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Kirby, Your New Game Deserves Better Than This

Posted by James Newton

UK launch is... underwhelming

It's been out in North America for what seems like forever, but today is Europe's chance to take home Kirby's Epic Yarn, and to celebrate Nintendo went all-out to recreate the game's sugary-sweet atmosphere in London's beautiful Elephant and Castle area.

The official press invite promised:

For one day only Elephant and Castle will be decked out in a colourful array of knitting to bring the feel-good vibe of Kirby’s Epic Yarn and replace grey with colour.

Sadly the grey British weather prevented the event from fulfilling its potential, lending the whole thing a slightly grim and grisly atmosphere at odds with the super-cheery game it served to promote.

Still, at least the game is a winner, so that's something.

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Golgo said:

Whoever dreamed up that promo idea needs to be hung, drawn and quartered.

Still, those bags full of knitwear make a change for the area I suppose, as polythene bags in parks in the Elephant and Castle usually contain other substances. I imagine the dealers in the park this morning, faced with a pile of Kirby plushes, thought they were ODing on their own stash.

Anyhoo, I bought the game today. It's sitting next to me now. Happy am I. And not even lacklustre Nintendo marketting can spoil my mood.



Oregano said:

Oh jeeze, I forgot this game was out today! I'll have to get it at some point, I'm still trying to save for the 3DS!



Chris720 said:

I want to go buy it, but it seems my local GAME shop has sold out. Well this just sucks... hopefully my Tesco store has a copy (highly doubtful though).

Shame about their event getting screwed by the weather... poor Kirby. D:



Highwinter said:

I was very excited about the game when it came out in America, there were lots of previews and talk about it and it all looked fantastic. Now the hype has died down, I've completely lost interest and there are so many other games coming out right now that I just don't have time for it.

And this is exactly why they shouldn't wait months to release games over here, it's going to sell so badly because of the 3DS, Pokemon, Dragon Age and whatever else.



Xkhaoz said:

I remember when weather ruined my big activities. Back in elementary school, we always had big end of the year activities, and the outdoor ones were the best, but a lot of times, we had to go indoors thanks to weather.



nick_gc said:

That's a shame. Still, I got the game this morning so hopefully the sales won't be as underwhelming.

Also, is that a knitted condom on the source link? Last image. WTF!?



NESguy94 said:

@7 LOL I highly doubt Tesco will have it, and I'm probably the only American who getsyour reference.



HipsterDashie said:

I went along to this. Whilst it was a little underwhelming thanks to the dreary weather, the knitwear was very well done, and everyone was more than pleasant.

PlusI got given a copy of the game for free so I'm not complaining.

I can provide additional pictures, if you would like them NL?



Sonic1994CD said:

Since this didn't happen I feel like they should put Kirby's Epic Yarn toys on Club Nintendo.



LunarJade said:

That's too bad. Although they probably could have used some brighter colors of the yarn to help.
I've seen some great yarnbombed pieces... and while the plushies on this look good, and the knitwear bags look interesting.. the rest of that bench just looks a little sad. Could just be the clouds but I think brighter colors might have helped.



J-Forest-Esq said:

I couldn't help but laugh when I saw this. Classic tragi-comedy. Still, it's going to be a while until I manage to scrape together the money to get it. Since the American release it's been slowly slipping down my wishlist.



Ristar42 said:

Elephant and Castle is an unusual choice to launch a game... kinda cool though, go saaaf London!

Bought the game and hopefully have a go at the weekend.



OverlordMao said:

That's pretty darn Ironic, and also totally hilarious.
Okay all you Englishmen/women, get off your keisters and go buy the game if you haven't yet!



Wolfenstein83 said:

What the heck, that's no way to celebrate the infamous pink puff!
Ah well, at least you can still enjoy the game.



NintyMan said:

It really did sound like the launch was low-key. Oh, well, pitiful marketing shouldn't hinder British gamers from loving Kirby's Epic Yarn. I guess whenever they get the new Kirby Wii game that they'll put on a better show.



jaffa said:

Aww...that sucks I would have liked to see what they could've done



Big_A2 said:

Nintendo, this is what happens when you take 4 months to release a game.



Tate24 said:

I wanted 2 get this game:-( but with 3ds coming out am saving money for that! If this game had been release a month ago it would of been fine. But in this day and age were cant afford everything we want nintendo cant expect use to be running out buying this and then going out and buying 3ds! I cant see it doing well just because of when been released.



turtlelink said:

That sucks about the weather. They should have just done it Thursday when the sun came out, lol.



Rhansley64 said:

This barely justified one of my personal favorite games, in fact if was in charge a decorate the entire London capital with Kirby's Epic Yarn.



Traxx said:

Whats the big deal? The idea clearly was to decorate a depressing, grey area. So the grey weather could have only contributed to that idea.

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