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Nintendo's 3DS Events - We Want Your Questions!

Posted by James Newton

What do you want to know?

On Wednesday January 19th Nintendo is holding two press events: one in Amsterdam, one in New York, to kick off simultaneously at 9am EST / 2pm GMT / 3pm CET.

Nintendo Life's Jonathan Wahlgren and James Newton will be present at the North America and European events respectively, and they'll be perfectly placed to bring you all the 3DS news you want: when you can buy it, how much it will cost and which games will be released alongside it.

Of course, we want to make sure we bring you the information you want to know, so we're throwing the lines of communication wide open.

What do you want to know about 3DS? What burning questions about its technology, software or creation do you want answered?

Let us know by emailing us or typing the question below in the comments box and we'll do our best to bring you the information here and via Twitter, on Wednesday 19th January.

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XCWarrior said:

How about "When will the second version come out that doesn't have a crud 3-5 hour battery life?"

I'm still so disappointed about this. That's just not OK Nintendo. Not OK.



Expa0 said:

1. Is it really gonna be region locked.
2.How much built in memory does it have
3.What color variations of the system will be avaiable at launch.



astarisborn94 said:

1. Is the Nintendo 3DS going to be region-locked?
2. How will the online be different for the 3DS?



cnm_nintendo said:

Ask for more details about the 3DS Shop, like payment methods and pricing and available content, and about how the Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection will be done, for example friend codes per game or per system? And finally will other regions have 3D Video DLC like Japan? OK done :3



Chrno-x said:

1. How much European country will pay for games?
2. Are there gonna be bundle packs like in Japan with Nintendogs + Cats or another games?
3. On the Launch time or soon after it, are there gonna be any Virtual Game Boys games? How much they are gonna cost, will be there greater support from Nintendo than for Wii with the Virtual Console?(I mean can we expect more good games in every week than on Wii VC). i think that's all :'>



NintyMan said:

I'm sure many will ask these same questions, but it wouldn't hurt to repeat.
1. What will be the NA launch titles?
2. Will there be friend codes?
3. What will the prices be for the games?
4. What will be available on the 3DS VC at launch?



Pastry said:

Just tell me everything Virtual Console, LoZ: Oot and Paper Mario related.



jedikitty said:

They probably won't tell you but I'd like to know the following.. what colors are they going to release at launch, are they going to package Zelda: OoT with a special edition Zelda 3DS, and are they going to come out with a 3DSlite ?



shinesprite said:

1. Does it have an induction charger?
2. I want to know everything you know about the menu/OS including the shop and bundled apps.



ninetailedfox said:

the same games that come out in Japan will come out in america?
be able to view television in America?



Kimiko said:

As for the memory size, recent photos of a 3DS showed that it had 96MB of memory.

1. How locked will the 3DS regions be? Only for downloaded games, like the DSi, or for cartridges as well?
2. Will the VC include SNES games, maybe even complete emulation?
3. What about PC connectivity? Will we be able to exchange useful data between 3DS and PC?



ianmage1 said:

What colors will be available?
Will people who preordered the 3DS, like me, get a game such as OOT included in the purchase?



zionich said:

For them to beg Capcom for a Monster Hunter 3DS... Oh ya questions...... Will you beg Capcom for a Monster Hunter 3DS on our behalf ? =)



King_Boo said:

I'd like to know when alternate colors are coming, if we only get blue and black at launch.



Punny said:

1.) What will be the launch titles/ systems available for Virtual Console?
2.) Will the system have internal memory, Game card memory, SD card memory, or all of the above?
3.) Is it really Region Locked (original, huh?)?



James said:

On Wednesday January 19th Nintendo is holding two press events: one in Amsterdam, one in New York, to kick off simultaneously at 9am EST / 2pm GMT / 3pm CET.



FonistofCruxis said:

A lot of the questions I thought of had already been asked so I just asked if 3dsware will be at launch and if so, what will the 3dsware launch gamesl be.



CowLaunch said:

Events in old and new Amsterdam I see.

1) Can it outrun the flash?
2) Can Superman outrun the flash?



mariosonic1 said:

1)Will there be a online shop for the 3DS like how there's a DSI shop?
2)Since the 3DS seems like a powerful system then the DSI,will there be Full Retail game demos?



ReifuTD said:

You guys said you wanted questions about 3DS

I want to know since they are useing SD card. If there be any photoshop programs. Like if I want to give one of my 2D photos a 3D look. It would be nice to take a drawing and play with the 3D effects.

