DSiWare releases have not only included the traditional games we expected to see, but also the growth of design-orientated applications aimed at users who enjoy creating as much as they do playing.

From music applications to animation software, DSi owners have enough creative input to work on relatively advanced projects, but it seems Japanese developer SmileBoom's upcoming DSiWare release will be going back to basics, you might say.

The Sapporo-based developer has revealed a few details on its upcoming PetitComputer via the official game website (as translated by AndriaSang), an application that lets users program their own games using the programming language of BASIC. The original BASIC was designed in 1964 to allow non-scientific users to write their own custom software, something which at the time was mainly performed by scientists and mathematicians.

With PetitComputer, users can utilise a text editor which includes an on-screen keyboard to code their own programs. With 13 built-in tools, users can create visual characters, background map data, graphics, and more. As part of the release, 7 sample programs and 3 sample games (all created using BASIC) provide a good place to gather insight and inspiration before embarking on the journey of custom programming.

User-created programs can be sent to others, although we're not sure if it will be through an online service or via a local wireless connection. PetitComputer launches in Japan on 9th March and will be priced at 800 Points. Be sure to visit the application's website for more screenshots of the user-interface.

[via andriasang.com]