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3DS Game Cases Look to be More Environmentally Friendly

Posted by Trevor Chan

Game booklets still the main culprit for overall size, it seems

A Japanese retailer has posted some images of what 3DS software boxes look like when opened up and it seems like there's not a hole lot of difference from the regular DS boxes.

Well, there are a couple of differences: the placement of the system logo is now on the right hand side of the cover, and the box itself has numerous holes in it so that less plastic is used in the manufacturing process.

The retailer also notes that the weight of the thinner 3DS game boxes come in at 45 grams, compared to the 53 grams that current DS game boxes weigh. It might not sound like a significant reduction, but that's roughly 15% lighter: considering how much software has been sold for DS, that's a potentially huge saving over the 3DS's lifespan.

Perhaps this is one step closer to getting Greenpeace off Nintendo's back? Either way, it still seems silly to have such a large case for a game cartridge that is so tiny: is it time to get rid of those game manuals?


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NFreak007 said:

Not too bad. I'd rather have several little holes to a few big ones. Does anyone know if Europes cases will be different like our DS game cases were?



Token_Girl said:

Definitely a significant reduction. Sounds like it'll be nice for the environment and mean cheaper manufacturing for Ninty. Everyone wins (except us, I guess, games still cost the same).

It'll be a sad day when we see instruction manuals go. Nintendo does the nicest ones nowadays (though I wouldn't mind seeing the pile of "health and safety" warning leaflets go, but Ninty's to lawsuit-paranoid for that).



zezhyrule said:

It's true, I love Nintendo's instruction manuals. I wouldn't want to see them go anytime soon D:



Danglybits said:

I use to like the manuals some of the old NES, SNES & GB were really well done think of games like Zelda 1, 2 & 4, and Metroid 1-3, Wario Land and Secret of Mana come to mind.
But now in UK all we get is a small book with loads of other languages giving us safety advice, address and other junk we don't need and if you are really lucky it will tell you what the buttons to your new game do.



bro2dragons said:

I wish manuals would still offer useful information you can't always get in the game. Give me a reason to read them, dang it!



Azaris said:

Maybe they should make manual a little smaller instead of removing it? (i mean instead of being like 5 inches or so in height maybe 1-2 inches smaller?)



motang said:

I'd rather have several little holes to a few big ones.

Same here.



ville10 said:

I guess that's a start. They could do so much more though. Sure, I love the instruction booklets, but at least in Europe the boxes are way wider than they would need to be. I have a few imported games, which are at lot smaller. Nintendo should learn from Apple, they have boxes that are just big enough to hold the contents, and not even a bit larger.



jpfan1989 said:

Remember when boxes were made out of cardboard? yah those were the days, I still have the box to an old GB game ...somewhere.



Oregano said:

I like the fact that the place for the gamecard is still protected. The annoying thing about the DVD cases it that the holes are right where the back of the disc is!

I think they should do luxury wooden boxes:P



shinesprite said:

I'm fine with the manuals being saved on the cartridge. Also, with a case that size, you'd wonder why they didn't bother to add a clip for a XL stylus.

Personally, I think these cases should be about the size of a Game Boy Player case.



DJ_Triforce said:

Not only do they "save the Earth", it now costs the consumer the same amount of money to buy a game while the corporation is saving money on plastic costs. I can't stand this gimmick.



Angelic_Lapras_King said:

The Euro versions will be fatter. They have to be in order to fit the manuals for every Euro language and Wi-Fi booklets. ;P



JDO said:

Cool - weaker game boxes at a higher price! Average price of a 3DS game seems to around be $40 US.....this 3D effect better be awesome!



Goomba77 said:

Most games hold your hand through the learning curve anyway, so manuals are kinda irrelevant imo...



LztheQuack said:

@15: Buy some 3DS cases then. I just want the retailer to hand me the game and send the box back to Nintendo



Megumi said:

Eh, cases are cases, I rarely use the DS ones honestly. I have my own little plastic container for the games, I just keep the actual case for when I'm trading them back.



Objection said:

I do agree that if Nintendo (and the other companies who do this, which is a lot now) are saving money and sacrificing container integrity to be "greener," the least they could do is pass the savings to the consumer. As it is, we're really only getting the cruddy end of the stick.