Second question would be any plans for comics or manga that use the 3D effects for the 3DS? I remeber there was some thing for manga on the Wii and other devices let you download comics and manga. It would be strange if the 3DS doesn't



komicturtle said:

1) Is the Virtual Game Boy Shop [thing] going to be online on the same day the 3DS releases, and how many games are expected to launch?

2) Will the 3DS be able to connect to Wii?

3) Are [3D] movies going to be distributed this year?

4) Will 1000 Points be on the system upon purchase? (Hey, one can hope haha)

5) Will the 3DS be able to multi-task when playing DS games?

6) Are 'new' battery packs going to be sold with longer lasting batteries- or is it even possible to manually replace the battery by oneself?



benjibibbles said:

Will they change the name as I heard that they would be doing?
What games will be up for the Australian launch?
Is the pedometer resistant to simply shaking it?
When will we see a First Person Shooter for the 3DS and how will that work with the placement of the slider in relativity to the D-Pad?



triforceofcourage said:

Does the 3D effect just look like there is depth into the screen or do things pop out too? Also, will the internet app be faster and more effecient? Will it be able to stream youtube videos?



skywake said:

@benjibibbles unlikely, shrugs, probably not, ABXY/Touch Screen
@triforceofcourage yes, yes, maybe

All I want to know is:

  • How much will it cost?
  • How much internal storage will it have?
  • Is Youtube going to happen?
  • What sort of social media connectivity is there? (posting photos on facebook, friend code requests etc)
  • What games will be there at launch?


motang said:

Will we be able to surf the web with the browser as well as we do on our smart phones? OR is the browser lame as the one in DSi?

Since I can transfer DSiWare games on to the 3DS, does that mean I can purchase DSiWare games like Shantae on the 3DS?



Markystal said:

Ask questions? Well I guess since I can't make it to the New York event I guess I might as well ask away.
1) Will the multitasking run with the music app?-As in will I be able to listen to songs from my sd card while gaming?

2)Was the recent announcement about te 3DS only getting 3 to 5 hours of gaming with the 3DS games with the 3D on or off and at what brightness.

3) Nintendo's launch titles for the US

4) Whether or not retailers like gamestop will have them placed at there stores for testing (Gamestop has systems one can try out at their stores so will nintendo allow them to display it?)

5) What are the change with the 3DS's music feature

If you could answer any of these I'd be quite thankful



Objection said:

How much? (System, games, downloads)
Battery life, when 3D is not used. (is it the same as the quoted DS game battery life?)
Launch lineup? (NA and EUR)
Will it comes with a game/"game"/demo? (Wii and DS did)



DarkLloyd said:

to make it short ask about these features
1. Price
2. colours availability for preorder like purple or freaking red
3. launch lineup i know OOT will but what about resident evil mercanaries?
4.virtual console at launch?
5.does it support digital copies of movies?

that is all and thank you very much



NGpenguin said:

1. whats the price?
2.Wiill the 3DS be cabable of video projecting?
3. if DSiware with wifi cannot be on the #ds will it be cabable for a Flipnote Studio, Dsi browser 2?



cnm_nintendo said:

Oh one more question. Because the 3DS is backwards compatible with DS games and the 3DS now supports WPA and WPA2, when playing a DS Wi-Fi enabled game on the 3DS will it work connected to an access point that uses WPA or WPA2? Perhaps the 3DS tricks the game into thinking it's a WEP access point when it really isn't?



Colors said:

If you grind it in a blender, what would it taste like mixed with kool-aid?



Rapenzie said:

I'm going to use both contact form and comment...

1) Is it going to have demos, if so can we download them directly from the 3DS or do we have to download from another place?

2) Everything about 3DSWare.

3) Will it be only Game Boy and Game Boy Color on Virtual Console? Do they plan to add Game Boy Advance and Virtual Boy later as well as other handhelds like the Neo Geo Pocket, Game Gear and Linx?

4) When do we get 3D movies. Will it be digital or sold on cartridges?

5)Will it use Friend Code? If so, one Friend Code for each system or for each game?

Let's ask more different questions... obvious that they are going to say the price and stuff like that.



Dorkvader said:

Will there be a Super Smash Bros game for it. And when will Mario Kart 3DS come out



timp29 said:

Sorry if it has been asked already...

"If the 3DS is region locked, will this effect street pass? Will a North American 3DS connect to a UK 3DS on street pass?"



armoredghor said:

Has The sound program been updated to feature more playlists and options of playlist creation? What is the status of netflix on the 3ds? thank you.



