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Rumour: The D in DSi May Soon Stand for "Discontinued"

Posted by Zach Kaplan

From two screens to zero

Nintendo has already announced plans to continue to support the DS once the 3DS is released. Some disquieting information from a Japanese retailer, however, suggests that the Big N is already discontinuing one popular incarnation, the DSi, which hit store shelves there in fall of 2008.

The source states that the Nintendo DSi seems to be out of production and that some stores are already out of stock. Nintendo is still producing the DSi XL, however, suggesting that the Big N is making this move to avoid confusion between the two similarly-sized devices.

Make sure to keep checking Nintendo Life as we bring you any new information on this story – and, in the meantime, go spend some quality time with your DSi.


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Odnetnin said:

What a short, sorry span of a system shelf life.
try saying that one five times fast



Punny said:

@Odnetnin: Consider my tongue twisted.

It seems a bit weird (almost) saying goodbye to the DSi. Is the DS Lite discontinued in Japan, too?



NintyMan said:

Things have to disappear or get stored away at some point, so it's a shame my XL will take a back seat when I get the 3DS after only having it a year.



1080ike said:

Wow. That's kind of like the NeoGeo Pocket (or was it the NGPColor?).
Mine's actually been through a LOT since I got it as a DS Phat replacement in early '09 (because pixels were breaking enough to make the top screen unusable). Multiple drops, a broken speaker, about 30 or so syluses (sp?), a cracked d-pad, even more drops, another ten or so stylus breaks/losses, and now the left shoulder button has pretty much stopped working. Needless to say, I'll be getting a 3DS ASAP, if for no other reason than because I don't want to get rid of my DS library, and I don't feel liek getting a new console, only for new hardware to come out two months later.



theblackdragon said:

it happens. too many handhelds in production dulls the stock... wish i had an XL anyway, but i can't transfer my games to it, so... yeah. :3



Mowzle2 said:

I skipped the DSi, but I love my DS Lite and my XL and plan to keep them even if I eventually end up with a 3DS. They all have differing advantages.



Morpheel said:

Don't worry m'dear DSi, i will still take care of you.

I would start getting along with my older handhelds if i where you, though



Hokori said:

Si??? oh well makes since. I can see Ninty doing that for people who want DSiWare and a new system, so theyll have to chose 3DS



WaveGhoul said:

lol I'm glad I never upgraded to the DSi or the DSi XL especially...And that's because you're going to be so used to the bigger or gigantic(if you have the DSi XL) screens that going from that to your 3DS is going feel like a total downgrade screen size-wise.

I'm glad I stuck with my DS Lite, but at the same time I'm mildy itching to get myself a White DSi.



shinesprite said:

"We hardly knew ye"
Yeah right, I've used mine so much that on the inside, but mostly around the D-pad, the matte finish has worn smooth! Here's what we've played together.
DSiWare: 23 and counting!
DS Retail: 6 (7 soon, just need more time) and counting!

To DSi's whom it may concern:
Is your owner missing that look he/she had when you first met? How often does he/she take you out? When they come home do they even notice you? Rekindle that relationship you first had by changing your color settings and reshuffling your apps! Next time he/she sees you, they're bound to give you the attention you deserve! even if that means just changing them back



linkster55 said:

Well it may be kinda sad, selling them later when they become rare sounds pretty good!



CrazyOtto said:

It's weird that they would discontinue the DSi before the DS Lite, the fact that still continuing the DSi XL means that it would probably be a while before a 3DS XL happens.



Nintendoftw said:

To be honest this doesn't make much sense... A lot of people consider the DSi XL a DOWNGRADE from the DSi because it's way too big and bulky.



komicturtle said:

Going to be two years since I've had my DSi and loved all the time spent. Heck, my DSi looks the same way it did when I first got it minus the Mario Galaxy 2 stickers on the 'front' and the luma above the right speaker. Definitely my favorite of ALL the DS family. I'm sure my DSi won't be useless even when my 3DS comes in.



jdarrell said:

I'm betting we won't hear anything about a 3DS XL until other popular companies start doing 3d without glasses.



HipsterDashie said:

Whilst it makes sense from a business point of view, I am sad to see it go (if this rumour does turn out to be true). My DSi is safe, at least!



Warioware said:

Did any DSi only software ever materialise? I was going to get one but then they announced the 3DS.....



sfog said:

"Did any DSi only software ever materialise? I was going to get one but then they announced the 3DS....."

At least in terms of US titles, there are currently 3 retail DSi exclusives that I'm aware of: System Flaw, Foto Showdown, and Picture Perfect Hair Salon, as well as the PAL version of Face Training.



MeloMan said:

Let's see... this really only matters as for as DSiWare as it will be replaced w/ 3DSWare, so, not that big a deal for me since I'm giving up my DSi for the 3DS anyway...



Wolfenstein83 said:

The DSi is a cool little machine, but why the heck did Nintendo wait so late to release it?
Especially when they knew they had the 3DS around the corner?
It's like they barely gave it a chance to catch on, and then here comes something even better.



LztheQuack said:

Don't worry, someone might purchase some used ones from those who traded it in or sold theirs



theblackdragon said:

@Warioware, sfog: remember that there are a few DSi-enhanced games out now which will work fine on DSes but can only be used on a same-region DSi -- Pokemon Black and White are probably the most notable to fall under that category.



sfog said:

Yeah, I'm aware of that (there's a few dozen of those out currently), although the majority of the DSi enhanced titles have been pretty low profile.



