in the UK shops...



Mayhem said:

@Ristar42 - well GGS was Germany only from what I know... maybe France too. I don't think it was officially sold here. I got mine from German Amazon.

Tempted to get this seeing as it's Level-5, the question is, most of my games are US and I'd prefer that box type (hate the wide white boxes of Europe). Quick question then, is the manual English only too, or is it multilingual?



trikxy said:

"Seriously people, learn to read: GAMEBASEMENT.CO.UK!! £28.99 including delivery."

it was £42 last week when i checked, just because i wanted it last week and didn't check this week doesn't mean i can't read!! ha ha ha...



Kelvin said:

I'm not sure it's that innovative an idea. After all, football management games have been out for decades, and they share a lot of mechanics with RPGs.

Of course, Championship Manager doesn't have all the Shaolin Soccer style special effects.

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