Squiggle55 said:

i already sent in my contact form, but I said I'd like to know everything there is to know about streetpass, like what they envision the coins being used for and what kind of mode exactly your 3DS has to be in as you're walking the street.

and an answer about netflix would be great!



Machu said:

I'm slightly colour blind. Will that effect my ability to see the 3D goodness? I know this is a question that can't really be answered till I have a look for myself, but if they have any info I'd be grateful.

The only reason I ask is because I always struggled with those magic-eye images. I imagine (hope) I am worrying for nothing.



Machu said:

Cool, thanks Chibi-Dude!

btw, ur av is my fave on this whooooole site :]



adamantwolf said:

1.How much is it when you trade in your dsi or ds? much is the 3ds?
3.can you record in 3d?
4.when is paper Mario 3ds and Mario cart 3ds come out?



Capt_N said:

1. Launch price of system, & of games?
2. More versatile, than Wii, &/or current/previous DS family in regards to connecting to the internet/a network? (I will not change my router's safety protocols just to play DS online for less than a 1/2 hr.)
3. Stand-alone system apps/features/functions, & how fleshed out each is?
4. 3DSWare, & 3DSVC transferable to any future models of 3DS?
5. Formats supported by internal system apps?
6. Induction charging?



GamesX99 said:

I'm confused are we spoused to use the contact form or write the questions here? In which case I would like to know:
1. If Nintendo is planning new models for the 3DS
2. Is this the end of the GameBoy system family?



Burny said:

  • Is there an account based online (shop, multiplayer) system? Will an account be transferable to a newer console (new hardware revision or the old one broke down)?
  • Nintendo did mention classical games in 3D for the online shop: Are OoT 3D and Starfox among these download games or will they be released at full retail price?
  • Where will savegames be stored? Is there again separate flash memory on the cartridges or will savegames be stored on the SD cart?
  • What settings were used to determine the 3DS's battery life? Specifically: are 5 hours for 3DS games at low brightness settings / no Wifi and 3 hours at high brightness settings etc.?
  • The usual friendcode questions: Per system or per game? Tied to an account or generated for each savegame / system? Is mutual registration of friendcodes necessary or will you receive an alert if someone adds your code to the friendlist?
  • Will it be possible to add people to a friend list / automatically exchange friendcodes if you are playing with them online?
  • Does the 3DS offer ways of communication over the internet during online games?
  • Does ist offer ways of communication (with people in a frindlist) over the internet outside of a game? (pictochat online?)
  • What are the memory limitations for 3DSWare games?
  • Is the initial size of 3DS cartridges (2GB) really measured in gigabyte (GB) or do they still use gigabit (usually notated as Gb)?
  • Will 3DS games - specifically ones with online modes - be patchable?
  • Does Nintendo have means and allow devs to offer DLC over the shop?


Rapenzie said:

I just got this one: Is it possible to use lenticular printing on the box art so we have 3D effect on the cover?



GamerZack87 said:

1. Will the classic Game Boy VC titles have multiple colour palettes, like when you play them on the Game Boy Color; or even customisable colour palettes, like on the Super Game Boy?

2. Will there be any kind of connectivity between copies of multiplayer VC titles? There'd be problems with Red and Blue if that's not the case...

3. Do the VC titles have a colourful or themed border, like on the Super Game Boy?

Those are my questions! Oh, and just in case you didn't realise, I'm looking forward to the 3DS Virtual Console!



shadowAOD said:

1. Can it play mp3s?
2. Will they sell individual and better rechargeable batteries
to the 3ds?
3. Will they put gba titles in the 3ds VC in the future



Mahe said:

But seriously, ask when the GOOD games are coming in, and why the system is so expensive.



invmat said:

FC-system has already been confirmed, but:
1. Will it be system-wide or are there FC's for every game?
2. Will 3DS game's saves be stored on the game card or on the 3DS?
3. Will 3DSShop be available at launch or later?
4. What's the 3DSWare size limit?
5. Can games be patched/updated?
6. Has the Black 3DS the same problem with fingerprints as the DSLite?

That's it... for now.



andyutd97 said:

Ask For Release Dates Of Other Games People Really Want If They Arent Launch Titles eg: Star Fox 64, Mario Kart 3DS, Kid Icarus etc



Gene said:

Why there are so many remakes coming out? I want a new Zelda and Starfox.



