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Roll Up, Roll Up For the UK 3DS Price Rumour Round-Up

Posted by James Newton

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Rumours are great: all the fun of information with none of the hassle of facts. With Nintendo sticking to its January 19th event to reveal the official details of the 3DS's launch price and release date, several UK retailers have jumped the gun with their own guesses, varying from the optimistic to the greedy.

UK site – which also runs sites for Woolworths, Best Buy UK and others – initially pegged the machine for release on March 18th at a whopping £299.99, though has now tempered this to a pre-order deposit of £2.93.

A more conservative estimate comes from UK trade magazine MCV, which reckons the console will set you back a much more reasonable £200-230 when released "on or around March 25th".

On the high street, major retailers Game, Gamestation and HMV have all opened their books for pre-orders, with a £10 deposit in most stores securing you a place on the list, though there's no mention of release date or pricing.

Of course, Nintendo has yet to make any official announcement on price and release date, but remember that the company will be sticking to its mantra that it does not set retail prices.

We'll be reporting from Amsterdam on January 19th to bring you the confirmation of when you can pick up your 3DS and for how much. In the meantime, enjoy speculating in the comments below – it's free, after all!


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Token_Girl said:

That's $316-$360 in American moneys. More expensive than the 25,000 yen/$300 Japanese price.



Nintendo-64 said:

If that is true i will not buy the 3DS! Even 250 Euro (that are 500 Deutsche Mark!!!) is a very high price i must really think about if i can afford it.



GEOFF said:

You got to remeber that the price in the USA will be alot cheaper because you pay less tax. One 3DS at £230 includes VAT at 20%! here in the EUSSR.



Victoria said:

£300?!?!? OUCH!! I'm still undecided how soon I'll buy one, but there's no way I'm paying that much for it. I wouldn't be able to afford any games if I did. I'm still bummed about the size of the touch screen, so I might pass on it and hope for a XL in future.



Bass_X0 said:

Yep. Not buying it immediately. There's not really any games I absolutely must have at launch. The price of the console... well, if you want PS3 quality graphics from a console then expect to pay PS3 prices. I paid £300 for my XBOX 360 so this isn't completely unreasonable.



VoltSlash said:

Anything over 150€ for a handheld is highway robbery. Pricing it the same as a 360, PS3 or Wii just for the novelty of 3D is ridiculous (not to mention the future sight problems, as it hasn't been properly tested), and as a consumer I'd find that a waste of money.



LuWiiGi said:

£150 is the maximum I will pay for this. Not that I don't think it's worth more, but I'm really short on money.



Bass_X0 said:

Its not a novelty though. Its the main selling point of the system and has next gen console graphics to match. The 3DS is Nintendo's equivalent to the PS3 and XBOX 360. We'd be forever stuck with Game Boy Advance graphics if handhelds weren't "allowed" to have high prices.



Linkstrikesback said:

No way am I paying £300. Haven't ever paid over £100 for a handheld, and frankly £150 is the most I'm comfortable with. £180 maybe. more? Not happening.

And bass, are your eyes working? Because the 3DS isn't pushing anything near ps3/360 level. Try just above PSP, gamecube at the very most



FonistofCruxis said:

I hope it isn't that much. I was expecting it to be £170. This is because I remember somewhere saying that that was what it would be if the japanese price was converted to an english price.



Bass_X0 said:

Its capable of producing the best graphics the Wii is capable of and I'm sure some 3DS games I've saw images of are better than what the Wii is capable of. And thats at launch! PS3 and XBOX 360 games are being ported to it without even breaking a sweat. The only decrease in graphics is the decrease in screen size. Yes it would be nice if it was £250 or less but I can't see it.



GamesX99 said:

Gasp! Nintendo thinks im gonna buy anything they tell me too??!?! Well they are probably right



OldBoy said:

I reckon it'll be £250 minimum here in Britain.I'd be very surprised (and happy)! if it was under that.Looking at what the 3DS can do I'd say its a fair price compared to other tech (iPhones etc) especially considering there is nothing else like it at the moment (though I'm sure that will change in the near future) but I may just have to hold off on getting one come launch day.