MeloMan said:

I wonder if there was some kind of weird way to like, electronically code the game manual on the case itself, so when combined w/ alternate reality on the 3DS, you can load the manual to your 3DS screen and read it that way? Probably just easier to pack a help manual in with the game like the WiiWare, VC, and DSiWare games do, but eh... just giving my brainstorming, money-saving, 2 cents (that I can't spare)



Megumi said:

@MeloMan: I kinda figured they would just put in the game itself, kinda like how the Virtual Console does it on the Wii.



Traxx said:

No way: keep manuals... print manuals to be more correct. Make them even fater, more colorful, put in more artwork, more detailed, make them smell better. And btw.: Nintendo itself does not publish multi language manuals in each of the european countries; usually the manual only contains the target country's language (unlike the game itself).

About the case: well, it looks to be very fragile. Ever bought and seen DVD-boxes with that huge holes? Those things even damage the inlay sometimes.



FluttershyGuy said:

This launch is going to be more like the N64 launch for me than any other. Logo location on the box. I'm getting a 3DS about the same color as the N64. It'll be my first system to buy on launch day since N64. And I'll be getting TLoZ: Ocarina of Time and Star Fox 64 on it. March 2011 is the new September 1996, LOL!



BulbasaurusRex said:

I hope they never get rid of instruction manuels. There's usually some good information in there that they just can't put in the tutorials, and it used to be that you could usually find stuff like character profiles, enemy lists, and level descriptions in there.

Besides, it provides a handy reference to the controls while you're playing. You can't just pause the game and go back to the tutorial when you need a refresher on how to do something or how a certain object works.



NintyMan said:

Well, if it keeps the green guys tame, then it should be all right. I don't see how instruction manuals can go away, though. I remember reading the instruction manuals for the Donkey Kong Country games, and they were so entertaining! The one for Wario World is my favorite ever, because Wario himself explained everything about the game!



Tony3DS said:

I love Nintendo games and I like artwork and packaging but I love fresh air and clean water to drink a lot more. Pretty soon the planet is going to be destroyed if we all keep getting a new cell phone every 6 months. I can't wait for the 3ds to come out though, I skipped the Dsi and XL to do my part for the planet (and my wallet). My DS lite is looking pretty shabby.



TrueWiiMaster said:

I'd DEFINITELY miss the instruction booklets. I don't always use them, but I enjoy the knowledge that they're available right inside the box if I need some help with the basics.

Hopefully these cases aren't as flimsy as they look...the weaker they are the harder it will be to find nice, complete used copies of games in the future...



DrCruse said:

They should also strip out the Nintendo Wi-fi booklet, the Nintendo Power ads, and the DS safety precautions that they put in EVERY SINGLE GAME.



1080ike said:

That's... green, I guess. I just wish that the economy would go back to where it should be, so that prices wouldn't be so high. In a perfect world...



Lobster said:

I know I'd miss the instruction booklets! Plus, even if you can just look stuff up online, sometimes I prefer having an actual, physical copy to look at. Useful during power outages, and easier on my eyes. Paper is easier to read than a screen.



DivineDope said:

Awesome awesome awesome! I really love to hear about stuff like this. I really appreciate this, Nintendo. It's the first step to eventually making game cases out of Hemp and them being 100% biodegradable.



Jockolantern said:

I can't stand the flimsy, cheapo "green" DVD/Blu-Ray/Game cases so why on earth should I want Nintendo to go the exact same route with DS casing? Ugh. If companies were really serious about "going green", then why not make movies and games entirely digital to purchase? Cases be damned!

Not that I'm saying I want that (I love my collectible cases) but putting a few holes in a container and tossing instruction manuals is only going to piss me off at the fragility of the casing (especially if I'm paying $40 for it) and lack of any collector's value. It's about as "green" as putting your groceries in one or two paper bags and eight or nine plastic bags as opposed to ten of just the latter.

But if it makes you "feel better" about "saving the planet", be my guest.



moosa said:

I'm certain there are reasons for the case size beyond just the manuals...



Peng said:

@42 Yes. theft for one I'm sure, and even more important is visibility for adverts. but I like that they will be thinner. it seems that will give the 3ds a little more sophistication about it. the DS boxes were a bit bulky.



Supremeist said:

Cool, cool.
Cases are just... cases.
Atleast were getting somewhere new besides the same thing over and over. Nintendo is really taking this as far as they can, believe it or not.



Shane904 said:

@Token Girl The manuals are barely anything anymore already. A lot of games are one or two pages for the manuals now @_@

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