Zubari95 said:

Here are my questions:
1.Will there be any Virtual Console for NES,SNES,N64 and maybe perhaps Virtual Boy games as well? will they be 3D as well?
2. Will there be a Super Smash Bros. game for this?
3.Can we play regular DS games online using a WPA connection rather than a WEP connection?
4. Will there be any DLC for any 3DS games?
5.Since the 3DS is region locked, is there a chance that some games are region free? just like some xbox 360 games? and why is there a region lock?
6. Is there gonna be Youtube support in the Internet Browser?



Birdman said:

Some of my questions:
1. What will the launch price of the 3DS in NA be?
2. What is the cost of the typical 3DS game, like Nintendogs + Cats or Steel Diver?
3. Will there be a way to turn off StreetPass mode?
4. What is the expected price(s) of 3DSWare games?
5. Will there be any restrictions on DSiWare transfers (Only w/o WiFi, only w/o camera, etc.)?
6. I recall some talk last year of the 3DS having it's own WiFi support, like PS3's and newer 360's. Can you confirm/deny this?
7. What systems will have VC support?
8. If I was to get a game's demo (like at a store's DS Download Station or through a game's "transfer a demo" feature), is there a way for me to save that demo?
9. Shoulder buttons: Can Nintendo confirm/deny that progress has been made to prevent them from not functioning properly?
10. If I transfer my DSiWare and let's say I have 300 Nintendo Points left on my DSi, will those transfer as well?

That's all I can think of at the moment. I may be back!



Maximous said:

I think it might be a good start to stop asking questions that have already been asked and answered. Secondly, you don't need a new 3DS with a better battery life, it's called a CHARGER. for traveling, 5 hours is a decent time. We have also already been told that it varies with brightness and extent of gaming.



Victoria said:

Why is the 3DS's touch screen smaller than the DSi's screen? What a let down to all us DSi or DSi XL users.



Pyrokai said:

The thing I want to know the most is easily whether it used friend codes per game or per system. I must know! It has the potential to make or break my excitement levels



Swiket said:

That picture looks like James is going to come over to my house and shove the 3DS into my face.



Funky_Gamer said:

How much will it be at launch?
Whats the average game cost?
Is the internet any better?
Is there a specific time that one can use the 3D (is it bad for your eyes if you go over this time?
How durable is it?




EU release date and how much?

How many games can you transfer from your dsi to 3ds?

Any plans for GBA and sega game gear VC?

You definately can play ware games from your sd card, can't you?

Average game pricing?



LittleIrves said:

Will the different colors be named after sushi?
Blue = California roll
Black = Spider roll
Red = Spicy Tuna, etc....



SwerdMurd said:

All my questions concern online, and are more requests for clarification than questions.

I just want to know what the online structure is going to be--namely, if we're gonna have accounts tied to our Nintendo purchases...with names (YES!) or if we're sticking with turbo-archaic friend-code systems (NO!), and also if all of our DSiWare apps are going to be transferrable (I know some are--I wanna make sure there aren't any restrictions).

I think they already stated that average game pricing was gonna be ~$50...more in line with current-gen console releases than handhelds.



iphys said:

Will we be able to gift games on the 3DS Shop like on the Wii?
How do we transfer our DSiWare from a DSi to a 3DS exactly, and can we just transfer certain games or do we need to transfer all of them?



HolyMackerel said:

What is the effective viewing angle for the stereoscopic effect of the top screen? Outside of that angle you get a blurred or double image. I think this is a pretty important question for a portable device.



3dbrains said:

1. my dsi shoulder buttons broke 3 times on 2 different dsi's, have they fixed this?

2. Are 3D movies definately on it? Can we buy them from launch? How often will they come out? Can we have a good answer for this, please!

I am buying this solely in hope i can watch 3D movies, in 3D without glasses, wherever i want.



djosh444 said:

will some 3dsware be free, like on itunes or the android market?
and will there be demos for games?



Bassman_Q said:

I mainly wanna know how much the system, the game, and the downloads will cost. (Though I won't be surprised that the system will cost $250 and the games $40 each. You heard it first from me. )

Oh, and I also wanna know if it prints money.



Mrleelongi said:

I'm not gonna freak out about the whole battery issue because I was expecting it to have a bad battery life when it came to 3D. But still the question about a possible better battery coming out and it being swappable with the current one is a need to know.
Main Question: How will the transfering of the DSiware shop account work? Will I only need to enter my Club Nintendo account info onto the 3DS and can download my previous titles or will I need to have the DSi nearby or can I transfer the games via SD card?

2. What about the next Professor Layton game for DS? Can we expect that it to be released sometime soon? Oh and will the awsome cool Professor Layton VS Phoenix Wright title come to the US?