Pj1 said:

I won't be buying it, proberly won't come out in blue anyway!! all though the box art looks good but I can't comit to it at the moment. I'm happy with my DS and some of my games need playing....



Angelic_Lapras_King said:

This is Nintendo we're talking about. How many kids do you think will cry and sob because the 3DS is too much for their parents to buy for them?

I'm saying the £200-250 mark or they're gonna lose money during this tough financial time.



Bass_X0 said:

I'm not seeing why there has to be a financial cap on the advancement on technology.



zionich said:

I respect a person if they dont want to pay the price or cant afford it, but flat out whining about it being to high is irresponsible from my point of view. Now if ya want to base it around facts that show how much they spent in R&D, technology, and shipping, while showing how much they are overcharging for it, you would at least have a case.



Alexneon said:

Omg, a wii here in my country cost 355 dollars, i cant imagine how much the 3DS it gonna cost :S



Doma said:

I bought my Wii with a game (TP) for £180 and that was close to launch. I'd settle for about that price with the 3DS. Nintendo would be kidding themselves by trying to sell it at any higher.

Though, i'm considering whether i should import it from the US now, seeing as EU 3DS have been confirmed inferior.



thanos316 said:

Im gonna learn from past handheld debuts, imma wait a couple of months to a year before purchasing a 3ds. apple and now nintendo has a bad habit of changing things around on a device, whether making it more sleeker or price drops. but i am excited over the software. just gonna wait and see. but yall can go ahead and test it out for me, i will be on the sidelines for now



djosh444 said:

im only gonna buy it if its £200 or less, i hope it will be £200 max, but thats being optimistic



I live in Amsterdam. Can you guys get me in?
[formerly user Gunzelino, now user Edesto]



Sampy said:

Wha...? Now i'm confused! :S
On monday, my local GAME store had put up signs about 3DS pre-orders. When I went in and asked about it and was told it would cost between £160 - £200 (with a £10 deposit). I don't know who to believe now...



Raylax said:

If it's over £200, I won't be getting one ever. I definitely won't be getting one at launch anyway, don't have the spare scratch.



Doma said:

"How so?"
I didn't import much on the DS but, certain games such as Devil Survivor, Etrian Odyssey series etc. were some of my favourite DS games, they never came to EU.



bezerker99 said:

My mother always said if I want to buy videogames to get a job. Mom was soooo right! Can't wait for 3DS!!!!



True said:

299£ is hilarious, that's ~ 360€
everything above 210£ (250€) will make it hard to sell that beautiful piece of hardware.



Slapshot said:

Wow... I really thought that the $299 price was high, but the possibility of $349+ is absurd. I'm now starting to rethink buying a 3DS at launch.



CowLaunch said:

Just looking at Kid Icarus footage, no way that's Wii level graphics, it's better than N64, but there's loads of jagged edges and a little fogging,I'd place it between N64 and GameCube, although admittedly I haven't seen it in 3D.

Not buying at launch, I'll wait for a bundle package or something.



Nintendoftw said:

I will never buy this thing at 300$... No matter what features it has, especially with that 3-8 hour battery life...



Nintendoftw said:

CowLaunch- Kid Icarus is the 3DS's worst looking game... Look at Resident Evil Revelations _.



SennaKurosaki said:

Woah! £299.99 that's €360, or even more nauseating it's 793 Gulden! I feel sick now... no matter how much I want a Nintendo 3DS, I'm not crazy! Yes, the Netherlands Guilders are obsolete and no longer legal tender, but it does give an accurate feeling for the actual value of things if you're still familiar with the old prices of things. These prices are like daylight robbery!



Mqblank said:

£250 is WAY over what I will pay fo the machine even if it has a fantastic lineup at launch which going by the jap releases, only SF4 interests me (and I'm not very good at that game)



sillygostly said:

There's no way in hell I'm paying over $300 for this when it arrives down under; especially when you consider how outrageously expensive games are around here.

