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Nintendo: Inazuma Eleven Not Officially Launched in the UK

Posted by James Newton

Stock released "in error"

Our British copy of Inazuma Eleven arrived recently, flying in the face of general wisdom that the game isn't yet available in the UK. Since then we've been in contact with Nintendo UK, who have been able to clarify the situation.

Robert Saunders, Nintendo's head of communications, confirmed that the game has not officially launched in the UK, but that a small number of copies were sent out from the company's warehouse "in error".

Nintendo stills plans to release the game later on this year alongside the TV cartoon series. We'll have more news when it arrives.

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jesao said:

I'd just like to point you all to this comment, made by yours truly.

I'll get my coat.



James said:

@Jesao And I'd like to point out the comment below it - that was a story from November 2010, as Damo said.

It also doesn't explain how two Nintendo Life writers bought legit UK copies of a game that, supposedly, isn't out yet!



Linkstrikesback said:

I don't know why they're bothering with the cartoon series in the UK. It'll crash and burn, being nothing but a huge waste of money.
It really says enough when Naruto, Bleach and One Piece can't even get a following about how much our little island actually cares about watching anime on the Television



Incognito_D said:

my prediction: The UK release eventually gets cancelled altogether and those carts that did slip out become SUPER rare!



Starwolf_UK said:

I'm lost for words at the stupidity of this whole affair.

Can't want until the cartoon does come and retailers don't want the game because the DS has passed its heyday or the cartoon is on some channel requiring a paid subscription to watch...

If I get the chance to at the 3DS event I go to I'll mention it. Even a simple "sorry no DS questions, 3DS ones only" at least they hear what is said. Enough people do that and something might happen. Most likely thing is nothing happens and you're left to order it from a Nordic country (not particularly easy) or the other means of playing it...or you just wait 6 months.



ecco6t9 said:

So basically until the game can be milked with a TV show, the game carts are just going to rot in a warehouse?



ueI said:

Why would people watch the show if they don't care about the game?



Raylax said:

@16: Are you seriously asking why children would watch a colourful fast-action cartoon about a football club?



ueI said:

I just figured the show and game would have the same target audience. Here's a serious, non-rhetorical question. Which European countries will actually be selling this game?



Tommy said:

Spain, France, Italy, Germany, Norway and the Netherlands already are, i'm sure there's more.



ueI said:

So a determined person should be able to buy it. I might out of pity.



Starwolf_UK said:

@uel. Yes but its one language per cart (otherwise everyone would just get a copy from France and forget this whole thing) and the English cards from Nordic countries are mega-expensive and hard to find retailers selling it that ship inside the rest of Europe let alone outside.

Also (if you're thinking "but I see a UK retailer selling on the sidebar there"), Gamesbasement are shoddy. I know 6 people who ordered this from them only for 5 of them to have the money taken and no copy of the game. The money was taken immediately (most retailers take money once they've sent a produce) and given this news story its clear they have no stock and won't for a while...



ueI said:

Actually, my idea was to play the game in Spanish. I think I'll wait for this website to review it first.



Sekuiya said:

Well, I'm happy playing my english version since monday. Gladly Portugal doesn't translate most of Nintendo games, at least as of now, meaning every portuguese Inazuma Eleven game is in english. They have the manual in portuguese but the game is in english.
Oh well, back to the game!
EDIT: The portuguese trailer shows that detail very well. Publicity text is all in portuguese but ingame images and the voices of the chars in the cutscenes are all in english.



James said:

@Starwolf_UK We've contacted Gamesbasement about it and it seems they're having issues keeping up with demand at the moment, but that stock is being shipped out and hopefully your friends shouldn't have to wait too much longer!



Damo said:

In addition to what James said, GB are happy to provide tracking details to anyone who has placed an order. They're very busy at the moment due to unavoidable staffing issues, but if you're waiting on a copy please let them know.



James said:

Gamesbasement: "ALL Inazumas are out for delivery today. If anyone wants to track their order they need to type in the last six digits of their order reference number into on the right hand side and then their post code with a space in it"



nick_gc said:

I got mine from this afternoon. Was sent my recorded even though I didn't ask for it to. Fantastic!!



Starwolf_UK said:

Anyone who ordered from gamesbasement might like to check their accounts. I have reports of people being charged 3 times the amount they should have...I think its on the order history of gamesbasement not the actual bank accounts but its not promising.

Once again, I'll blame Nintendo UK for forcing people to use such retailers.

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