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Europe's 3DS Launch Line-Up According to Gamestation

Posted by James Newton

UK retailer lists day one titles

The list of titles heading to 3DS on March 25th is in an almost constant state of flux, with new titles popping up and dropping out all the time like a strange version of whack-a-mole. UK retailer Gamestation thinks it has the list pretty much nailed down however, pegging the line-up at 14 games on day one.

It's always worth remembering that retailers often get release dates wrong, so these are not cast-iron promises until confirmed by publishers or Nintendo, so make of this list what you will.

Here's the line-up according to Gamestation:

Dead or Alive: Dimensions
PilotWings Resort
Super Street Fighter IV 3D Edition
Nintendogs + Cats, available in three editions: Poodle, Golden Retriever and Bulldog.
Madden NFL 11
Samurai Warriors: Chronicles
The Sims 3
Pro Evolution Soccer 2011 3D
Super Monkey Ball 3D
Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon: Shadow Wars
Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell 3D
Rayman 3D
Asphalt 3D
Lego Star Wars III: The Clone Wars

Ubisoft also has two games lined up on April 1st: Rabbids 3D and Combat of Giants: Dinosaurs 3D.

What do you make of this list?

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Incognito_D said:

There isn't anything there that's going to convince me to part with £250 on day one.
I still don't understand why Pokemon White and Black aren't 3DS launch titles - that would have been a system shifter!



bboy2970 said:

Oh god.....If this is any indication of America's launch games I'm gonna have to already buy 4 games right out the gate! Oh Nintendo, whay must you constantly suck money from my pockets.....



Oregano said:

£250? Where are you shopping?

I want DOA and Lego Star Wars for definite and am very interested in a few others.



NintendoMaster said:

I will be very disappointed with Nintendo if these are the launch titles when the 3DS hits the US, which they likely will be. Where are those core titles I have been waiting for like Paper Mario, The Legend of Zelda, Mario Kart, and Professor Layton which we were teased with at E3? Why such a disappointing first party lineup, or is there some other surprise we have yet to find out about?



X-145 said:

As long as The 'States get Super Street Fighter IV, Mario Kart 3D, or MGS Snake Eater, I'm fine with the launch lineup.



SwerdMurd said:

Yuck...Monkeyball is the only thing that looks interesting. Given what I've seen, I can't imagine the US release-date games are gonna be any different...



Corbs said:

Did anyone actually think Paper Mario, Zelda: Ocarina of Time, or Mario Kart were going to hit at launch? I mean with the summer and the holiday shopping season coming later in the year, there's no way Nintendo are going to release these big guns at launch.



aaronluis26 said:

@Incognito D: I'm with you on that one. It would seem to make sense to release a new generation of Pokemon with a new generation handheld, but I guess they may want to liven up DS sales while ushering in new hardware.

@Oregano: Maybe s/he saw a U.S. price and thought it was the English price shrugs shoulders xD

@X-145 I highly doubt MGS Snake Eater will be ready at U.S. launch. I realize release dates for games can vary from region to region, but if it's ready for U.S. launch, I sure hope they'd also have it as a launch title for Europe. It's just too big of a title.



Yasume said:

@Corbie: It's also very important to have at least 1 AAA title at launch. The GameCube had Mario Sunshine, the DS had Super Mario 64 and the Wii had Twilight Princess.

The 3DS has nothing...



NFreak007 said:

@Yasume: Actually, Mario Sunshine launched several months after the Gamecube. At launch the biggest title the Gamecube had was Luigi's Mansion.



Corbs said:

I think people should give Pilotwings Resort a chance. It's actually very well done and a lot of fun. It's also one of the best displays of what the 3D effect can do for a game.



J-Forest-Esq said:

Hm. It this list is to be believed, then the only games that vaguely appeal to me are Street Fighter and Pilowings and even then I'll have to think about them. On the other hand it means I won't be completely strapped for cash.



Oregano said:

The 3DS hardcore killer apps are third party... that's part of the point...



