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Wow, Disney Epic Mickey Sold 1.3m Copies in North America

Posted by James Newton

Good start for the mouse

It may have divided players and critics, but Disney Epic Mickey did the business at the cash registers, shifting 1.3 million copies across North America in December.

According to figures from the NPD Group, the game was the sixth best-selling title across all formats last month, just behind Donkey Kong Country Returns. Ubisoft's Just Dance 2 achieved a superb finish in second place, behind Call of Duty: Black Ops and ahead of World of Warcraft: Cataclysm.

Judging from the number of emails we receive about the Epic Mickey Paintbrush Nunchuk, PDP's Mickey accessories enjoyed strong sales too.


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Chris720 said:

I wonder how well it did in Europe then? Not hard to believe that Donkey Kong Country Returns beat it, all first party games beat third party games.

If they decide to make a sequel, I hope they fix the camera. :/



Shiryu said:

Currently playing trought it. Hope both this and TRON Evolution Battle grids get sequels down the line.



VoltSlash said:

It's mostly because of the kids, they love it. I have it because of my brother, who already got 100% or almost, and I helped him through some parts... It was really bad.



NintyMan said:

I saw these figures earlier, but that's very good! I'm slightly surprised that Donkey Kong topped it, but it's a first-party game. Just like how I felt after completing DKCR, I was left wanting more after finishing Epic Mickey. Hopefully a few years from now they can make a Disney Epic Mickey 2, maybe even on the 3DS.



Burny said:

And hopefully fix a couple of things, that didn't work so well in the first one.




To be fair, it deserves the figures. Its avery good game. The flaws are a bit rough but don't spoil the game AT ALL for me. Still, for the sake of refinement and qulaioty, the sequel (if any) deserves a bit better.



V8_Ninja said:

@Yoshi2000 Not really, you just need some math. 1.3 Million multiplied by 50 is equal to 65 Million US dollars. If we assume that the wraps of money are each $10,000, we get 6,500 piles. The thickness of US dollars is 0.01 cm. Assuming that each dollar bill is an $100 bill, one pile would be around 1 cm. Multiply that by 6,500, you would have 6,500 centimeters, or about 2,559 inches. Convert that into feet and it's about 48' 7".



suburban_sensei said:

Awesome to hear. I would love to see it make enough to warrant a sequel, allowing the dev-team to fix some of the flaws that kept the game from being truly wonderful. Needless to say, I am loving my copy and will most likely revisit it after I beat it and try things a bit differently.



TKOWL said:

Now if only certain other 3rd Party Games would sell as well as this...



motang said:

Yep, glad that it did. I just don't want 3rd parties to get burned anymore on Nintendo platforms. I am also glad Donkey Kong Country Returns also sold a good units.



SuperMarioFan96 said:

The Wii has no gamers! 3rd party games don't sell on Wii!!!
Oh wait........

Dear 3rd parties, it's all about marketing.



MakeMyBiscuit said:

SWEET! I too think the game deserves it. I am one of those 1.3 million. I bought the Collector's Edition and I love it!



Guybrush_Threepwood said:

@SuperMarioFan96, vonseux: This game is based on one of the most popular fictional characters ever (more popular than Mario). Published by a company which is bigger and more famous than Nintendo.

So Epic Mickey is definitely not the perfect example for normal third party developers how they should do their marketing. Disney and Mickey Mouse are just playing in a totally different league than the competition.



TheBaconator said:

I expected this with all the advertising they did. It was on talk shows, signs all over Disneyland, a long time runningpromotion on Disney Channel, Street Signs, overplayed comercials, and not to mention it is Mickey Mouse.



SuperMarioFan96 said:

@Geybrush True, but this is a game that had advertisements on GASP! television!!! When a big company like EA doesn't put out TV ads and then complains that the game isn't selling, I wonder who on earth is running EA's marketing department.

@TrueWiiMaster For whatever reason, NPD started doing that a few months ago, they combine all versions of multiplatform games, and also stopped posting sales numbers (though sales for many games, such as Epic Mickey, get leaked anyway). I believe it was said that Just Dance 2 actually would've been number 1 if they devided the various versions of Block Ops up.



Sneaker13 said:

I don't think it did that well in Holland. It did make the dutch list, but not for an impressive run.



TingLz said:

I don't think it matters that a game is multi-platform unless you assume the same people buy multiple versions of the game.



lex0plex said:

i still plan on buying epic mickey and donkey kong, but need to finish kirby, goldeneye, and little king's story first! gah so much to do so little time and money



EdEN said:

I've had a blast with Epic Mickey. Played it for 4 hours last week and it brought a smile to my face whenever I entered a new section or a projector. My friends daughter (who is 3 years old) loved to watch me play and even helped me find some treasure chests and pointed out places I hadn't painted or thinned out for some of the quests.

Here's hoping for a sequel. Maybe they can work on one for the 3DS?



EdEN said:

@SuperMarioFan96: They stopped posting sales numbers because what's the use of selling that info to their clients if it was made available for free?

Also, NPD going with a "all SKU together" way of reporting info is basically so Wii and DS games aren't always in the top 10 since it gives the wrong impression to the hardcorezx.



Luffymcduck said:

Meh, a really boring game if you ask me. I´m just glad DKCR has sold more. Haven´t played this for more than 3-4 hours yet. Also I heard that Horace Horsecollar is one of those "forgotten characters" which I found really funny cuz he´s still seen in the finnish Donald Duck magazine. Maybe that´s because he´s not seen in the Disney animations anymore and like Don Rosa said, americans don´t read Disney comics these days.



Kid_A said:

Yay! Well at this rate maybe we'll see a sequel that can improve upon this one's flaws.



rjejr said:

I'm about 4 hours in - got it for Christmas along with 8 other games - and so far I like it. Not spectacular, but it fills a fun 3-D plat-former/adventure niche which I'm particularly fond of. It probably sold more for Mickey Mouse than it's genre during the holidays though. I'ld certainly play a functional sequel, but this game reminds me of Kingdom Hearts and I absolutely loved the first 1 but for some reason hated the 2nd. Haven't played any since.



Warioware said:

I'm quite liking it so far, and I'm not finding the camera any worse than loads of other games out there. I couldn't get on with the camera in Kingdom Hearts.



alLabouTandroiD said:

Nice and important to see that finally there's another Wii (and third party) game that's selling well. I hope the customers will be satisfied with the game and buy other titles because of that too.
Also good to see that Donkey Kong Country is selling so well.



jobunker said:

If it had done better than DKCR, it would have looked bad on Nintendo. Thank God.

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