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No, You Cannot Fight as Samus in Dead or Alive: Dimensions

Posted by James Newton

Hopes, crushed

That video of Samus Aran appearing in Dead or Alive: Dimensions? Awesome, and more than enough to kickstart the rumours of the intergalactic bounty hunter being able to kick ninja rump as a playable character. That rumour, awesome though it may be, is totally false.

Team Ninja's Yosuke Hayashi explained to Eurogamer that the Nintendo heroine would not be playable this time:

So talking about Samus Aran, is she playable or not? This time she's not playable. But Samus Aran will be shown in the game. She comes to help the player. That's the collaboration shown there [in the trailer]. But how you can unlock Samus Aran? Please find out by yourself.

Still, a fighting game featuring both Samus Aran and series nemesis Ridley? That should be enough for most gamers.

We went hands-on with the game last week, so be sure to read our Dead or Alive: Dimensions First Impressions for more thoughts.


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Azaris said:

Imo this makes it a no buy. If they didn't want her to be playable they shouldn't tease the possibility.



romulux said:

well if they had included her then everyone would be complaining about the samus jiggle.



juanduran1 said:

well thats disappointing news. still it would've been interesting to play as samus.



warioswoods said:

"This time she's not playable." - odd wording there.

Her playable inclusion might have swayed me to get this over SFIV, but now at least my choice is clear.



SuperPeach said:

I thought about giving this a try if samus was in it. Ah well. I'll be spending enough money as it is just getting the 3DS



Capt_N said:

I am no DOA fan, & I wasn't going to get this anyhow. I bet Nintendo doesn't want Samus(obviously their character, I want to point out for what I'm going to say next) to be associated, &/or erroneously mixed in(by gamers who don't know Samus is a Nintendo character) w/ the risque profile that the DOA series is known for, esp. the breast jiggle physics.



WolfRamHeart said:

I was going to get this game day-one but now that I know that Samus is not going to be a playable character I am going to pass on it. I'll just pick it up later when it goes on sale.



Hardy83 said:

Clearly after Metroid Other M, Nintendo didn't want to drag the Metroid IP into the dirt any more that they already have.



Yosher said:

Huh. I was sure she'd be playable after that video. Why the heck would Nintendo allow Samus to be downgraded to a simple cameo in a freaking THIRD PARTY game? Huge disappointment. And I don't even care for the jiggling factor of this game.

Well, this won't stop me from buying the game, I was going to get it anyway whether Samus would be playable or not. But I'm still disappointed. I was hoping to kick with Samus in this game like we could with Link in Soul Calibur II. D:



Linkstrikesback said:

No sale from me then. Theres a reason why people rushed to buy the Gamecube version of soul calibur 2 over the other versions. And frankly, if link wasn't in that, I would never have bought it.

I guess I'm fickle, but its the truth



Mart2006 said:

I've already pre-ordered Super Street Fighter IV, so unless/until a Super Smash Bros. game is released, I won't be purchasing another fighting game; Samus or no Samus.



moosa said:

But how you can unlock Samus Aran? Please find out by yourself.

Did everybody miss this line?



Yosher said:

@moosa: That probably just means you'll unlock her as a cameo. Pretty much like the Assist Trophies in Brawl.



kurtasbestos said:

Jeez, internet people, it's a cameo appearance. If you want to play as Samus in a fighting game wait until a Smash Brothers for 3DS gets released. Samus not being in this game is about the dumbest reason I can think of for not being interested in it since it's NOT A METROID GAME.



moosa said:

@Yosher Well the translation looks slightly rough, but that does seem to make more sense than what I was thinking.

@kurtasbestos That was the only thing that had really piqued my interest in this game, so it's really not all that dumb. Ultimately I'm sure I would have saved my money for something I felt more worthwhile, but seeing Samus pop up definitely made me feel as though I needed to play it.



Raylax said:

I really don't care for the DoA series at all, so doesn't matter to me that she's not in it. If anything, I'm glad she's not playable. They might not have been able to give her jiggle when 'Metroid' was on the box, but I wouldn't have put it past them in their own jigglefest fighter. Even speaking as someone who actually liked Other M, the further away Team Ninja stay from Samus, the better.



