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Kirby Casts On a Disappointing UK Chart Debut

Posted by James Newton

Did delay hurt sales?

Kirby's Epic Yarn finally made its way to Europe last week, having been available in North America since the end of October, but its first weekend of sales in the UK don't make a strong case for the delay helping sales.

The game completely failed to dent the all-formats top 40, landing in the Wii-specific charts at number 9, behind Donkey Kong Country Returns and one place above Disney Epic Mickey.

Sadly the game's UK launch event didn't help the game's fortunes out, but is the real reason behind its underwhelming performance more to do with the long in bringing the game across to Europe? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.


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default12345 said:

There is no denying that if KEY had been released during the UK Christmas/Holiday period it would have had much more success in terms of sales.



Highwinter said:

Absolutely. There was a lot of hype for the game a few months ago, all of which has completely died down. People who were interested in buying the game have forgotten about it, especially now that Pokemon is out soon, the 3DS and several big titles for other platforms. (Dragon Age 2, Dissidia and so forth).

The delay was a huge mistake.



J-Forest-Esq said:

The delay definitely affected my decision to buy it later rather than sooner. Saving up for the 3DS and whatnot has depleted my cash supply so KEY falls into the "I'll get it later" category for me. To be honest, it was never going to be a bestseller, I don't think Kirby games ever tend to do particularly well in the UK. The tragic launch can't have helped either...



rjejr said:

The game was #9 on the Wii for the week it came out? How many Just Dance games do you guys have over there? My 6 year old got this for Christmas and finished the main story in about 3 days, playing a little co-op with his 8 year old brother. They've gone back to it a bunch trying to finish all the levels and get some golds. I watched and this game looks good and plays well. #9 the week of release? Rob Schneider movies do better than that.



Linkstrikesback said:

Well, I wasn't going to get it, but since I was really happy with my exam results, I went out and got it since its pretty much the only release around this time of year I was interested in, and felt the need. I was going to wait for it drop in price though before, and so are a few people I know.

The complete lack of any preorder bonuses in the uk probably didn't do it any good either



Cipher said:

I'd have bought it day one were it not for the 3DS coming out so soon after. For sure, though, this is a must-have later in the year.



Shiryu said:

I have no doubts that everyone who wanted this game imported it already (or worse, just pirated it) when it was released in the US. reminds of the USA/EUR delay for Super Smash Bros Brawl. Oh well, I just received my game today from, so I will be finally able to play it. Better late then never, right >INSERT YOUR FAVORITE SNES GAME THAT WAS RELEASED IN THE US BUT NEVER IN EUROLAND<?



BulbasaurusRex said:

I certainly don't agree with Entertainment Weekly's opinion on the game, but I think it's overrated quite a bit. There's very little challenge, and there's very little incentive to get gold medals outside of the bonus levels you unlock if you gold rank the boss levels. Plus, the gameplay itself is kind of boring. After I finish playing through the story and those bonus levels, I don't see any reason to keep the game. I wish I had rented it instead of asking for it for Christmas.



Ernest_The_Crab said:

The boss levels have 1 rank higher than gold. Also, perhaps the park advertisement didn't turn out well enough.



Neko_Ichigofan said:

Is Apache Junction Arizona a part of the U.K.? XD
this game was finally released here last week....& is great fun
Anybody know why our gamestop tends to release stuff here based on the U.K. release dates? 0_0



Issun said:

I think the main reason behind the non-success is mainly because of the games that came out this week alone: I mean , 5 very interesting titles came out (Tactics Ogre, Bulletstorm, Killzone 3, KEY, De Blob2). Besides the hype was dead, and yeah, the fact that Pokemon comes out this week and the 3DS in 3 weeks doesn't help it. March ddefinitely is the (3)DS's month !



PSICOffee said:

funny. You guys usually get cute games like Trip World, Gimmick, and Ufouria that the US doesnt get, and a Kirby game actually fails there? At least you guys get it released, so true fans will be able to buy it. I'm still waiting for the only Japanese-exclusive Kirby game to be released on VC, Kirby Super Star Stacker.



Denkou said:

Of course the delay had something to do with this. America recieved this game as the "perfect storm." Kirby had yet to make a standalone appearance on the wii (as in not in brawl) and the customers were anxious. The release rush lasted for a while, likely until mid november when it ended up on christmas lists across the continent (mine included) giving it a second rush. Europe had... well almost none of that. The anticipation for the game kind of died after america had it for almost half a year.



Gavin_Rozee said:

Well I bought it. Twice infact, as my ShopTo order didn't turn up, so I bought it somewhere else, and I have to wait 15 business days until I can claim the refund I'm entitled to



PALgamer said:

Another reason can be the anouncement of the true Kirby Wii game that is set to come. Had they waited to announce it after the European release I'm sure it would have done better. Bad timing.



madgear said:

Didn't know it was out to be fair. I kind of forgot about it actually - no idea when it was supposed to be released over here.



