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Europe, Blow Up with Bomberman Hero on Friday

Posted by James Newton

North America, you have to wait

As we reported last week, Hudson's 64-bit single-player Bomberman Hero was recently rated by the ESRB, but the title will make its first appearance in Europe this week for the price of 1000 Points.

The game was originally released in 1998 and is most well-known for being a totally single-player adventure, with not even a sniff of Bomberman's famous multiplayer bombing matches.

Will you be picking up the White Bomber's solo adventure this week, Europe?

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moosa said:

I owned it when I was younger. Some people seem to have a place in their hearts for this game, but yeah, I can't really recommend it.



Link79 said:

As a fan of platformer games I can't see why I didn't try this out back in the N64 days.
It doesn't look that bad.



Highwinter said:

Releasing on the same day as Pokemon isn't a good idea. Never played this one but wasn't Bomberman always popular for its multiplayer?



The_Fox said:

Removing the multiplayer and taking it 3D. Two things nobody ever asked for in the series.



Link79 said:

@ The Fox
I suppose you didn't like Star fox Adventures Either?
Just because it's different doesn't make it bad. Unless everything else about the game sucks.



foofighter521 said:

I probably wouldn't recommend it nowadays, but I loved this game when I was younger, and for me it holds up pretty well. Very simple game, but I definitely liked it. If it comes to NA, I'll probably get it.



PSICOffee said:

I love this game. The music is catchy, the graphics are good for its time, and has nice control for a platformer. Louie is fun too. I've played almost every bomberman game and I'm glad this one is different. If you love platformers, don't pass this up!

It's also got lots of cool different bombs and vehicle stages, as well as plenty of secret exits and levels. There is also a secret planet if you are good enough to collect everything and get the best rankings, which is easier said than done especially beating the bosses fast enough. The snow boarding levels were probably my favorite.



jer18 said:

Hm, not sure how they will do, 500 pts seems more reasonable for bomberman. I wonder how gameplay looks.




I never owned an N64 Bomberman game, and I heard they weren't that great, but I always thought they looked great at the time! The fact that I never owned this game and I love Bomberman means regardless of how bad it was, I will still be getting it. Can't wait!



irken004 said:

I'll get it too. I was never a fan of the classic Bomberman formula. This one was suited much better to my tastes.



The_Fox said:

I hate Star Fox Adventures with a passion, really.

And while it's true that being different isn't always a bad thing, it is in this case.



Megumi said:

Woohoo, I can play Bomberman Hero aga-....oh, Europe...>_>

cries in corner



TwilightV said:

I... I wants it. D:

I'd rather have Bomberman 64, but I don't think i've played this one before. PLEASE hurry to US! DX



Digiki said:

My favourite Bomberman game, having a great single-player mode is something most of the other games is a trait most of the other games are no where near possessing.

There's a ton to like, but there are a few annoying bits too, definitely a worthwhile purchase for 3D platformer fans though!



Vinsanity said:

It doesn't look that bad, but is it worth putting up with Nintendo's jacked up prices and unfriendly digital store to acquire it? Probably not. If this were a PSX Bomberman game, it would only be 5 bucks on PSN AND it would just be easier to get. Not having to put in credit card info every time, y'know?

Wiiware/Virtual Console ...why do you hate us? Why are you so unfriendly?



Bass_X0 said:

You also have to pay a subscription fee with PSN don't you? And its not such a big deal having to input your card details every time.



KingMike said:

PSN subscriptions are only for "premium" service, PlayStation Plus (discount prices, among other things).
Though Sony also deducts sales tax from your account when you buy something, so if you buy a prepaid card from a store, you could get double-taxed.

I wonder if there's a chance of the Japanese game called "Bomberman 64" appearing. I hear it's good, but it's also expensive if you can find a copy.



Pj1 said:

By the look of things I'll pass! Bomberman 64 is the one for me if it's little like the old ones...

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