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Planetary Body Spotted and Named by Renegade Kid

Posted by Trevor Chan

Developer wants to bring a conversion of an existing game to the 3DS

Another year, another cycle for our dear old planet Earth, and, in true planetary fashion, co-founder of Renegade Kid Jools Watsham has revealed that a 3DS game is in the works. It's possible as well that for fans of Moon, the title might seem quite familiar indeed.

Speaking on his personal blog, Watsham states that the studio is close to signing a deal with a publisher, though he does not reveal who that publisher is. With past Renegade Kid releases from SouthPeak Games and Gamebridge, the latter seems to be the more likely out of the two since it published the aforementioned first-person shooter, but a deal with a new company might also be the case. No details on the tentatively-titled Planet have been announced, but it will be "a conversion" of an existing game:

Right now, we’re in heavy get-new-projects mode. There is one 3DS title that we’re in talks about with a publisher. It is a really cool game. It would be a conversion of an existing title, which we would bring to the 3DS. Let’s call it code-named “Planet”. In theory, we’re very close to signing this deal with the publisher. But, anything can happen in the world of business, so all we can do is hope everything stays its course and we sign it soon.

The developer doesn't make a habit of producing half-baked visuals in its range of titles, so it's good to know that Renegade Kid will likely continue to push the capabilities of the hardware that's in front of it and come up with something as compelling as it is visually stimulating.


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Azikira said:

I loved the first MOON, though I think this is the prime time to step the game up a notch! First off, Multiplayer would be an extremely welcomed addition, especially if it was on WiFi. And secondly, the visuals, though good for the DS, should be ramped up. And thirdly, the vehicle portions were extremely fun, so they should put a heavier emphasis on them. I would buy it either way, but if any of these things are done, it'll make it go from an 'A' game to an 'A+' one.



Sylverstone said:

Please let it be Moon!

The first one was great, though I stumbled on a bad bug that had me restart the game.

But yeah, imagine it in 3D!



theblackdragon said:

Moon in 3D would be great, but i do hope they're going to revamp the graphics and fix that damn bug that made me restart the game



V8_Ninja said:

I'd think it would be too soon for a "Conversion" of Moon considering it was released only close to two years ago and there's no specific fan demand to make a sequel. The inherit problem with my suspicions is that I can't think of anything else that the publisher has made that revolves around enormous pieces of rock floating out in space.



pixelman said:

Moon 3D? Damn, that'd be tight.

I really hope Nintendo makes the shoulder buttons REALLY sturdy on the 3DS, or playing shooters is going to be rather agonizing.

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