Don't let the visual side of things take all the limelight with the upcoming 3DS: the aural tricks that the handheld console can play aren't too shabby either.

Nintendo of America recently responded to gamers' questions on the wonder machine and the answers were more than interesting. It seems the 3DS allows developers to implement custom soundtracks within their games, allowing gamers to select their own tracks in their MP3 collection and use them to set the mood in-game. The system is compatible with 32GB SD Cards and possibly ones with an even higher capacity, so we're sure there's going to be plenty of room to have a decent selection of music to carry with you wherever you go.

Although Nintendo has nothing to announce on the voice chat capabilities of the 3DS, IGN has been told that games like Pokémon Black & White will retain their video/voice chat features even when played on a 3DS system. This would suggest that such communication is supported, and therefore it's entirely possible for 3DS games to include such a feature should developers decide to. Maybe we'll even get a dedicated voice chat application after the 3DS eShop launches in May?

Which games are you hoping will support custom soundtracks? Perhaps playing Resident Evil Revelations to the theme tune of The Benny Hill Show will make it a more terrifying experience?