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Brand New Conduit 2 Weapons Trailer Touches Down

Posted by James Newton

And new screenshots to boot

It's Conduit 2 overload this week – first came the news that High Voltage is bringing The Conduit to 3DS, now Sega has detonated a new trailer and multiplayer screenshots too.

The trailer shows off some of the old and new weapons you'll be causing chaos with in Conduit 2, ranging from the offbeat to the frankly mental. Turrets, guns that make you invisible, a cannon that fires insects and a sniper rifle that can see through walls – how these weapons will balance out in the multiplayer remains to be seen, something we'll find out after the game launches in April 2011.

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LuWiiGi said:

This game will be epic. Too bad I'll never get the chance to play it.



irken004 said:

Saw the trailer already, the phase rifle is perfect for killing campers >: ) Also, stealth ftw



komicturtle said:

So.. First it was November, then February then March..

Was there an announcement about an April release?? o_O

Anyhow, game is looking good!



Ecto-1 said:

I beleve Isaw this trailer a few weeks ago. Actually, I'm pretty sure I did. Anyway, the new screenshots look good. The Streets map looks moodier than it did in the first game.



Rufio said:

Wow. I hope everyone realizes that the last two guns (turret excluded) are from Perfect Dark for the N64. The secondary functions have been copied almost exactly. Hopefully the game is as good as that one was.



Gameday said:

phase rifle aka laptop upgrade perfect dark 64 nice. ive never played conduit yet but i might pick up this one. koo gun show tho



MasterGraveheart said:

A homing machine gun that fires deadly insects? Conduit 2 has just become the most innovative FPS of all time. =P



Kirk said:

I'm just not feeling this game right now.

It's all too tacky and garish looking for me, like a badly put together low budget sci-fi movie with rubbishy alien costumes and set design etc.

It's like they've looked at every single good/great fps then tried to steal little the cool bits from all of them but they've done everything slightly worse than any of the examples they've copied; weapons from Perfect Dark, Helghast enemies from Killzone and Covenant alien type enemies from Halo...

Also, what's up with the terrible in-sync reaction animations (bobbing) that those two guys do when the player only shoots one of them from behind?

It's basically like a poor man's Perfect Dark from what I can see and it really doesn't look to better or even match that games standards in any meaningful ways.

Maybe it's better in real life but some of these videos really aren't selling the game to me at all. I mean it looks utterly terrible in some of those multi-player screen-shots. Utterly terrible.



HeroOfTime007 said:

"Also, what's up with the terrible in-sync reaction animations (bobbing) that those two guys do when the player only shoots one of them from behind?"
It's called flinching or surprise, expected from a person appearing from thin air and shooting you with plasma bolts.
A Poor man's perfect dark? If by that you mean revolutionary controls, balanced weapons, large levels with exploration, and a stable framerate, and overall bearing little semblance to Perfect Dark then yes, it is a poor man's perfect dark.
You see Covenant alien type enemies? The Drudge Aliens are not wearing full armor and don't have mandibles, though the Free Drudge plotline (which you probably know nothing of) is vaguely like Halo 3 when the Elite help Master Chief. The Drudge are even less reptilian then they should be according to the backstory. The smaller enemies like mites are more like beetles and well, mites.
And as for the Helghast, you must mean the humans with masks who barely resemble Helghast. The Enclave soldiers greater resemble Helghast then The Conduits Puppets and Trust. I guess now any human with a sort of mask is a Helghast clone now, even though they were in The Conduit 1 and both games came out at the same time, and there was no reason to "copy" from Killzone 1 or 2. Weapons from Perfect Dark you mean 2 that are similar only in concept? Or is it the secondary system overall which you know, has been done before Perfect Dark, oh and it worked better even then then it ever did in Perfect Dark.

The Eclipse is just a simple cloak that provides near-invisibility to enemies, until you fire a weapon or until it runs out of energy. I guess Deus Ex and every other game that uses a cloak copied Perfect Dark too.
The Phase Rifle is only like the farsight or whatever in description. The Phase Rifle has limited distance, must be tuned in to see enemies, and penetrates through only one layer. Oh and it does not have overpowered auto aim.
If anything they are greatly improved functions from Perfect Dark. IF it bothers you so much you could use the gun that fires alien bees or captures souls to shoot black holes, those are original enough right?



Iggy said:

I really hope this game turns out to be good im not tring to get my hopes up sense the first was far from what everyone thought it was going to be. I really like the phase rifle hopefully they have more sniper rifles then the first which im sure they do. I will wait for a review before buying this but if it gets a good score i would have no choice but to pick it up.



JimLad said:

Yeah seen the trailer, nice screenshots though.
Looks like Streets made it in grrrr...



Kirk said:


Hey man, right now I see a poor man's Perfect Dark (and all the other stuff I mentioned).

Sorry if that offends you but that's what I see.

Also, are you seriously trying to defend that stupid looking in-sync bobbing animation...




Zach said:

Looks neat to me. I don't see the head bobbing thing, unless you mean how the whole body flinches when shot in the back, which doesn't bother me.

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