WiiWare's already had log burning simulator Fireplacing, but if that wasn't enough to satiate your desire to pretend to stoke a virtual fire you're in luck, as Cosy Fire is landing on WiiWare this week.

Boasting a whopping six types of fire, realistic PhysX-powered physics and "cosy fireplace sounds", the game looks to excel in the gameplay department with four vastly different play modes: Butler, in which logs are placed on the fire automatically; Non-stop, where the logs burn forever; Standard, a pre-made fire in any setting; and Individual, which is the game's Campaign mode. Here players can experience the thrills of selecting and placing their own logs, one-by-one.

Cosy Fire will set you back 500 Nintendo Points on Friday. Will you be downloading it? We also want to hear more of your wood and fire-related puns, please.

[via nintendo.co.uk]