Despite parity with the US dollar (and even occasionally surpassing it), premium DS titles such as Super Mario 64 DS, Mario Kart and the like are STILL retailing for $60-$70, which is more expensive than a lot of 360/PS3 games that are currently available.



salty1264 said:

im not buying if its over 275 canadian untill a price drop or new version (canadian is almost par with usd)



salty1264 said:

@56 wow those games in canada are like 35$ and you said youre par with the us and so is canada



GamerZack87 said:

Eh, I'm used to high console/game prices in relation to the rest of the world. If the 3DS ends up costing AUD$400 I'd still buy one...of course, I'm going to need to focus much of the next 3-5 pays towards it if I want a game as well!

If I'm lucky, I may even be able to afford extra 3DS goodies...that'd be awesome...n.n



Stine said:

I really doubt it'll be as much as £300, but if it's true, I'm definitely waiting for the price to drop



Ren said:

299 USD means I may not be able to get it just from financial constraints. I'm not even saying that's too much, it's just not affordable. More than that is a "no way, jose" and borders on insult.
Learn a lesson from the PS3 launch, don't insult your lower income customers, Nintendo; it's still a game machine after all, it's not like it has a phone in it.

Even if we want it bad, there are lots of people who just can't do that, and I'm sure they won't be taking a hit on them anyway. Those chips will be dirt cheap to produce within a matter of months.



Nintendophile said:

If it really is pushing the 300 simoleon mark, I'd expect it to come with an HD screen. But seeing as how you can see jaggies all over the place, I'm comparing it to standard def Gamecube AT BEST.



Fuzzy said:

I've been expecting it to be $350 over here for a while, but I'm only gonna get it at that price if there's a game packed with it, either bundled by nintendo or by the retailer. But seeing how things are unfolding lately, I might wait a while to buy one, unless I get to see a demo of it on store and am wowed by it.



Danglybits said:

My Sister want a DS for Xmas & i talk her in to waiting and getting a 3DS,
but i want one too



Golgo said:

The only cast iron certainty in all this speculation is that the UK will get shafted with by far the most expensive version.



JimLad said:

If they want to sell the thing it's gotta be under the £200 mark me thinks.
Like... £199?



Hedgetrimmer said:

I will still be getting one on release day and with more folks saying they gonna wait looks like there might not be the shortages.
I'm pre-ordering 2 from different places, one for me and one for my wife, so hopefully we will get at least one on release day.
Yeah game list is a bit meh, but I doubt there will be much wait until the rest start to come out, it is a shame about a few of the obvious omissions. But I'll have fun playing with the built in stuff, 3D photos of our cat, and maybe 3D video too.
This is a very powerful machine, and it fits in your pocket, high power and small is never gonna be cheap folks.



Ristar42 said:

I'd speculate that it would be £250 at most. £300 is the sort of price where a lot of people would just not go to, especially at the moment. I would not even consider paying £300.

Thinking about the region lock thing, it may apply to downloads only, we dont know if it will be carts yet.




I was actually predicting a price of around £200. For a portable handheld, over £230 is way too much IMHO. I know what its capableof, but still



Capt_N said:

I think there's a high chance Nintendo started seeing profits start sloping w/ DS/Lite/i/XL. Because I'm guessing the tech in the 3DS has been available for some bit of time, that N just kept the DS family going, as they found it to be obviously profitable.

From what I've seen, the tech in the 3DS is comparable to (Game)Cube.W/ that in mind, + the fact it's portable, I would pay $150-$200, but not higher. I'd be comfortable w/ $150. I anticipate though, that Nintendo, will have it priced $250.

$300 is just robbery w/ this economy, & considering the 3DS's apparent similarity to Gamecube, ($300, or more) is just plain asking to be a failure in the market, esp. the current one.

As an eBay seller, I think I'm gonna stay away from this one. It's a buyer's market, which would be to my disadvantage to sell it, even @ a fair, & profitable price.



lex0plex said:

I can't believe they're charging so much! I'm not paying any more than $200 for this. The Wii is only $200 for goodness sake!



Mrleelongi said:

I bet it's going to be $250 at launch here in the US. I bet it will launch on the 13th of March as well. I'm willing to pay the price to have this awsomeness that will make you ............ when you touch it.

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