RonF said:

They should reconsider this. They are loosing the fight for attention against Super Street Fighter IV, although the Dead or Alive's four buttons attacks are much more appropriated to the 3DS than the six button scheme from the competitor.



Lordy said:

I wasn't going to buy it anyway. The presence of Samus wouldn't have made it an any more interesting game.



SilverBaretta said:

Well, if I am interpreting this right, Samus might be some sort of partner character. Well, I guess that's the next best thing if I'm correct.



Bensei said:

Well, maybe in DOA Xtreme 3D. Samus shouldn't be overpwoered anymore - without the Power Suit



moosa said:

Why does everyone think that Team Ninja ruined Other M? The game was directed by the same guy who was responsible for every other Metroid game outside of the Prime series.
Further, why do people think Team Ninja is crap? I'm not a DOA fan, but its far from the worst fighter out there, and Ninja Gaiden was a phenomenal game.



armoredghor said:

@ I understand what you mean. Other M is a great game. I think most of the problems people point out revolve around plot issues, and concepts (concentration makes as much sense as missiles from bats) though and differences from the original game which were mostly good such as the use of missiles. I'm still looking forward to this game full heartedly. I've played the first 2 street fighters and DOA looks much more solid and less combo driven.



JakobG said:

First of all, Team Ninja did not ruin Other M.
NL already had an article on how everyone is a premature on that games, so I don't want to get repeat what the sane amount of people on the internet said over and over again, just because most people refuse to see this game in an other way but superficial.
Also, does it really that matter if Samus is playable or not? Sure, it would have been nice to be able to fight as her, but you guys sound like a new Smash Bros has been announced, but without online. And honestly, if she would have been added, you would have complained anyway. If it wasn't for the "A female character is in a game with jiggle physics!", it would have been because her attacks would have been mostly improvised, since there's no way you'll see a range-fighter in a technical fighter like DOA.



nick_gc said:

@48. Yes, Team Ninja did ruin Metroid Other M. The gameplay is fine, the way the story is told is not. Completely not in line with any previous Metroid game. I understand that that was the point. Give it a different team to create a different spin on the franchise. But they failed at that. If you ignore the FMVs though, it's a great game!

Also, I will not buy DOA:D. I might have done if Samus was going to be a playable character though.



Gamesake said:

Not a lot of people here seem to like Team Ninja--but then why so angry no Samus? (You were going to jiggle the hell out of her, weren't you?)

BTW Team Ninja had little control over Metroid Other M. Sakamoto is the one responsible for the goofy story and linear gameplay. Most of what's good about that game is thanks to Team Ninja. Everyone should give them a break. And you should treat yourselves to DOA--it's what Street Fighter and Tekken should have been a long time ago.



theblackdragon said:

If you want to discuss whether Team Ninja did or did not ruin M:OM, do it here, here, or here. For the love of all that is holy, we don't need yet another thread derailed by people arguing about it.



Junior117 said:

@51 Agreed. If there's one thing I hate, it's this stupid arguing over the quality over Metroid: Other M. We don't need more than half of the Nintendo Life articles of argument after argument... ESPECIALLY concerning Other M



kurtasbestos said:

Good reasons to be not be interested in Dead or Alive: Dimensions:
1) You don't like fighting games.
2) You don't like Dead or Alive games.
3) You're not creepy enough to find ogling video game characters entertaining.

Dumb reasons to be interested in Dead or Alive: Dimensions:
1) Samus Aran is not a playable character in this non-Metroid game.
2) You don't like Team Ninja because of some other unrelated game that they worked on.

Seriously, if the mention and video of Samus and Ridley's cameo appearance had never surfaced, I bet a lot of you wouldn't be complaining at all (then again... plenty of people complain about DSiWare games that look uninteresting to them because they don't own a DSi, so... yeah). There's nothing wrong with being uninterested in a game, just don't do it for a dumb reason. Not that I'm trying to call anyone here dumb... but at least SOME people seem to get that this isn't a Metroid game. Okay I'm done now.



trex3d said:


I think what a lot of people were saying was that they weren't really going to play the game in the first place, but the inclusion of Samus interested them. Also basing your interest off of previous work is a good idea to judge the quality of their games. Neither of which are dumb reasons.

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