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New York's Pokemon Launch Takes Over Rockefeller Center

Posted by James Newton

Get your Passport to Unova

UK gamers can meet the Pokémon creators next week, but they still have to wait until launch day to get the game. North American trainers eager to pick up Pokémon Black & White can grab it from 5th March — a day before its release across the territory — by heading over to the game's official launch at New York's Rockefeller Center.

As well as grabbing the game early, attendees will also be able to pick up their passport to the Unova region, the new area you'll explore in the upcoming DS games. As event attendees explore Rockefeller Center they'll come across different stations including gameplay kiosks, Pokémon artwork, a photo booth and an area to download the Liberty Pass to catch Victini. Each station will have a unique stamp for the passport, with the attendees who fill their passport receiving a free limited edition t-shirt.

If you're planning to attend the event, be sure to share your photos with us.

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TKOWL said:

I live really close to the New York City area, but I can't make it to the event... D:



1080ike said:

@2: Agreed.
It's just too bad I live on the wrong side of the country to go to this event... =(



Sylverstone said:

I'm gonna take a bullet and try to get permission.

If I do, then it'll be AWESOME!

Nintendo World is just a train ride away.



dings said:

Not a huge Pokemon fan but I might pop by to check out the madness!



y2josh said:

@6: If I lived that close to Nintendo World I would never use the phrase "I'm gonna take a bullet..."



Ristar42 said:

Pretty flash, but cant compete with Kirby's knitted bench outside the Elephant and Castle tube station.



Rhansley64 said:

The only reason i'm getting Black & White early is for Victini other wised i'll just save my money for only 3DS (for both hardware and software).



Woots said:

the 30 rock theme song started playing in my head as soon as I saw this.



Keroro1979 said:

This sounds awesome. Kind of like the Pokemon they have at rail stations in Tokyo - you get a different Pokemon stamp at each, then hand them in at the Pokemon store for hats and the like.

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