3.Will there be a nice warranty on the system, like at least a one year warranty and not just 90 days or 180 days if registered?

4. What is being done about that Chinese dude that stole the 3DS off the production line and then leaked video onto Youtube? Is he going to be offered a super spy job? LOL JK!

The real question 4: Can we expect gameboy advance games to appear on the virtual console shop and if so can we expect to see the old Pokemon games, from Red and Blue to Ruby and Emerald, on there?

5.Will we see an overhauled version of Flipnote Studios for the 3DS in which we can make 3D flipnotes?

6. Graphic wise is this just as powerful as the 360 and PS3?

7. Will we see a change in company policies for games? In other words can we expect that a 3D Grand Theft Auto will be allowed to be made for the 3DS?

8. Any expamles of unlockable content that Game Coins will unlock?

9. Any chances of the US getting self-repairing screen protectors?

10. When can we expect OOT to be released if it's not a launch title?



DiaPeaPla said:

My major Chuck Norris level question is: Will the 3DS play movies? Will there be special cartridges, like the GameBoy Video? Will you be able to play videos from an SD card in mp4 format? What's the price? When's the release date in the U.S.? Help me Nintendo Life, you're my only hope.



Arcanum said:

@JamesNewton just please ask if the L nd R shoulder buttons are gonna be better. The DS's shoulder buttons are always breaking. Thanks. Peace.



WiiLovePeace said:

I'd just like to know how playable it is while charging on the stand, given I play my DSi XL a lot while the charger is plugged in. & yeah, any info for the Aus release would be nice like release date, price etc. Thanks NL, you guys rock!



3dbrains said:


Does the charging cradle do ANYTHING different compared to charging the 3DS directly from the cable?
Why did they make the charging cradle?



Kid_A said:

What is Nintendo doing to provide a more fluid, intuitive online experience with the 3DS?



Spoony_Tech said:

Could you ask if it will be compatible with more types of Wi-Fi? With my current set up all I can do with go to the Wii shop channel and the internet . It wont allow me to play games over the internet.



James said:

Some great questions you guys, we'll try to ask as many as possible but bear in mind we only get limited time one-on-one with Nintendo representatives.



WiiLovePeace said:

Oh & one more question: (if you can) Ask them about The Last Story & Xenoblade & if they will be localised (either PAL or NTSC) any time soon. I don't care if those games don't even get to PAL, I'd buy an NTSC Wii just for them



Hardy83 said:

Friend codes. How do they work on the 3DS. Why did you keep them?

Online demos?

Is the quality of digital content going to be improved?
Is there actually going to be a list of digital content coming out or will it be a surprise every week again?




There are good games coming to the system FFS.

I guess this is the conference we finally find out how much the Ninty 3DS will b?



marsgreekgod said:

Can you play while it's chargeing, or do you have to use the port thing?

can you just plug a wire in the back and charge it?



King_Boo said:

I'd like to know if you need balanced eye sight to experience the 3D, If one eye is really dominant does everything just seem blurred?



LuWiiGi said:

1. Is it shiny?
2. What is the home menu like?
3. Are the buttons clicky?
4. Any d-pad problems?
5. Price?
6. Does it feel comfortable?
7. What are the cameras like?
8. Tell us about the games.
9. Any built in functions we don't know about?
10. Why the heck are Nintendo leaving us with so many unanswered questions?

Well, that's all I got.



RedYoshi999 said:

It'd be great if you could answer these questions for me NL
1. Can you connect the 3DS to the internet using the Nintendo Wi-Fi USB Connector?? I currently have it as my only option to connect my Wii and DSi and luckily for me it works perfectly fine. But it has been discontinued for a while so they might have forgot to include it on the 3DS. It would be a huge disappointment to me if I couldnt access the internet.
2. Can you find out any info on the Australian release? Like release dates, price, launch games, how much games will cost.

Thanks so much if you answer my questions!



LunarJade said:

I have a curiosity that I've been wondering about.
I don't know if its been asked before but if I were to buy a 3DS that is NA regioned and go on a trip to Japan, would the streetpass function still exchange information even though it's interacting with a Japan region 3DS?



SwerdMurd said:

I wanna know how I can get an ensemble as fly as James's in that photo... (one-syllable words that end in s still get an apostrophe-S right?)



3dbrains said:

new info (source - andriasang and nintendo)

Street pass mode can transfer up to 12 registered games at the same time.

Home menu wont function fully if using wifi or cameras, when not using these you can press home to pause the game and go online plus more.

