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Curl Up Around this Cosy Fire on Friday, Europe

Posted by James Newton

It's another fireplace simulator

WiiWare's already had log burning simulator Fireplacing, but if that wasn't enough to satiate your desire to pretend to stoke a virtual fire you're in luck, as Cosy Fire is landing on WiiWare this week.

Boasting a whopping six types of fire, realistic PhysX-powered physics and "cosy fireplace sounds", the game looks to excel in the gameplay department with four vastly different play modes: Butler, in which logs are placed on the fire automatically; Non-stop, where the logs burn forever; Standard, a pre-made fire in any setting; and Individual, which is the game's Campaign mode. Here players can experience the thrills of selecting and placing their own logs, one-by-one.

Cosy Fire will set you back 500 Nintendo Points on Friday. Will you be downloading it? We also want to hear more of your wood and fire-related puns, please.


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Rockmirth said:

if shantae isnt realesed this friday i will buy this instead and burn something with it hehe



invmat said:

I still prefer to put a video of a fireplace on my SD card and watch it via the Photo Channel. Only difference is that it has no sound. And it's just €5,- cheaper....



Shiryu said:

Show pretty much what's wrong with both the industry and the audience of the current gaming generation.



Colors said:

i bet this game wiil get a 10/10. my soul is on "fire" with anticipation. heh heh heh.



theblackdragon said:

since i burned myself out on crappy puns last time around, i'll spare you all for today. >:3
whoops, i lied



TingLz said:

This makes me want to start a riot, with torches and pitchforks....especially the torches



taffy said:

This is what WiiWare has come to I can only hope that Frontier is working on another Lost Winds to blow out this fire



armoredghor said:

although this is good if you're hosting a party in which your TV is exposed. It kinda seems more classy.



Ronald0wnzu said:

Who needs gameplay when you can look at a virtual fire that won't even produce any heat (well unless your wii burns up from the intense awesomeness of this download)?



OldBoy said:

Oh man this just reminds me of how much I need a real fire ,its bloody freezing where I live at the moment. brrrrrrrr....
Also the line under the screenshot? Classic Newton.



Lobster said:

Where on Earth is the watching paint dry or watching grass grow sim? I cannot believe how cruel this world is.



Odnetnin said:

I'm tempted to recycle my pun from the Fireplacing review, but I'll just let it smolder in the corner instead, I suppose.

Also, DTP as in "disturbing the peace"?



Terra said:

Disturbing the peace sounds about right, when you consider the only other article under that Tag lol



TKOWL said:

Rumor is that you can replace the logs with human limbs in this version.



SwerdMurd said:

it's apps like these that validate my decision not to look at the Shop Channel for the past 2 months straight.



Woots said: it just me, or did they misspell the title of their own game?



Nintendaholic said:

yessss. i have been waiting for another game like fire placing. it was totally worth the points.this is on the top of my list.



TromaDogg said:

You've just gotta love the wacky European download schedules...we've already got the ridiculous Flashlight & Discolight on DSiWare, soon we'll have 2 fireplace sims on WiiWare, yet still no sign of a Euro release date for either Shantae: Risky's Revenge or DSiWare Cave Story.




Rob_mc_1 said:

1) Can you roast marshmallows in game.
2) Can you accidentally set the virtual house on fire?
3) Who will be reviewing it?



Bass_X0 said:

Not the only kind of log this game makes us think of

And I thought we were only going to get one S.C.A.T. game this week.



Doma said:

Seriously, WHO are the target audience for this?... the braindead?



Capt_N said:

I'm so glad something good finally came to WW. All I have is/are the lame Mega man 9/10, Bit Trip Beat, Equlibrio, Dr. Mario Online RX. Oh wait...



Caryslan said:

Honestly, why do people have such an issue with a fireplace app for the Wii? Its no worse then buying a DVD at Walgreens, its cheap, and there is a target audience for the thing.

If you have such an issue with the fact that its not a game, then why don't you look at the hundreds of Wiiware and Virtual Console games that are currently on the service just waiting to be downloaded.

I really don't see the issue with a couple of fireplace sims when you have hundreds of games at your fingertips you could download.



Capt_N said:

@Caryslan: True, there are target audiences for these things. But it almost seems like this is becoming the norm for releases.

Also, WiiWare has some good stuff on it, but the service overall could be way better, @ least imo.



SuperLink said:

Wow, that's really something. Well, I'm gonna go face palm until my hand falls off. Bye!

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