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MotoHeroz Trailer Should Get You All Revved-Up

Posted by James Newton

Car platformer in action

While the name may not be a classic, MotoHeroz has pedigree: developer RedLynx created Xbox Live Arcade's acclaimed Trials HD, an addictive take on the racing genre. With its upcoming WiiWare title the company hopes to recreate its success, with the trailer below showing off the game in action.

A cross between a racing game and a platformer, the game is set to offer four-player local multiplayer and an innovative online competition in which a new track is available every day, which should help to keep the struggle for the leaderboard crown fresh.

Boasting a smooth 60 frames per second frame rate, widescreen support and over 100 tracks, MotoHeroz could be a big hit when it launches on WiiWare later this year.

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NESguy94 said:

When I first heard about this I thought it would be stupid but this trailer proved me wrong! I hope it is 1000 points or less.



James said:

I think the physics look good, it's graphically very nice and the online features sound cool. I wouldn't be surprised if this came in at the 1000 - 1500 mark, personally.



cyrus_zuo said:

Will pay 1500 points easy - day 1 purchase for me...whenever that day comes (August?)

WiiWare isn't getting many games made to this level of quality anymore, I will definitely support the developer and their efforts on this one (the game looking amazing of course helps my desire!).

Very, very excited for this...I'll bet it will be a long while before it is released though...
However, as long as it comes out instead of vanishing into WiiVaporWare, I'll be very pleased .



SMW said:

Looking good. I always wanted to play Trials HD, but this looks much funner. I'll be getting this game for sure!



ville10 said:

Looks a bit like the PSN game Joe Danger. Hopefully it will be as good as that one, including the Single Player modes. Joe Danger was great for lone players, and if this is anywhere near it, it's a must buy!



BlueBandanaJake said:

That actually does look really nice, and it looks like alot of fun. The name is rather lame though, hearing it reminded me of the crappy racing games that have graced the service in the past, but it's nice to see it isnt like that at all.



Mikanes said:

Very good work RedLynx! Look so f*ck'n freak.. in good way!

I trust this Developer from our little country, just like Remedy, Bugbear and Rovio example. Game Industry in Finland looking good, and hope that "wii" see more Nintendo games from those developers.



smileisles said:

Definitely looking forward to this one! It makes me think of a side scrolling Beetle Adventure Racing. Looks great!!!



Yasume said:

I hope they will release a demo as well, so that I can try it out first. I've got to admit that this game does look promising. I love racing games and WiiWare is lacking them (good ones, I mean).



Azikira said:

Seeing as how I loved Trials HD, im sure this will be great too. If anything, it'd be fun for a party



Linkuini said:

So refreshing when a game like this climbs out of the colorless, decaying rut that is the racing genre right now. I want it already!



bro2dragons said:

This looks great. I really hope this reviews well, because if it does, I'll be buying it the day the review goes online.



moosa said:

Anyone else notice the Excite Bike inspiration?
Looks fun! Interesting how everyone in the comments seems to agree about this.



JimLad said:

If this game was just one player I'd be quite interested, but the fact that it's four player pretty much seals it for me.



suburban_sensei said:

I didn't know how to really gauge my excitement for this game over screens, but that trailer has actually got me pretty excited. I enjoy games like Trials HD and Joe Danger, so this genre of physics-motor-platforming is pretty fun.



LittleIrves said:

Unfortunate name.... but yeah, this looks pretty cool. I'm worried the environments might feel redundant after awhile, as there seemed to be only a reddish one and a greenish one. But the physics and idea look neat.



lex0plex said:

I wish this game was long and expansive enough to sell in a store with box/manual and stuff. I dont buy wiiware games

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