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Save the Earth Soon with the Imaginatively Titled Earth Saver

Posted by Zach Kaplan

More localised Japanese budget fun from the GO Series

We've seen many Japanese DSiWare titles that we never thought would reach us thanks to the GO and G.G Series, featuring simple but entertaining experiences over a wide variety of genres and usually retailing for 200 Points. The latest to get a rating by the North American board, the ESRB, is GO Series: Earth Saver, published by Gamebridge and developed by Tom Create.

This is the developer's second game to make it Westward, the first being GO Series: Defence Wars, a tower defence game that we gave a favourable 7. A bit of a step away from that genre, Earth Saver is more in the style of Dig Dug 2 within a setup of which Michael Bay would approve.

You can read more about this title in our GO Series: Earth Saver first impressions and check back to Nintendo Life for a full review upon its release.


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XCWarrior said:

Feel like there are way more DSi games that look intriguing vs WiiWare anymore.



kitroplious said:

@pikmaniac02 - We will survive the 2012 thing (or at least some will, like for example in western Canada), so don't worry so much.

I like the GO Series just as much as G.G, so I'll definitely get this!



MeloMan said:

I like Dig Dug 2... I'll keep an eye on this one. As for Western Canada, forget that, I'm moving to Nanavut

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