3DS retail boxes are a lot thinner than regular DS boxes.

3DS can be charged with a DSi cable.



Burny said:


First info is indeed new. Second info sounds locical. Hard to imagine playing someone online in Street Fighter and having your game paused, because your opponent decides to browse the internet for a bit. Can't think of a scenario where using the cameras would interfere with the home menu though. Unless you're video chatting maybe?

Thinner retail boxes were apparent from the photos. They also appear to generally be larger in size.



3dbrains said:

i guess it doesn't matter if you can't think of a scenario where the camera's would stop you using home menu, the fact is, it says it does on nintendo's own website, god has spoken.

New news and best news is 12 games at once tranferring data via streetpass at the same time, up untill now iwata and miyamoto have hinted towards 7 games at once so this is great news for gamers. Still no word on max distance between users for streetpass to function.



PSICOffee said:

Are left-handers' really getting the shaft? Will there be some sort of "compensation" for their handicap? This is a serious question and having to adapt to everything in life is already a pain. Give us a break for once.



3dbrains said:

i am left handed, i try to learn most things right handed to make life easier but i write with my left hand and find it extremely hard to use the stylus in my right hand, i have practiced with my dsi but with no luck. I can see me missing out some games because of this for example Kid Icarus uses slide pad and touch screen, this is very difficult for a left handed person. I doubt they will change this as the majority of people are right handed.



alLabouTandroiD said:

Hey guys,
i think it’s great that you’re trying to ask our individual questions too.
That said, I’d find it amazing if you could ask the following questions.

  • How does the transfer of DSiWare software work exactly ?
  • Will SNES games that used the SuperFX chip be made available on the 3DS ?
  • Are there any plans for a bigger screen version of the 3DS like the DSi XL ?
  • Aside from having the usual games with 3D effects are there already any games with mechanics that are only possible with the 3D technology the 3DS is bringing to the table ? Could you give some examples ?
  • Are there any plans to link software releases from the Virtual Console to the 3DS ? (Because it would be absolutely rad if you could play pre-N64-games on the go too. If you own one version you could pay an extra say like 100 points to download them on your Wii or 3DS too.)
  • Are there any plans to bring a new Donkey Kong Country game to the 3DS ? (Because I think the 3D effects of the Wii version could really benefit from being in true 3D.)
  • Are you aware that Donkey Kong Country Returns on the Wii actually sets the standard of how classic 2D games should be like with true 3D effects ?
  • Are there any plans for a Wii (successor) that enables 3D effects like the 3DS's ?

And as much as I hope that some of these questions get answered I’m not very optimistic. I mean we all know our Big N, right ? Nevertheless, thanks in advance.



DarkKirby said:

Is the system really region locked (doubt Nintendo will be willing to say)? Can you make Miis with unrealistic hair and eyes (I want a Mii with blue hair, so what?)?



ChrisT99 said:

A)Will Mii's be supported
B)Will DSiWare games be transfereble,if so will there be a fee
C)Shop=Virtual Console ,3DSWare
E)Will there be backwords compatability with original DS game cards



herpderp33799ooo3ds said:

good graphics,ok character roster, and online.....



alLabouTandroiD said:

I'm quite sure if the 3DS and its software sell well and they can improve battery life, brightness and so on there will be another model. And as fast as technology progresses i am quite sure in about a year or two we could see a 3DS XL. But i bet it's too early to have serious plans about that.



James said:

@LTD I totally agree - we'll see a bigger-screened version in future, and I would say it's probably already at the prototype stage, but there's no way they're going to announce a redesign at the launch event for the original machine.



3dbrains said:

toys r us just told me nintendo are not planning releasing exact price information at tomorrows event but using it to show games to public! Price may be revealed in a march press conference for Europe and England.

I hope this is not true.

Also gamestop tell me street fighter, nintendogs, pro evo, kid icarus and dj hero are likely launch titles in England.

I think they are just reading off confirmed games, not launch day titles unfortunatly.



Robo-goose said:

One thing that I'd like to know is how heavy it is. Normally, weight isn't a problem for me, but I've had my pants sag constantly when trying to take my DS on the go.
Seeing people carrying 3DSs (in commercials) almost exclusively in bags has made my worries increase ten fold.



JDO said:

Will there be a 3DS XL version? There is no going back to the tiny screen once you've owned an XL......if there is no XL version, then no 3DS for me.



MrGlubGlub said:


Will DSiWare titles be transferrable over to the 3DS, and HOW!!!???

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