JoeDiddley said:

I pre-ordered a 3DS at Gamestation today. I couldn't decide whether I want one at launch or not. I can't really afford it so I'm glad there aren't too many great games at launch.
If I change my mind & decide to wait I can always get a refund on my deposit.



Raylax said:

Yay! Precisely zero titles of interest. Glad to see I'm not missing anything :3



Linkstrikesback said:

@NFreak007 Yeah but they had Super Smash Bros Melee within a month of launch in most (all?) regions for the Gamecube. While it wasn't a launch title, it was doing a lot better than the 3DS opening months line up looks



default12345 said:

I'll be quite happy with PilotWings Resort, SSFIV and SMB3D at launch.

Prepare for the future of gaming.



ToneDeath said:

I guess I could make do with Face Raiders for a bit, maybe get Pilotwings or Street Fighter.
But I'm really hoping Nintendo will read my mind and put Balloon Kid on the VC!



MasterGraveheart said:

If I were in Europe, I'd be getting my greedy paws on Dead or Alive, PilotWings, Street Fighter, Nintendogs + Cats, Samurai Warrior, Sims 3, Super Monkey Ball, Rayman, and Lego Star Wars... considering I had the money. ^^;;

Here stateside, I got Street Fighter and PilotWings in my sights with DoA and N+C in my sights for the immediate future.



SuperDel said:

I'm going all out and have pre-ordered 5 games: Resi Evil, SSFIV, Pilot Wings, DoA and Nintendoggies. I was lucky enough to go to the pre-launch event in London to play them all. Got Pokemon White coming too before that, and even Kirby before that. Nintendo are rinsing me out but it's all worth it.



Chris77 said:

I think nintendo are just giving the launch limelight to third parties. They only have 900000 to shift in Europe so why waste that boost with LoZ or Mario. I'd say Zelda appears around easter along with some more hardware stock. Gives third parties like capcom a chance to get some good early sales and proves the 3ds is a good platform.



DarkLloyd said:

well i hope canada/america gets resident evil mercanaries as thats what i want the most otherwise i'll end up with a 3ds with no 3ds game



Chrono_Cross said:

The GameCube had Mario Sunshine
Are you sure about that? Are you sure your not thinking of Luigi's Mansion and Wave Race Blue Storm?

Anyway, everything other than DOA, is uninteresting.



Chozo85 said:

I'm actually delighted that Pilotwings is a launch game. It may be one of Nintendo's lesser known series but the previous two iterations were quality games.



triforceofcourage said:

meh. SSFIV and pilot wings are top on my list. Would have liked to see at least mariokart and prof layton though.



Oregano said:

@Incognito: Well on Amazon the 3DS is £197 and the games are mostly £29. So there's a savingof £20 straight away and it might even end up cheaper as we get closer to release!



3dbrains said:

Dead or Alive is launch title! I am so getting this instead of street fighter!

Also earlier this morning I called Gamestation asking about my preorder colour and the store manager said he played one other day and it is amazing, played a blue one and said the store would also have one in 2 weeks for preorder-ers to play I asked about Sainsbury's selling it at £199 and he said they will be offering PRICE BEATERS closer to the launch so just keep asking and the extra £30 you save can go on a game! how cool



Fuzzy said:

That list isn't too bad. I would definitely be able to find something to play until other games come out. Pilotwings and Street Fighter probably, but maybe even Rayman or Monkey Ball or Dynasty Warriors. Games that i probably wouldnt buy normally (maybe thats what theyre trying to do) but could still enjoy. If there are VC games at launch too, and along with Okamiden, I think I will be able to entertain myself fairly well.



BulbasaurusRex said:

@13 Star Wars: Rogue Squadron 2 was also a great GameCube launch title.

Out of that list, I want SSFIV3D, DoA: Dimensions, and maybe Rayman. I'll also be busy with Pokémon White, though.

We already knew the other big first party titles aren't even in the launch window, but I wonder why Kid Icarus isn't a launch title (at least according to this).



