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Relive 2010's Biggest News Stories, WarioWare-Style

Posted by James Newton

Oil spills, royal engagements, cat bins

If you can remember anything about 2010 that wasn't Nintendo-related, you're doing better than us. The only way we can recall the important events of the last twelve months is with this superb video created with WarioWare DIY by UK magazine NGamer, which features minigames based on ten of the biggest news stories of 2010.

There's everything from Mel Gibson's telephonic "indiscretion" to England's multiple sporting controversies, all delivered in classic lo-fi WarioWare fashion.

If you've created any topical WarioWare microgames we'd love to see them, simply use the Contact form to get in touch.

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andyutd97 said:

Wow that was awesome and to all germans we would have beat you if you hadnt of bin so Lucky. When the ball crosses the line its a goal ref



edhe said:

I was going to turn to topical news for inspiration for some Warioware microgames, but nothing much has been happening lately.

I began making one about the student riots, but they've been and gone. (I'll probably not have to wait long for a new set of riots, and although my one features the cenotaph, I hope they stay away from it and the other monuments next time around).

I subscribe to the magazine this video comes from (Ngamer that is, not NOM), and I love what they did with their previous set of games.



Mayhem said:

Hah hah, brilliant. Maybe all news should be delivered like this?



James said:

If we ever did a video podcast here, this should be how it's made.



Ramses said:

All we know is...he's called "The Sti- darn, I guess he's called Micheal Schumacher now..."

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