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Launching This Spring is Nintendo's Secretive Title, Pandora's Tower

Posted by Trevor Chan

It's about death, or something...

During Nintendo CEO Satoru Iwata's presentation at the company's Third Quarter Financial Results Briefing, a new Nintendo title for the Wii was announced and should be hitting Japan in the first half of 2011.

Not much is known about the game at the moment, with the most solid of facts being the game will carry the title of Pandora's Tower. Iwata revealed that the game is near the end of its development stage which makes us wonder why the company has kept it under wraps until now.

A teaser web page for the game has gone live and sounds as curious as it looks. All that is displayed at the moment is a piece of artwork depicting a young female with a large tattoo on her back. Classical-style piano is played over the top of a short piece of dialogue, presumably spoken by the young woman. As translated by AndriaSang, she says something along the lines of:

Dying and becoming beautiful, or living though ugly. Which will make you happier?

Some people have scanned the site and discovered a larger picture of the mysterious lady which shows a portion of her face, along with some odd text that might provide clues to the nature of the game. The web page says a Spring 2011 release is scheduled.


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Bensei said:

Very mysterious. Here's hoping for some extra-ordinary story-telling!



Objection said:

I heard that this might be developed by Monolith Soft, which would be super-sweet.



pixelman said:

She looks disfigured or something, almost like her head is on backwards... That pic is messing with my minnnnd. O_o



TrevorTheChan said:

That's all speculation at this point. It is interesting though how little is known about this retail game considering development is nearly complete. Especially with Nintendo's involvement.

@Chicken Brutus
My money's on a topless Sudoku game. Over-the-top sexiness and an offensive soundtrack by U2.



Ret said:

tenners a bet that at some point in the game that tatoo's going to glow magically.



Hokori said:

:E gaaahhhhhhaaaaa, over 9000!!!!!.... errrrr never mind, ....... :EEEEEE



Ayer99 said:

This seams like it might follow the path of Lost in Shadows. Not enough advertisement until the last minute, and the game not selling that well.



Jnes4 said:

hmm... I'm feeling a "survival horror" vibe in this game, maybe I could be wrong but still, this game looks pretty interesting though...



zionich said:

So just another game like Xenoblade and Last Story for us to hold our breath for in the West, yay.....



Noire said:

Okay, this game is on my radar~

And beauty through death will always make me happier, it's the way of the phoenix.



Colors said:

I'm expecting a dora the explorer game where you learn new words like "sexy", "topless" and "hot". for ages 5 - 9



Colors said:

@PhoenixSage actually, living though ugly is always better, think about Quasi Modo. he was ugly, but he ended up saving the beautiful Emelina. And in the end, Emelina left Quasi Modo for another man, leaving him terribly heartbroken...ooooohhhhhh...never mind.



bro2dragons said:

Man... so many people were complaining about how, "2011's going to suck because Wii won't have any good games except for Conduit 2, Zelda, and Mario Sports Mix." Suddenly, in one week, we have localization announcements for Last Story and Xenoblade, a new Kirby game, a New Rhythm Heaven Wii, and now this. all this before the end of January, and long before E3. 2011 is going to be another mind-blowing year.



SilverBaretta said:

Ooh, with a cryptic quote like that, I'm sure this storytelling will be one to check out. It's too mind-twisting not to signify that!



Noire said:

Knowing Japan that's probably a dude. Have fun with that.

...Stop making me even more intrigued! D:



NassaDane said:

"we have localization announcements for Last Story "

Wait whaat? I thought they weren't, i even signed a petition for it to be localized. So the petition or something else worked?



WiiLovePeace said:

bro2dragons: "we have localization announcements for Last Story and Xenoblade" - huh? What? Where? WHERE?



PiribroH said:

And where do we have those localization announcements, I want to know too!



Ayer99 said:

funny to hear people on other web sites debating whether this is a girl or not. Nintendo Life has the best images and the best editors.



Ayer99 said:

And what is with the last story localization announcements? I have searched every gaming website i know of and nothing has come up?



bro2dragons said:

@NassaDane, WiiLovePeace, PiriborH, and Ayer99: Last Story is coming to Europe. I thought I heard/read the same for Xenoblade, though I can't find that link. And in recent years, EU games that NA doesn't get (and vice versa) have become increasingly rare. They haven't outright said North America yet, but, at this point, I'd be willing to bet my last pair of socks on seeing both titles in the states, as well.



LuWiiGi said:

The name just makes me think of Layton. The girl makes me think of...well, I probably shouldn't say.



AVahne said:

If this is an RPG, whoa another RPG for Nintendo! 2011 is Nintendo's year for RPGs



MeloMan said:

A picture, and music... it's Last Story all over again. Sometimes I hate even knowing about stuff on Nintendo's consoles in Japan, because a piece of me just HOPES that Nintendo would bring it over but I know they'll leave me on pins and needles while dangling me off a cliff as usual.



1080ike said:

Meh... If it's a girl, she's hot. If she's a guy, then I want to reach inside my head and explode my brain.



DrDaisy said:

So can I play as the girl this time or am I going to have to rescue her ... again?



WiiLovePeace said:

@50.bro2dragons - Ah thank you, not a direct confirmation but close enough all the same, wish it came sooner than later but understandable given the lineup of games needing translation & the time that would be needed to be taken on The Last Story. I hope the same of Xenoblade that it's coming soon, Ninty just haven't formerly announced it yet.



bro2dragons said:

@WiiLovePeace: According to mariofanatic, Xenoblade/Monado has appeared on NOA's release schedule. So more unofficial confirmation/ almost confirmation of JRPGs coming around the world.



PSICOffee said:

yeah, we wont get this. it looks "too Japanese" as the typical reason for many games that aren't seen in the west.

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