Along with the games that are in production for the upcoming 3DS, it seems Nintendo has allowed itself enough room to experiment with other uses and applications for the device.

In a 3DS edition of Iwata Asks, the President of Nintendo Japan Satoru Iwata talks about the popularity of 3D cameras and hints at the possibility of recording 3D video footage with the 3DS:

Until now even if you have taken 3D photos, you wouldn’t have many ways to show them off, but if everyone has one and is taking 3D photos and showing them to each other, then that changes the value... Perhaps [the 3DS] is going to be the first time when something like this can spread far and wide rather rapidly... I think it will be fun if we’re able to include video recording capabilities with future updates.

Stating that the 3DS is compatible with 32GB SD cards, Iwata assures that if such a feature did become available, storage space wouldn't be an issue. In the past, he's also said that 3D video chat is technically possible but whether any of these features will materialize or not remains to be seen. Will 3DS battery life play a part in Nintendo's decisions?