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3DS Audio Features Aren't Exactly Out of Tune

Posted by Trevor Chan

From soundtracks to voice chat, the handheld holds the note pretty well

Don't let the visual side of things take all the limelight with the upcoming 3DS: the aural tricks that the handheld console can play aren't too shabby either.

Nintendo of America recently responded to gamers' questions on the wonder machine and the answers were more than interesting. It seems the 3DS allows developers to implement custom soundtracks within their games, allowing gamers to select their own tracks in their MP3 collection and use them to set the mood in-game. The system is compatible with 32GB SD Cards and possibly ones with an even higher capacity, so we're sure there's going to be plenty of room to have a decent selection of music to carry with you wherever you go.

Although Nintendo has nothing to announce on the voice chat capabilities of the 3DS, IGN has been told that games like Pokémon Black & White will retain their video/voice chat features even when played on a 3DS system. This would suggest that such communication is supported, and therefore it's entirely possible for 3DS games to include such a feature should developers decide to. Maybe we'll even get a dedicated voice chat application after the 3DS eShop launches in May?

Which games are you hoping will support custom soundtracks? Perhaps playing Resident Evil Revelations to the theme tune of The Benny Hill Show will make it a more terrifying experience?


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y2josh said:

I've never used any custom soundtracks for any other console, so I doubt I will with the 3DS. I have a CD player/Sirius XM beside my easy sittin' chair.



Sylverstone said:

Ah yes.
I do hope that they do have a good successor to PictoChat.

I remember Excite Truck having an option for custom soundtracks. I'm up for it.

Maybe I'll play something cheery while playing Resident Evil if such an occasion arises.



RyuZebian said:

... So we WON'T be able to change between music player and game in a jiffy? That sucks. But we WILL be able to play MP3s? That would be cool.



Despair1087 said:

it would be awesome to use that custom sound track thing in animal crossing. playing some metal on my tape deck in a tiny house...

i can't wait.



Deviant_Mugen said:

Being able to pick your own custom soundtracks sounds fantastic (like when playing GTA games on PC)...



3dbrains said:

brilliant. They did this with Excite Truck and that diving game on Wii. I loved Excite Truck, it was a great game made even better by allowing you to listen to great music of your choice while in game.
This is a great feature, i hope all games have the option of custom soundtrack.



3dbrains said:

it really is a good thing to be able to do and extends the life of games. As soon as Niintendo did that daft update which killed MP3 support for wii (and also excite truck) i stopped playing it and traded it for a new game.
I loved racing along to lagwagon, nofx, mad caddies and madness. I actually miss it.



Sakura_Moonlight2421 said:

.; You could do that with the Wii.....I still haven't figured out how to put music on there yet and its been almost 4 years....



Imerion said:

@3dbrains: Strange, I can still play Excite Truck with a custom mp3 soundtrack even though I have that update. The photo channel won't play any of my music though...

Hope it will support some more formats, like .ogg, which most of my music is in.



shinesprite said:

Hopefully, listening to music while playing games will just be part of the 3DS' multitasking features.



WhiteTrashGuy said:

I used to roll insanely high scores on RE4's MERCENARIES mode with Hunk, while listening to Queen's DON'T STOP ME NOW on my stereo. SHAUN OF THE DEAD gave me the idea. That's what I'd be rolling on my 3DS.



Raylax said:

"It seems the 3DS allows developers to implement custom soundtracks within their games"
Uh... don't all games have custom soundtracks?



iphys said:

Awesome news! I hope all the new 3DS games allow you to do this, because I hate it when a game has annoying music and you're forced to turn the volume down and play in silence.



Token_Girl said:

What are you talking about? I don't hear anything.

I figured we'd get this feature, since it's pretty standard with smartphone games. I usually prefer to listen to the game's soundtrack though.



freakpower70 said:

It would be as the kids say an "epic fail" to not improve upon voice chats as they would be the easiest way to communicate while playing online.



Arcanum said:

I reeeeeeeally hope they implement that mp3 music thing in the next Mario & Luigi RPG so that i can change the normal battle song to something better then what it was in Bowser's inside story. that song IMO did not go well.



komicturtle said:


... You're thinking WAAAY too into that quote.

Anyhoo, custom soundtracks in the next Smash Bros for 3DS (whenever and if that comes out) would be sweet!



GammaGames said:

This is good news. I liked that feature on some Ipod touch games, and now its on 3ds I hope the speakers are better than DSi though, listening to 300 Violin Orchestra soudns wierd on the claps.



jerryo said:

well these are good news however i have 2 questions:
1. Will it actually play MP3 this time around or will i still have to have my music converted with itunes?
2. Will it allow me to play music when i close the lid allowing me to use 3DS as a music player this time around?



JakobG said:

I'm sure there'll be a videochat channel of some sort, but it'll wait until they release the video recording feature.
If Pokemon Black & White does it, it should be available for the 3DS system itself.



Mahe said:

2. Will it allow me to play music when i close the lid allowing me to use 3DS as a music player this time around?

Use headphones/any stereo connection or keep the DSi open. What's the problem with that?



S_T_K said:

you can get a free converter called format factory it's the best one out the too must have for any one with a computer can convert too any format so if something on say the 3DS only play things like Mp3's just convert it on your computer and put it back on a SD and it works on video's and Pic's too

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