Kid_A said:

I think the delay definitely hurt sales. It was never going to be a top 5 selling game, and the series of delays caused people's patience and interest to wane, stunting the sales further.



Keroro1979 said:

I bought it for my 5 year old son and I to play co-op. It is a real shame that it got pushed back. Like many others, I am saving for a 3DS, it was pure luck that I managed to sell a few odds and sods on Ebay and get enough for one more game.



Sneaker13 said:

I didn't even make the Wii top 10 in the Netherlands. I didn't see any advertisement as well so maybe Nintendo is going to do something about it soon (although I also didn't receive a newsletter). But I bought the game and I love it.



Chozo85 said:

No doubting that the delay has harmed sales. It really should have been released for the holiday season last year when it would have fared much better. I was looking forward to this game last year but now its European release has finally come around I've really lost interest. With the 3DS out in just a month I've had to set money aside for the console and a couple of games, which means no money for Kirby. Hopefully Nintendo will take note and not delay another European release by that long again.



SennaKurosaki said:

The long delay to release Kirby in Europe is definitely to blame for any disappointing sales. In the beginning the hype was fresh and people couldn't wait to buy a fun and highly original game. Now everyone save the die-hard Kirby fans (comme moi) remembered the release date and couldn't wait. Now in Dutch shops the game isn't even displayed on a top location. It's just placed in the racks between the other games. Also they dare to ask 50E for it so I ordered mine from the UK for 37E (incl. shipping). Simultaneous world-wide releases are the way to go, the way forward, the only fair and good future.



Fuzzy said:

It was just released too late for me. If it was released at the same time as the US, I would have snapped it up quickly. But now, the hype is gone and I'm more interested in other things. I'm still going to get it soon, but with Internet/communication the way it is now, there shouldn't be any big delays between regions.



TKOWL said:

The delay. Plus Pokemon Black and White are coming out in 5 days anyways.



Pod said:

Yeah, well, this is how Wii osftware works. In many cases, it needs to actually be on the market for a while, so people can touch it and feel it, and talk to each other about it, before it really catches on. In any event, Nintendo is going to make sure it stays on shelves whether it makes a first week impact or not.



Angelic_Lapras_King said:

Yeah some of us are saving for a 3DS, and some of us are also saving for Pokemon B+W this week, so its gonna have to wait for me.



Chris720 said:

I was going to buy it,but then meh... the hype of a new Kirby game made me want to buy it, but having to wait 5 months for the EU release? I'm sorry, I have better things to do than wait around for a long overdue game to be released.

I mean what was with the hold up in the first place?



Doma said:

Yeah, i would of bought this, alongside DKCR last Christmas. I won't have the time to waste on this now though, the game looks mediocre at best, i doubt i‘d enjoy it really. Pokemon is out this Friday, so i couldn't care less.

What a foolish delay. 3 months of waiting, even when the game is already in English… that sh*t contributes to why i'll never buy an EU locked system again.



Wolfenstein83 said:

Come on you blokes, don't you have any love for the pink puff?
Then again, just wait until the price drops.



jaffa said:

I'm 100% sure it's because of the delay that it's sales aren't so good



NintyMan said:

Sadly, this doesn't really surprise me. The delay definitely hurt it, and it would've done a fine job if it was released on time. They better get the upcoming Kirby Wii game over there smoothly if they want more pleasing results.



Vinsanity said:

Both Kirby Epic Yarn and Disney's Epic Mickey are better games than Retro's overrated disappointment, DKC Returns. Way to let me down UK. You must hate fun. In that case, enjoy the unrelenting cheap shots DKC Returns throws at you constantly - I have yet to see someone play that game and actually enjoy it. Something that is NOT a problem for Kirby's Epic Yarn or Disney's Epic Mickey.

tsk, tsk, tsk...



JimLad said:

^ I agree with him actually on the cheap shots.
I'm a huge fan of Donkey Kong Country and was eagerly anticipating Returns ever since it was announced. I couldn't believe how much I hated it. It was literally three days before I decided to sell it, and I gave it a good chance in that time but it just wasn't enjoyable.

Kirby would have sold better as a holiday release. I think it could have coexisted with Donkey Kong and Goldeneye just fine with no harm to the sales of either game.



Toasty said:

I was really disappointed that the game was delayed. Throwing those months onto one's face.. sigh

But I'm actually really looking forward to it now, just bought it on Amazon. It was a 'meh-situation' at first, but the time didn't bother me tootoo much after a while. ^^
Whereas I could imagine that the general public just forget/lost interest in Kirbay, as some others here already stated. =(



siavm said:

You all need to stop buying just dance and buy this. Truly sad UK.



Ryno said:

Make that two people that really suck at DKCR! Anyway, I dont really care about Kirby, have always thought of it as one ot worst video game characters ever.



Leonzable said:

People From the UK arn't really into this type of game I'm afraid.
The delay didn't help.

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