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Iwata Hints at 3D Video Recording with Future 3DS Updates

Posted by Trevor Chan

Another string to the 3DS's bow

Along with the games that are in production for the upcoming 3DS, it seems Nintendo has allowed itself enough room to experiment with other uses and applications for the device.

In a 3DS edition of Iwata Asks, the President of Nintendo Japan Satoru Iwata talks about the popularity of 3D cameras and hints at the possibility of recording 3D video footage with the 3DS:

Until now even if you have taken 3D photos, you wouldn’t have many ways to show them off, but if everyone has one and is taking 3D photos and showing them to each other, then that changes the value... Perhaps [the 3DS] is going to be the first time when something like this can spread far and wide rather rapidly... I think it will be fun if we’re able to include video recording capabilities with future updates.

Stating that the 3DS is compatible with 32GB SD cards, Iwata assures that if such a feature did become available, storage space wouldn't be an issue. In the past, he's also said that 3D video chat is technically possible but whether any of these features will materialize or not remains to be seen. Will 3DS battery life play a part in Nintendo's decisions?


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zezhyrule said:

That would be interesting... Though it'd probably just be a little gimmick I'd use once or twice before it got boring.



Ark said:

It's a nice idea, although you could only ever share the videos between different 3DS systems. Were you to upload them, they'd lose the whole 3D effect or look weird. Not to mention it would definitely drain serious battery life while recording, especially if they did an online 3D chat. o__o



PATUX3T said:

Of course it should happen. If a DSi's camera can be used for Video Chat on Pokemon Black and White, then surely the 3DS can be capable of it.



koops330 said:

That would be cool to have a 3D camera and video recorder on my gaming system



OldBoy said:

Thats cool an all' but the only problem would be ,I'm assuming, that you could only watch them back on the 3DS or would they be compatible with 3DTV's/ Monitors?
Even so getting some 3D footage of my two daughters growing up would be awesome!!
there is another usage I can think of but I won't mention it here



warioswoods said:

Now that they've revealed the final hardware, 3D chat is definitely not possible on the device. The front-facing camera is singular. As for 3D video, that might indeed be possible with a future system update.



danschemen said:

i heard about the videos a LONG time ago. it should come with it. i didn't expect nintendo to start doing what other companneis are doing which is.
"Ok, were done making the game. . . . . and now we take out 20% of the game and sell that in a couple of DLCs"



1080ike said:

Yeah, this news is exciting and all, but there's still the cruelly short battery life. It's really the main factor that's keeping me from using it to replace my DSi (not counting the unresponsive shoulder buttons).



NintyMan said:

That would be a cool feature, but would the battery life permit? It would have to if Nintendo was to decide to add it on.



Ren said:

wouldn't it need 2 cameras next to each other to really capture 3d? does it have that? or is it just one on each side. besides that I don't see why it's not possible and definitely cool.
people need to chill about the battery life, it's not that bad, and it's not like it's never going to get an upgrade, I'm sure there'll be upgrades really fast.



Hardy83 said:

Some of you are concearned about watching the videos on another device? You DO know this is Nintendo we're talking about right? A company that made some of the most restrictive camera image files on the planet?

Also, this should've been on the system day one, not a carrot on a stick BS. They're stealing ideas from apple, in actually stole them from Nintendo.
Stop holding stuff back for no reason. Like the stupid SD card solution just so you can pat youselves on the pat during an event...



TrevorTheChan said:

Logistically, all you'd have to do is turn the 3DS around for 3D video chat. Is that the most convenient way of doing things? No. Is it possible? Yes.

EDIT: @theblackdragon
On second thoughts, yeah, it would be the dumbest thing. You'd be able to film yourself but without the ability to see the person you're having the conversation with, it'd be worse than using a regular phone. [sighs]



Token_Girl said:


Supposedly it has 2 .3 Megapixel cameras on the back of it for 3D pictures/video.

.3 megapixel is worse than my cell phone. What's the point with such crappy resolution?



SamIAm69 said:

They should update it so you have the ability to upload photos to facebook, and videos to youtube, or email them to yourself, and etc. Voice chat would be neat. Yelling at some japanese guy while I play streetfighter with him hahahaha.



chevx said:

I hope the Data recorded with the 3DS will be flexible(computer being able to read the data with default progams )



Wolfenstein83 said:

3D movies and 3D gaming...everything is 3D!
Dammit, even reality is in 3D!
What is the world coming to!?
Just kidding, anyways I can't wait for the 3DS, it's gonna kick ... in 3D!



warioswoods said:

@ TrevorTheChan

By my definition, 3D video chat would require that both people be able to see each other (in 3D, of course) at the same time. If I turn around the console, I can't exactly still view the screen. I stand by the statement of impossibility!



Capt_N said:

@warioswoods: It would be possible if the clam shell flip goes back all the way. You could still see the bottom screen, whilst the other person is in the sights of the camera. Of course, the camera image would be upside-down, & need drivers(software) to make it flip right side, in almost real-time. So, yes it would be possible, but totally inconvenient, & cumbersome to your gaming experience.



Nintendoftw said:

GamesX99- Wth wouldn't they? It's they're system they know the capabilities and limitations.



warioswoods said:

@Capt N

Close, but still wouldn't fit the standard definition, for you'd only be able to view the bottom screen, and the bottom screen is 2D. So, still no possible configuration in which you both see each other, at the same time, in 3D. Without requiring a mirror, that is, but then it gets truly absurd. ; )



Capt_N said:

Lol, I can imagine someone attaching a compact mirror, or something similar to their 3DS in a bizarre configuration.

Edit: In any case, I'm as of now looking forward to getting the machine sometime in the future. Maybe not @ launch, but eventually.



skywake said:

A few things

  • 3DS screen is SD so why is the 0.3MP camera a problem?
  • skype would work but it would be only 2D, but that's still better than what first, second and third gen iPhones had! Besides, I'm sure if it WAS done they could easily let you show the other person your view rather than your face (like they do on mobile versions of Skype) in 3D.
  • mirrors are 3D facepalm
  • if it did YouTube (why not?) then EVERYTHING that does 3D would be able to play it back AND it would still be viewable in 2D on 2D screens
  • the DSi doesn't do some crazy format, it saves it's images in a RAW format. Same as an iPhone or iPod Touch and a lot of professional cameras. It still let you upload photos to facebook though, didn't it?




warioswoods said:


"mirrors are 3D facepalm"

Haha, you don't have to tell me that. I believe TokenGirl's statement might have been based on the popular misconception that 3D must involve something popping out of the viewing surface, rather than the receding depth a mirror (or the 3DS, by most accounts) provides.



LuWiiGi said:

If by 'update' he means new DS model, then no. If he means a download update, then HELL YEAH!



Capt_N said:

I like firmware, & software updates better. Models that have 1, or 2 new features should generally be held until there's enough new, & unbroken features to warrant a release of new hardware containing all the features.

Sidenote: I wonder if the Gameboy name will ever be used by Nintendo again for any more of their products?



Pod said:

I was wary of paying for two low-res cameras when I were to buy the DSi XL. And so far, I must admit they have proved pretty damn useless.

When buying a 3DS you pay for THREE low-res cameras, and it doesn't even make sense that you don't get four while you're at it, to allow for 3D chat and MUCH more precise motion tracking.

Almost everything about the 3DS's design seems only half thought through.



KiroX777 said:

it seems like it was just yesterday, when the 3DS was announced at e3 it seemed 2011 was a lifetime away. Now its basically right around the corner

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