Denkou said:

Hmph. I would have a "merry ol' time with my dsi" about now, except for the fact that it is the most broken piece of software that nintendo has ever produced. It broke 3 months into my ownership of it (I bought a case on day 1 and never dropped it until about 8 months ago, but only that once while it was in aformentioned case) and now its completely disfunctional. BTW, it landed on the extra thick part of the case, which is how its designed (kind of like toast, i guess) So yeah. The dsi was pretty much worthless IMO. all it was was an excuse to build a downloadable library of 300 games for the 3DS before its actual release.



Arcanum said:

the real only reason to to have a DSi is to play the DS games, and that will still be possible with the 3DS since it's backwards compatible.



SwerdMurd said:

This is almost the same timing as the way the GB Micro worked in the Advance days.....granted, the DSi got a bit more fanfare, but the timing was awkward, late-in-life, and it seemed to get killed before too much of the world really felt the ripple of its presence.



GamerZack87 said:

"From two screens to zero"

But I thought it was clarified that 'DSi' doesn't refer to its two screens. I'm sure Nintendo said it means 'Developers' eyes'.

In any case, I had two DSi consoles (both met the same fate...I'm looking at you, faulty 'L' Button!) and I still have my yellow XL. I'm also going to replace my long-gone DS lite as soon as possible (maybe next week) and pre-order a 3DS or two (definitely next week), so I should be set for DS consoles for a while yet (I'll only need two 3DS consoles until GBA games are released in the 3DS Shop, since Game Boy (Color) games are usually only two players max).

Oh, and farewell, regular Nintendo DSi. It's been a blast, despite your fauLts.

And no, that's not a typo in fauLts!



Raptor78 said:


There are a few DSiEnhanced games that dont really advertise it so much like the Sonic Collection (uses the extra power in the DSi to improve Framerate, graphical effects, etc) or games such as Touchmaster Connect which is one of my favourite DSi enhanced because not only does it mean you can use the advanced internet settings from your DSi to access Facebook/Twitter so you dont have to mess around with your hub settings like you do with standard DS games (WEP access vs. WPA access) but it also uses the Camera for your Avatar icon and the highscore pics as well as increased speed and framerate in games.



Phobos said:

Looks like they want to prevent further complaints of the transferability of software. Is that even a word?



Incognito_D said:

I'm still using my white DS Lite. I never really saw the major appeal of the DSi. A camera and DSi Ware wasn't enough to convince me to upgrade.



Burning_Spear said:

I don't see why this is a big deal. The 3DS is a DSi that can also render games in 3D and allows play with an analog stick. And we still have the Lite and the XL. Why would anyone buy a DSi once the 3DS reaches the market?



Sonic1994CD said:

I thought they said they still have life(games) for the DSi maybe I'm just hearing things.



Golgo said:

What a cheap way of forcing the consumers' hand into getting the 3DS. No reason why lots of people shouldn't want and be allowed to continue to buy and play DSi. Great back catalogue, affordable, and not everyone is in ecstasies about a 3D device with battery life so short it's not really portable.



X-145 said:

I got my DSi the week it came out (Traded in my DS lite). This thing was the most reliable handheld I've had to date. I have a PSP, GBAsp, (the now gone) DS lite, and this. I'm still getting a 3DS (On my own or for my B-day in May), but I'll DEFINATLY keep the DSi. Shame on Nintendo for being racist to DSi's!



rainbowkirby6000 said:

thats sooooooooooo insulting that nintendo thinks we are ready to give up the dsi im getting 1 l8ter this year after my ipod touch and the XL is way tooooooooo big for me 2 bother with it and i'm not going near the 3DS i hate 3D KEEP THE DSI PLEASE NINTENDO IM COUNTING ON YOU FOR A REAL GAMING EXPARIENCE



IronMan28 said:

Well, the DSi being discontinued makes less sense than the DS Lite being discontinued (which probably has been, I haven't been keeping up; when you have as little time as I do, IDK anymore lol)...



Tasuki said:

I wonder if the are going to drop the price to get rid of the inventory. If so I might pick one up.



Ren said:

interesting. not surprising, though, why keep selling it with the 3DS coming so soon, and the XL being the only competitive option to the 3DS?
Myself I'm waiting for the big jump to 3d. My big ol' clamshell is still enough, aside from screen replacements. (those cheap off-brand touchscreen replacements sure don't last long). And if anyone knows where to get an original DS stylus I'd trade a pretty good kidney for it.



Tasuki said:

@Ren: Nope. I have the same problem I have the Fat DS and I cant find stylus for it and the DSlite/DSi ones dont fit the slot. Maybe try a used game store like Gamestop. I ended up getting a 10 pack of DSlite Stylus that came with a carrying case.



Capt_N said:

This makes sense that N would do this. I know some people who chose to get DS Lites for Christmas presents for their nephews, knowing that the Lite was older tech, & the DSi,/DSiXL, which had dated the Lite, was itself going to be dated by the 3DS.

Nintendo doesn't wanna give more than 2 price options, it seems: the expensive 3DS, & the somewhat less expensive DSiXL. It also helps avoid confusion of the many models available. N doesn't want to risk someone accidentally purchasing a cheaper model. & in terms of manufacturing, it makes some sense, too.

I think what Nintendo should do is simply discontinue the main hardware itself, but continue repair support, & support of manufacturing accessories for it, such as the stylus issue Ren mentioned.



JDO said:

If this is true wouldn't this mean that Big N is admitting that the Dsi was a failure, a mistake.....why else keep the older DS instead?



Bassman_Q said:

Well I still use my DSi pretty much every week, thanks to DSiWare. I doubt I'll ever get rid of my DSi, even after the 3DS comes out. I just love it about 10x more than my DS Lite.



rainbowkirby6000 said:

why bring out the 3ds in the first place its dumb cause most people i know hate 3d its hard to see and using the 3ds gives you eye strain l8er in life and if you think eye strains nothing well its nonstop migranes so i wont be going near that pathetic sorry waste of space

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