VermithraxDagon said:

I honestly doubt that even half of those games listed will be available on launch day, UK and US both. Most aren't even completely finished yet. As much as I'd hope they'd be available, I'd be really surprised if the Ghost Recon, Splinter Cell and Rayman games are a go on day one. I also have doubts about PilotWings being at retail before April.



Beechbone said:

Not much for me to play but might get Splinter Cell or Star Wars, depending on the review scores. And is it just me or nobody cares about Madden in Europe?



DStanton said:

Hope Mario Kart Animalcrossing and Paper Mario will make The North Ammerican Line Up.



Goomba77 said:

Looks like a lesson in how to mess up a console launch to me... I hope Nintendo read the negative consumer feedback on this...

Supporting 3rd parties is fine just as long as what they offer isn't complete crap that no one seems to want. I'm not gonna suddenly start buying tat like Asphalt or Tom F?&@£$G Clancy just to please Nintendo and by the looks of it I'm far from on my own!!

Decent games need to follow VERY quickly!



Lotice-Paladin said:

Agree with Raylax...but parting with £230 this early on is taking a risk in the first place, good luck to those who find use out of the new handheld though.



Hey_Listen- said:

Really though I would waaay rather have Zelda or mariokart or paper Mario than steel diver. I just don't see any fun part about that game



FonistofCruxis said:

Dead or alive: dimensions will be my first 3ds game and I'll probably get Rayman 3D and pilotwings resort at later dates.



NintyMan said:

If our list is anything like that, then I'll be getting Pilotwings Resort for the moment. Each of those games will be $35-$40 tops, so Street Fighter and Rayman will have to wait a little.



Monsti said:

So excited Pilotwings is going to be there from the beginning. Exactly the game I wanted on day 1...and also the game I ordered a few weeks ago. ^^



WolfRamHeart said:

This list of launch titles is really lacking. The only game that I am interested in here is Pilotwings. I might just cancel my pre-order and pick up the 3DS later on when there are more titles that I am interested in.



komicturtle said:

A few titles such as Pilotwings, Monkey Ball and The Sims 3 interest me.

It's a solid line-up, no doubt. Guess those who REALLY want Kid Icarus or Zelda will have to wait a little longer obviously. I think Animal Crossing and Mario Kart will be released next year.. I hope they don't, though. And Paper Mario best be out during the Fall!!!



moosa said:

Why does everyone expect the console to launch with 5 triple-A titles on day one? Any console that launches with one is doing pretty good. And honestly, there's a lot of big names here. This launch is probably overall bigger and better than most other console launches historically. The only thing it's lacking is that one big, "new" game that everyone just needs to experience, like Halo was for Xbox, because if you look every title on this list is actually from an existing franchise.



JamieO said:

I think that I have been really naïve , especially as I was absolutely buzzing from the 2010 E3 list of games, I honestly thought that I would be playing at least one AAA game in the launch window. I know that SSFIV and Dead or Alive are big names in the one-on-one fighting genres, but I was looking forward to playing through a top-class adventure.

It is all about personal preference, but for me PilotWings is a nice and chilled out game, but I was hoping to sink my teeth into more action, whether or not it is Metal Gear, Resi, Kid Icarus, Ocarina or Star Fox. Any one of those games would have made the launch line-up more exciting for me.

However, I sift through weak third-party titles which saturate the current DS shelves and it is clear that Nintendo has a far broader target audience than my fickle tastes, many of whom will be chuffed to have 3D cats available in their latest Nintendogs.

In an interview Reggie said that Nintendo can “never win” and explained that people have been shouting out for PilotWings to be a launch game and that they need to release Mario titles so as to drive hardware sales/ consumer excitement (ie the holidays). I would have actually preferred it if Nintendo would have held the launch back until a more prominent summer shopping season to be able to include just one AAA first or third party game.

