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Ubisoft Lays Out its Tom Clancy 3DS Arsenal

Posted by Zach Kaplan

Three-dimensional stealth

Ubisoft has announced plans to bring two Tom Clancy titles, Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon: Shadow Wars and Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell 3D, to the 3DS this year, and the company has just revealed more information about both games.

Shadow Wars will put you in command of the Ghosts, the most elite fighting squad in the world, as they disable secret Soviet era "Dead Hand" bases across Kazakhstan, the Ukraine and Siberia to stop Russian ultranationalist Yuri Treskayev from coming to power. The game will include six unique classes of soldier (Commando, Sniper, Recon, Engineer, Gunner and Medic), a story mode with 37 missions, 20 unlockable "skirmish" missions with three levels of difficulty each, and 11 one-on-one duel maps on which you and your friends can compete using just one 3DS console.

Meanwhile, Splinter Cell 3D puts you in charge of Sam Fisher, a soldier behind enemy lines in the Korean Peninsula trying to prevent WWIII by investigating those who sunk the USS Clarence E Walsh. It'll include top-notch gadgets such as fusion goggles, the OCP electronic disabling device, wall mines, more add-ons to the SC-20K rifle, and smoke and gas grenades. Ubisoft also boasts the inclusion of realistic lock-picking using the Slide Pad.

No release date has been announced for Shadow Wars, but Splinter Cell 3D will ship on March 3rd. You can view screenshots of Shadow Wars and Splinter Cell 3D and check out the full press releases below.

Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon® Shadow Wars

Game Overview:
As the commander of the Ghosts, the most elite special operations fighting force in the world, your mission is to stop the Russian ultranationalist Yuri Treskayev from coming to power.

From the hot deserts of Kazakhstan to the towns and villages of Ukraine and the frozen lands of Siberia, you must discover and disable the secret Soviet-era “Dead Hand” bases which Treskayev is using to build an army of drones to seize power. You will have access to full resources to build, train, and equip your team, using increasingly high -tech weapons and armour.

Features and Benefits:
A new way to experience the critically-acclaimed Ghost Recon series
Eye-popping 3D cutscenes and in-game effects, where enemies and objects appear to be jumping out at you!
Use the Touch Screen for quick and easy mini-map navigation.

Train and manage the best special ops unit
Choose among six unique classes, each with their own special skills: Commando, Sniper, Recon, Engineer, Gunner and Medic.
Unlock new skills and equipment by progressing in the game.
Equip your ghosts with the most advanced combat gear—and even drones!

Try to thwart the ultranationalists’ evil plans in a deep and credible Tom Clancy scenario
Explore various environments with an Eastern European flavour
Story mode with 37 missions for more than 30 hours of gameplay
Unlock 20 challenging “skirmish” missions with 3 levels of difficulty

Challenge your friends
Eleven one-on-one duel maps let you determine who the real special ops squad leader is
Play on the same 3DS!

Tom Clancy’s ™ Splinter Cell® 3D

Product Description:

Coming exclusively to the Nintendo 3DS™, Tom Clancy’s Splinter Cell 3D is the highly anticipated hand held game in the multimillion-selling Splinter Cell series that redefined the stealth/action genre and is one of the most popular and critically acclaimed franchises of all time.

In Tom Clancy’s Splinter Cell 3D, Sam Fisher is sent behind enemy lines in the Korean Peninsula to prevent WWIII, by investigating the responsible party that sunk the USS Clarence E Walsh, U.S.’s most advanced cruiser. Through his investigation, Sam learns that the key parties who are planning to use the Masse Kernels and launch WWIII are war comrade Douglas Shetland, Displace International, and Admiral Otomo, the Third Echelon Information Self Defence Force (I-SDF) contact. His goal will be to infiltrate their lines and expose their deeds before they manage to launch a new and deadly worldwide conflict.

The cutting edge hardware of the new Nintendo 3DS™ allows Splinter Cell fans and all stealth/action addicts to experience an immersive 3D adventure, interacting with the game like never before.

Key Features
Immersive 3D Action. Gameplay, Cinematic, Maps, HUD, Menus, Loading screens, and more are all rendered in stereoscopic 3D.

Optimized Controls. New button mapping with the Slide Pad and Touch Screen gives the player seamless control to equip weapons and gadgets for incredible comfort and reactivity leading to improved skill in mission executions.

Enhanced Weapons. Sam Fisher is equipped with enhanced weapons and top-notch gadgets to infiltrate the enemy: new fusion goggles, OCP electronic disabling device, wall mine, more add-ons to SC-20K rifle, smoke and gas grenades.

Infiltration Evolved. Lock is more intuitive than ever thanks to the new Slide Pad that mimics the realism of lock picking. Hacking has also evolved from numeric codes to solving interactive 3D puzzles.

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User Comments (7)



Oregano said:

Totally disagree Irk. Splinter Cell looks really unpolished and headache inducing whilst Shadow Wars looks like a pretty cool SRPG(and from the creator of X-Com!).



ShellyDeKiller said:

Ghost Recon looks cool, but I'm not certain if Splinter Cell is just a remake of Chaos Theory, which I've got on Gamecube.



aaronluis26 said:

Splinter Cell 3D does appear to be a remake of Chaos Theory. I'm not sure why they decided to go with that game instead of porting over the iPhone version of Convictions. That would have been awesome. I'm a big fan of the series, so I'll get it nonetheless.



cheapogamer4life said:

"Key Features
Immersive 3D Action. Gameplay, Cinematic, Maps, HUD, Menus, Loading screens, and more are all rendered in stereoscopic 3D."

Loading screens in stereoscpic 3d!
This game is going be....amazing



Ernest_The_Crab said:

Are you sure that release date is correct? It kind of sounds like Splinter Cell 3D will be released before the 3DS system date.



Zach said:

@TheSolarKnight Yep. Straight from the press release:

Product Specifications:
Publisher: Ubisoft
Developer Ubisoft Montreal
Ship Date: March 3th 2011
Category: Action – Adventure
Age rating: PEGI 16+

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