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Nnooo Returns to WiiWare with escapeVektor: Chapter 1

Posted by James Newton

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Australian developer Nnooo has made a name for itself with its DSiWare titles, including myDiary, myNotebook and the upcoming augmented reality game Spirit Hunters Inc. The studio has just announced its first WiiWare title since 2008's Pop in the form of escapeVektor: Chapter 1.

The game is set inside the Wii, with players hoping to help Vektor escape the CPU's clutches. Progressing through the game unlocks new abilities and memories to help Vektor piece together his past, but enemies also increase in hunting intelligence.

Heading to WiiWare in the second half of 2011, Nnooo also has plans to bring the game over to 3DS alongside Spirit Hunters Inc. We'll keep you posted on both titles in the coming months.

Nnooo announces return to Nintendo WiiWare™ with escapeVektor™: Chapter 1.

Australian based games developer Nnooo has revealed details of their new game under development for Nintendo WiiWare which they will be showcasing at this year’s GDC. Titled escapeVektor: Chapter 1, the game is a retro styled arcade game in which the player controls Vektor, an entity trapped inside the player’s Wii™

The player has to help Vektor escape the Wii’s CPU which has been holding him captive. In making his escape, Vektor must avoid enemies sent out by the CPU. Each enemy type has different hunting patterns and intelligence, and as the player completes the various levels in the game, escape becomes more difficult. New abilities unlock to help the player outwit and destroy the CPU’s army.

“We wanted to bring back some of the simplicity and style of the old arcade games but with a modern twist”, said Nic Watt, Creative Director at Nnooo. “For some of us, it will be like reliving our youth. We want this to feel like a blast from the past with cool, stylized graphics and a great sound track.”

As the player continues through the game, old code and memories are unlocked which reveal more about Vektor’s past. This chapter will be the first in a series of escapeVektor games which will follow the adventures of Vektor inside the player’s Wii.

“This is very different from Spirit Hunters Inc™, the other game we currently have in development”, said Watt. “It’s great to be working on two projects with such contrasting styles. Although they are very different games, one thing escapeVektor does have in common with Spirit Hunters Inc is a planned Nintendo 3DS™ version. Keep an eye on our website for future updates.”

escapeVektor: Chapter 1 marks a return to Nintendo WiiWare for Nnooo after the highly successful Pop™, one of only 6 launch titles for Nintendo WiiWare in the Americas.

For more details on escapeVektor: Chapter 1 visit

escapeVektor: Chapter 1 is scheduled for release in the second half of 2011.

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Corbs said:

Looks awesome! Very excited to play this one! Spirit Hunters Inc. and now this. Keep 'em coming Nnooo!



Sean_Aaron said:

That does look/sound excellent, agreed Corbie. More vector graphics for me, please!



Roo said:

Looks just like 70% of all other games on WiiWare. And Pop was an complete waste of 700 points, so I'm saying nnooo to Nnooo.



maka said:

To say this was inspired by Tron would be an understatement, but it does look fun...



Raylax said:

Definitely on my radar. Looks quite Bit.Trip/Art Style-ish. Which can only be a good thing.



theblackdragon said:

i wonder what kind of story this will have behind it. if it's a good mystery, i might give it a shot.



Sean_Aaron said:

Hmm that does kind of look like Amidar. I really like Amidar. I'm also happy to see a developer doing something new for WiiWare. There's so many games I've been looking foward to, but haven't heard any updates for (Block Out anyone?), so this is encouraging.



brandonbwii said:

I've liked the amount of polish and quality that goes in nnooo's dsiware apps. However, I wasn't a big fan of pop with it's touchy stylus controls and nonsense achievements. I wish nnooo luck on making a game that hopefully I will enjoy (Spirit Hunters looks awesome)



Bassman_Q said:

Maybe if its successful it'll have 5 sequels like some other retro-inspired WiiWare series we all know and love.



iwiica said:

Welcome back to WiiWare Nnooo! Looking forward to see this in the Wii Shop soon!

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