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The Official 3DS UK Tour Starts Next Month

Posted by Trevor Chan

Four cities announced so far

You have to see it to be believe it. That's what Nintendo thinks consumers ought to do with the upcoming 3DS anyways, and if that's the ethos that Nintendo is going by, then what better way is there to let the public know about the 3DS than a nationwide UK tour?

That's exactly what Nintendo has up its sleeves and to date, the company has announced the first four dates and locations of the tour, with more to follow:

5th Feb - 6th Feb Manchester
5th Feb - 6th Feb London
12th Feb - 13th Feb Glasgow
12th Feb - 13th Feb Bristol

Bear in mind though, the Manchester and London events are open to retailer GAME, gaming website Eurogamer, and Club Nintendo members only, whereas the Glasgow and Bristol events are only open to publisher Future, retailer HMV, and Club Nintendo members. Don't worry if you are not signed up with Club Nintendo as Nintendo will be expanding the tour with more dates and locations that everyone can attend.

For more updates on the 3DS tour and how you can get your invite, check back with Nintendo Life.


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Raylax said:

@4: Or the guy's just sent them some 3D photos he took earlier.

3D restraining order incoming



Machu said:

NoE have managed to kill the Nintendoid inside me. But, I shall go to the Manchester event, in the hope of it being woken again.



warioswoods said:

Out of curiosity (since I'm in the US anyway), how do they plan to check your Club Nintendo status? I suppose I would wear my platinum award Mario hat or something.



edhe said:


They'll probably get you to print (or send of for) a ticket via the website.

Checking out the 3DS will be vital for me. Even though I'm not getting it on its release, I'd really like to see if the 3D gives me severe headaches (or if I can view 3D at all...)



Lotice-Paladin said:

Does that include the Manchester Areas within Manchester? I hate going to Manchester but I live pretty close so I hoping the event also includes my town too...

One of my friends used to work for GAME and apparently has some connections there so he could test it out and tell me what it's like.



LuWiiGi said:

I live right next to Bristol! The event is ten days after my birthday, maybe I can persuade my parents to take me! Or if not, I might be going to Manchester around my birthday to see Manchester United, so maybe, just maybe, I'll be able to go to that! (But probably not).



J-Forest-Esq said:

I'm going to wait until it arrives on my doorstep so the 3D is completely new to me. That's how it's always been with my Nintendo consoles.



djosh444 said:

ive had a look on the nintendo website and these 4 events are only for some club nintendo,hmv and game people and u must be over 18 to go to them, bt nintendo r doin more events soon that will be available for everyone

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