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Rabbids Prepare to Invade 3DS with Travel in Time

Posted by James Newton

Bwwaaaagh, of course

If you wondered why Ubisoft's latest outing for its chaotic creatures, Raving Rabbids Travel in Time, only made its way to Wii this might go some way to explaining: the white terrors are heading to 3DS instead.

Famitsu has the game pegged for a Japanese release on March 24th, but unlike its Wii counterpart it looks set to be a 2D platform adventure, with the lapine layabouts predictably travelling through different time periods, causing havoc along the way.

The Japanese magazine also confirmed Splinter Cell 3D for a release in the Land of the Rising Sun on March 17th. We'll have more details on both as they arrive.


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NintyMan said:

A platformer would be better than another minigame collection, but I hope this didn't turn out to be the Rayman 3DS the ESRB rated a while back.



Sneaker13 said:

A 2D, platformer would be awesome. I didn't get TiT for the Wii because it was just another Mini game collection. So I look forward to this one.



sillygostly said:

@ NintyFan: That is not the case as the OFLC has also rated 3DS versions of both Rayman and Rabbids in Time.



citizenerased said:

This honestly looked quite similar to DKCR in the trailer. I'm curious, at the very least. The Raving Rabbids platformer of the DS looked atrocious but the gameplay was actually pretty good.



WaveGhoul said:

Sigh* Am I the only one hear who can't stand the Rabbids?
If it were a new 2D Rayman Platformer 'then' I'd be interested.



EdEN said:

I loved Rabbids Go Home but since sales we not what Ubi expected we got another minigames round with Travel in Time. A 2D platformer for 3DS could be interesting.



FonistofCruxis said:

While this game looks a lot better than the wii version, similar to what waveboy said, I hate the rabbids and would much rather have Rayman origins or a remake of rayman 2.



NintyMan said:

@sillygostly: Thanks for clarifying. It makes sense for Ubisoft to make both a Rayman and a Rabbids game. It was clear that the Rabbids games weren't tied to Rayman anymore after Rabbids Go Home. This new platformer actually has me interested, so I'll see how it goes.




The 1st 3 RRR mini-game comps were good with the 1st one being the pick. I sold them all on after playing them to bits though. I still hav Rabbids Go Home, that's the best Rabbids game for me. The Wii Rabbids in Time game was very bland tbh.

I'll radar this beause its a platfomer. Rayman is nothing to do with the Rabbids anymore so why do ppl keep saying, "What about a Rayman game?!" There's a Rayman 3DS game on the way anyway, isn't there? I'm radaring that too!



astarisborn94 said:

Was going to complain that this was the Rayman 3DS, but then realized that both games are separate. Anyway, game looks good.



Yai said:

Honestly getting a bit tired of Ubisoft making these instead of Rayman =( Though if this game turns out to be decent I'll try it.



Vinsanity said:

Well, Rabbids in Time had a substantial 2.5D portion on the Wii. A good chunk of the hub worlds were done in sidescrolling fashion, as were several minigames. So I don't think this will be THAT different from the Wii game. Seems like it'd be a great game to bring to the 3DS though, so that's great.



Natendo64 said:

I, for one like the Rabbids. Although I like Rayman, he's already getting his own game called Rayman Orgins.
I'm getting this just because I like to collect every Rabbids game that comes out, since they aren't expensive or rare. Rayman fanboys complain about the Rabbids just to complain.

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