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Nintendo Europe Stars Catalogue Gets Fans, Bags, Points

Posted by James Newton

Oh, and sun visors in February

It's not quite as cool as the Game & Watch Ball that Club Nintendo members in North America can pick up, but the European VIP Stars Catalogue just got an update containing folding fans, sun visors and, oddly, Nintendo Points cards to the value of 100 Points.

For 7000 VIP Stars you can pick up a nylon laptop bag emblazoned with the Nintendo logo, either of the folding fans are 1000 Stars and the Mario and Luigi sun visors are 2500 Points. Picking up 100 Points will set you back 400 VIP Stars, or larger denominations are available in the Nintendo Points Card Shop.

Are you tempted by any of these new treats?


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kurtasbestos said:

whaaaaaaa???? I would so totally rather have a sturdy-looking bag than a Game & Watch replica that I would probably get sick of after a single play.



Tethers said:

@ Nintendolife: Nintendo points are available for years, not just since this update .



theblackdragon said:

@L.Brown: but to the value of 100 points? that's pretty awesome if you ask me, you could totally get rid of any little remainders and stuff out of a larger denomination if you wanted, like if you bought 1000 points and wanted 1300 worth of games or something :3



James said:

@L.Brown I know that, I've bought countless points myself over the years, but I've never seen them available in 100 Point denominations before.



Highwinter said:

There was also a Mario 25 Anniversary coin that came in a very nice pouch but that seemed to sell out in seconds. But it's too difficult to get enough stars for most of these things and they expire after a short time, which really sucks. There's a few things on the catalogue I'd pay good money for if they'd just sell them in a normal store.



Starwolf_UK said:

Wait that doesn't make any sense. The laptop bag isn't a platinum prize from another country (for those of you who don't get it, the SNES controller and Mario and co statue were both platinum prizes in Japan and America, kind of rough we have to pay 7000 stars for them and have no platinum prize of our own).

I get the 100 points only if I have a few stars expiring (worst feature ever) so they don't get to waste so they're one of the better items on the system.



Olorin said:

The 100 point 'cards' have been available for a long time, at least here in the Netherlands. Great for those 200 point DSiWare games.



nick_gc said:

Hmmm, I like the bag, but it's not worth 7000 stars. They still have the Zelda statue available. Might try and save up for that.

I first started collecting stars when Gamecube was launched. Back then they didn't expire so I had 10s of thousands of points. Now they start expiring I save up all my cards and use them at once when I see something I like.

It's annoying you can't register two Wii consoles. I paid for them, why can't I collect stars for them?



Rebel81 said:

100 points is available for a long time, i bought it in december as 250 stars would diappear when not using them before the end of next month

About registering twice, i also hated it bough mario kart and 1080 twice on cube for lan play.



Linkstrikesback said:

7000? For a bag. Well, if you've bought enough games to get 7000 stars...(28 minimum...) I guess you could waste them all on that.



Xkhaoz said:

Luckys. Though I've noticed an increase of quality in prizes, anyone else?



ThomasBW84 said:

The fans are kind of cool, that said I wouldn't actually use one in public so, er, maybe not.

As for the laptop bag, the quality and the gray nylon doesn't look great to be honest.

The only item I truly want is the Wii SNES controller; oh the nostalgia! Building up 7000 points is easier said than done, though.



Pj1 said:

I so would like the SNES controller.......not enough points. Nintendo should sell them though their site, they would make a few quid.



Zach said:

If I could buy Nintendo Points cards from Club Nintendo of America, all I would do would be buy Nintendo Points cards from Club Nintendo of America.



bboy2970 said:

That bag looks amazing!! I would so buy that if given the opportunity....well, maybe not.....I have 1,000 coins and just need 200 more for G&W Ball. Unfortunately, I was quite stupid and went on a huge Club Nintendo buying spree thinking nothing too expensive would be added. Now there are so few games I can get points from since I own the vast majority of Nintendo Wii/DS games already



Linkstrikesback said:

Trust me guys, the nintendo points aren't nearly as good as it sounds. You need to buy 16 wii games to get 1000 points worth. Its even more if you only buy DS games (20 for 1000points) , because they only give 200 stars per game (At most!)



killer6370 said:

damn it i dont have stars now because i ordered the golden coin a few days ago(got it today)
nintendo points are too expensive to buy=400 stars requires minimum 2 games or 1 console to get 1 euro
i prefer use my credit card to buy points from the UK wiishop 7pounds=1000 points which makes 8 euros(in german shop we have to pay 10€



nick_gc said:

@21 I'm confused by what you've said.

200 points means you need five games to get a thousand. If you wanted 7.000 points for the bag, you'd need 35 games. That's around £1,000 of actual money (assuming the average Wii game is £30). You can register for bonus stars if you buy the game two weeks from release. So that could shrink the requirements down to 28 games or £850 ish quid!



Azikira said:

Sometimes the Point-to-Reward ratio seems a little too rediculous for me.



Squiggle55 said:

@Zach same here
maybe that's why they won't give us nintendo points, then they'd have to think of something to do with their warehouse of trinkets.



MasterGraveheart said:


Europe can use their Stars to buy Wii Points?! Where's that feature for the USA, Nintendo of America?! Lucky little...



SwerdMurd said:

aw man that trade stars for wii points ability is great!

other stuff is typical nintendo-branded average crap.



Tethers said:

@ theblackdragon & James Newton:

As other already said it, 100 points were available since the start of this service .

@ Rondog: Don't forget that you also get 50 stars for every download game, even for the 2 which cost nothing.



Pod said:

I think I have most of my star vouchers around in the boxes. I haven't ever created a profile. The one time I tried to remove the sticker from a voucher (recently, with DKC Returns), the thing just simply ripped apart and was useless. |:-



Tethers said:

@ Pod: Sticker? The field on the star voucher isn't a sticker. You have to clear the field with a sharp object to reveal the code^^.



Mike78 said:

i got the laptop bag&just looked on the buy club nintendo website its being sold for £69.99p

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