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So This is What a Naked 3DS Looks Like

Posted by James Newton

Machine strips off

While we all know that the 3DS's technology isn't powered by wizards and warlocks, it's still surprising to see just how mundane the machine's insides are. Following the handheld's "vacation" from a Chinese production line, some enterprising console lover has taken the console apart and displayed its guts for all to see.

Under the hood it's all silicon and circuit boards, with plenty of big chips on board to power those 3D graphics. It's often eye-opening to see just how intricately designed consoles are on the inside, even if they look fairly straightforward on the outside, and 3DS's internal circuitry is no exception.

3DS gets its European and North American release date, price and games revealed on January 19th, and Nintendo Life will have all the details from Nintendo's events.


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Phobos said:

The first six words of this title can really get you off on the wrong track...



47drift said:

What I'd really like to see is just a basic visual explanation for how the two screens work. Words do nothing for me, I gotta SEE how it works.



GamerZack87 said:

"3DS gets its European and North American release date, price and games revealed on January 19th"

Yes, but WHAT ABOUT US?! I must much... q.p



Rockmirth said:

after the first 6 words i was hoping it would say E3 booth girl but this is good too



Chris720 said:

I'll beat someone to it... I came...

I don't understand all of it, but that's some complicated stuff right there. o.o



Token_Girl said:

Well, if they've got the console away from the factory already, expect the 3DS to have been hacked before it's even released. I see ninty needing to have to eat it's words about the 3DS having the best anti pirate tch ever in the near future.



NESguy94 said:

Wow, that is a lot more complicated than any handheld so far. Actually if you take most handhelds apart there is quite a bit of empty space.



NintyMan said:

It's almost like a dissection of a animal, but I hope that it won't be so easy for someone to hack into this. That big brown shape must be the game slot.



komicturtle said:

@26 Hack for the WRONG reasons, no.

But Homebrew and music hacking a Smash Bros. game for the 3DS (if that ever happens) would be sweet for me, personally (I use homebrew on Wii pretty much just for that).

But also, it'd be good for Nintendo so they can block the exploits and cause a headache for them hackers that are doing what they do for the wrong reasons. Pirates rely on these hackers. And if a good hacker can't get into the 3DS easily or at all (heck, they can't even do it with the DSi), then the Pirates are screwed lol



Token_Girl said:

I doubt most hackers are interested in hacking the DSi, when the DS Lite is so easily hacked. There's not much point. If consoles with the firmware already loaded are being leaked in China, it'll be the same result as what happened with the iPhone (want to say the original, but could have been the 3G) - cracked/jailbroken before launch.



XyVoX said:

I reckon that this unit was stolen ( with a fee involved for that person ) for one of the Flash card manufacturers who stand to make alot of money getting to the market first with one of their cards. As they all seem to be based in China these companys Mmmm



Chris720 said:

I can't help but come here just to see the nakedness :3 I want one so bad!! D:



SuperLink said:

Is it just me or is it hot here? Because that system is smokin'!

But, for real that is actually pretty cool.



MeloMan said:

... I'm putting that on my wall above my bed. That's one bad motherboarder right there...



aynfrancesco06 said:

Tears Of Joy....
It's having its operation before the BIG DAY or should I say the DAY that 3ds Dominate The World!!!!



Capt_N said:

Can not un-see the debaseness, & debauchery of this nudity. lol

Actually, I had to crack open my DS recently, in an attempt to fix the shoulder buttons. I don't believe in hacking for piracy, but for repair. I expect the 3DS to be hacked quite soon.

Btw, the DS motherboard looks similar to this board.



3dbrains said:

I'm betting these were leaked by Nintendo. Where are the higher def photo's of the insides? I want to see the writing on the chips.

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