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CTA Digital's 3DS 22-in-1 Accessory Kit Trumps All Opponents

Posted by James Newton

18-in-1 slightly more conservative

Snakebyte, MadCatz and more are all cracking their collective knuckles ahead of the 3DS accessory war about to unfold next month, offering small collections of accessories that represent value. CTA Digital is taking a slightly different approach, cramming their kits with up to 22 accessories at once.

The company is set to offer a wide array of peripherals, according to the press release, ranging from the traditional – cases, styluses, screen protectors – to the less common: when was the last time you bought a game accessory kit that came with a Euro adaptor plug, neck straps and tote bags?

CTA is offering the "22-in-1 Ultimate" accessory kit, the smaller "18-in-1 Premium" and basic "5-in-1 Starter Kit", with other, non-numerical add-ons announced. The company's Charging Dock "serves as an AC-powered recharging station" – rather like the one in the 3DS box – while the Speaker Dock turns your 3DS into a self-powered desktop speaker system.

The accessories are set to hit store shelves in North America around the same time as the 3DS itself, so look out for them on March 27th.

Give Your Nintendo 3DS The Love It Deserves

CTA Digital is launching an array of accessories to coincide with the 3DS launch in March, providing chargers, speakers, cases & more.

Brooklyn, NY - CTA Digital ( releases a wide range of peripherals in time for the big Nintendo 3DS launch for techy gamers.

With even more goodies to choose from, the new product-line features everything from color coordinated cases and starter kits to charging docks, speakers and retractable pens. 3DS owners can protect their new device, games & accessories in style with a number of options that meet their personal style. Colorful options range from simple silicone skins and hard plastic or modern metal shells to roomy zip-up EVA-style or luxurious leather cases. The clam-shell protective cases feature cutouts for controls, camera, and ports for usage on the go.

There are several Accessory Packs in black and blue to choose from - ranging from just the basics to a kit full of essential add-ons - for extended travel & play. The basic 5-in-1 Starter Kit comes with EVA case, screen protector kit, stereo earphones, plastic stylus and a case for games. More comprehensive packs, such as the 22-in-1 Ultimate, or the 18-in-1 Premium, include car and USB power adapters, a Euro travel plug, additional choices for styluses, neck straps, tote bags and 3DS game cases.

CTA covers all the bases with spare styluses in multi-packs, special retractable pens that expand for use and contract for storage. Snap the 3DS into one of two hand-grips that adapt the 3DS to console-like gaming for easy long-playing sessions. Protect the screens from use with easy-to-apply anti-scratch shield kits. The Cartridge Storage Solution Box organizes 22 games, two styluses, and 2 SD cards in a translucent snap case designed for easy storage and travel.

Two docking stations provide a home base that keeps your system ready to play. The Charging Dock serves as an AC-powered recharging station while the Speaker Dock turns your 3DS into a self-powered desktop speaker system. Whatever you choose, these items will be available soon at Amazon, Target, Best Buy & other retailer outlets.


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Terra said:

Worth a look I suppose, I'm set on the Snakebyte one for now though



X-145 said:

Nice. I think I'll wait a few months before I get this stuff, though. I need to get used to the 3DS itself first.



EdEN said:

Only thing I'd need for a 3DS would be the screen protectors...



Despair1087 said:

"self-powered desktop speaker system"

i wonder how long the battery will last with that hooked up :/



Panthon13 said:

I want this for the game cases, since I already have 12 cards. I need that car charger and the wall charger, because it's all USB in the pack, and I would use the USB playing my 3DS with my laptop running, which is usually the case. The carrying case is a must. The screen protectors are needed, for me and my girlfriends 3DS. Headphones and European converter wont get used, but the extra stylus' are nice. And then, you have the finger stylus for your thumb. Those will be fun. I also have dropped my DS lite too many times. I'll have the wrist strap on this one. The dock is left, and I'm willing to bet it can charge too, so it's just an alternative to the Nintendo's charging dock, but with speakers. Finally, is the crystal case. I might use this if I need to grab my DS and not have time to mess with the carrying case. I will not let this thing get scratched up.

Along with this pack though, I preordered their other one, the hand grip from CTA Digital for the 3DS.

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