It is just a personal point of view, but this list of games has detracted from a hardware launch which I was massively excited about. I’m still saving up to buy 3DS at launch, but now I am actually considering getting Lego Star Wars III, or Asphalt 3D on day one. I was just hoping that I would be viewing a more exciting title the first time I cast my eyes on Nintendo’s 3D tech.



Goomba77 said:

I think these comments speak pretty loudly on Clancy... no one here is mentioning them and it doesn't look like anyone here is planning to purchase either of them... except SilverBlacktail that is!

As for PilotWings, I will prob be forced to get this but from what we have seen so far it looks more like a tech demo!! For the £30 - 40 price tag there has to be more to it than just Wuhu Island.. (again) PilotWings 64 had a huge and wonderful map to explore!!

I didn't expect ALL the games to arrive straight away! ONE proper game would be nice though!!

Street Fighter will be on my shopping list too, but again its an old game with some tat I don't really want or need bolted on. Tokyo may be full of people walking around with their 3DS on stand by but the rest of the planet is very different!

As for Nintendogs.. mixed feelings.. I got the last one, it made me smile for 5mins then it was traded.. besides how many 6 year old girls will be getting a 3DS at launch?? I could use the same argument about the Shaun The Sheep 3D Videos..

AND who the hell would buy Asphalt over Ridge?? either Clancy over either RE?? or Dreamcast platformer Rayman2.. AGAIN!!

Maybe Nintendo are trying to give the Pre-owned market a boost at the start of the consoles life??



moosa said:

I think you guys are really underestimating these games! PES looks pretty awesome. Nobody has even mentioned Super Monkey Ball. I don't think Lego Star Wars has ever let us down. We've never had Dead or Alive on a Nintendo console. Rayman (2) may have been ported a number of times in the past but it's still a beloved classic. And who doesn't like Rabbids? Super Street Fighter IV is my definite choice, because I can't pay $40 for all of these, but I think people are really underestimating how much work has been put into Nintendogs + Cats. I just read the Iwata Asks interview about it, and they've got some pretty surprising new features such as face recognition and AR support. Apparently if you bring your face close to the screen, the pup will pop out and lick your face, and the dogs with react differently towards different people as well as remember their faces. Anyways, I know it's not a "gamer's game," but I think it's looking pretty damn cool.



Luffymcduck said:

Come on Nintendo! You can do better than releasing just a new Wii Wii game (whoops, it was actually Pilotwings with new boring look). Super Street Fighter and Monkey Ball are the only one´s that I may consider buying. Rayman too, but I´ve already played the original enough. At least there´s not too many games to buy.

But Nintendo, at least one AAA title would have been nice. Wii had Zelda, DS had Mario 64 (yes, I actually prefer this version over the N64 one).



Oregano said:

I actually think a lot of people are interested in Ghost Recon but are waiting to get a proper look at it.



Zak_Canard said:

At the preview event in Manchester last weekend the three release games that impressed me the most were Pilot Wings, Ridge Racer and Super Monkey Ball, so those will be my pre-order three. Of the other titles shown, Ocarina of Time impressed me the most, I have no interest whatsoever in beat-em-ups, and Kid Icarus Uprising was a major disappointment due to being forced to play with a stylus right handed when I'm a lefty.



X-145 said:

You make a good point. It would make more sense if MGS Snake Eater came out towards christmas.


The one thing I really want more than any other game at launch is Super Street fighter IV.



Bassman_Q said:

Why all the hate, guys? I think it's a pretty fair launch lineup, though OoT 3D should really be on there. At least PilotWings, SSFIV, and Tom Clancy seem decent.

And I'm willing to bet that DOA Dimensions will be the top seller once it is released.



Nintonic said:

The main reason why my fav games are not coming out yet is because nintendo needs time to make fun and long games



EliPro said:

When you think about it, this is Nintendo's best handheld launch lineup ever. I mean the DS had a terrible lineup, but it ended up being a runaway success and an amazing library of games. So, if anything, the 3ds will be awsome. Serriously, guys think about it

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