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Inazuma Eleven Looking to Score in Europe on Friday

Posted by James Newton

But where's the marketing?

You'd think a football game from the creators of the Professor Layton games would be enough to pique the interest of games retailers, but judging from the complete lack of awareness and availability in the marketplace you'd be greatly mistaken.

Inazuma Eleven for Nintendo DS launches across the UK and Europe this Friday, but Nintendo has made next-to no noise about the title, not even listing it on its "coming soon" schedule.

It's not just Nintendo that's silent about the game: none of the major UK games retailers – that's Game, Gamestation and HMV – have the game available to pre-order online in store, and neither do Play or Amazon. The only retailer we could find preparing to sell the game this Friday was Games Basement.

It's possible, of course, that the game has simply suffered a delay as Nintendo works to bring the entire Inazuma Eleven experience to Europe – in Japan the series is a phenomenon, with comics, cartoons and more merchandise than you can shake a goalpost at. If not, though, it looks like DS owners may have to hunt high and low to find what could be one of the DS's most promising titles of 2011.

We'll be bringing you a full review of the game shortly after its release.

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J-Forest-Esq said:

This reminds me of a plotline in an episode of Pokemon which somehow manages to incorporate football.



FonistofCruxis said:

I don't like football but I like Mario strikers so I'm not sure if I'd like this but because of the miniscule amount of awareness that this has, it probably won'rt sell will so it's unlikely that any other games in the series will make it over here.




I thought this was 3DS only? Its out on 3DS in Japan isn't it?

I'm not going to get it, but it looks like something that could be popular here if it was marketed properly !



brandonbwii said:

I read that Level 5 was looking to a worldwide release for Izuma Eleven in Nintendo Power. Kind of surprised Nintendo is the publisher in the first place.



Pod said:

I'm guessing Nintendo's going for the impulse buyers, and saving whatever marketing money they have for when the game is actually out.



Yasume said:

Well, they didn't completely ignore it. There's a video on the Nintendo Channel for almost 2 weeks now. It shows a lot of gameplay and I became interested in it because of that video.

Didn't hear anything about it before that though.



Colors said:

This game looks good, but it looks like one of those animes where they make a huge deal about a sport like prince of tennis.

Bob: I...I missed? How could this be!



Olorin said:

It's on the front page of the Dutch Nintendo website, and I also received a club Nintendo email about Inazuma Eleven this week.



Colors said:

Yes, DUTCH Ninetendo website (no offense to dutch people or people from uhhh. Dutchland? But That is a small country.)



RebeccaGunn said:

The latest ONM had a preview of Inazuma Eleven this month too. Maybe Nintendo are not expecting this one to be too popular so sneaking it out? The Japanese Football anime sims never usually come over here...



Tommy said:

@mariofanatic128 - Are you sure this is the Inazuma Eleven 3? I'm almost positive i read the other day that it's the first one.

Anyway, really looking forward to this game! Can't believe we've been waiting for it since 2007.



Tommy said:

Cool thanks, i wasn't sure either. I'm glad though, it strikes me as the type of game where the first one could be the best... Not sure why i think that really, maybe just looking at Level-5's track record the first Professor Layton was by far the most enjoyable in that series. Anyhoo it's always nice to start at the beginning!



Colors said:

Where do dutch people come from? Dutchland? Dutchtopia? Dutchania? Seriously, I don't know.



Colors said:

Well HA!! I'm not a man, i'm a boy! I win!

I found out where they come from, Sweden.



Colors said:

Yeah, it's the netherlands so what? that means hes netherlandish...netherlandian, Right?



TromaDogg said:

I don't like football games (or most sports game) at all, but having seen the trailer of this on the Nintendo Channel, I think it looks like a great little RPG and the matches themselves look like something out of Shaolin Soccer. I think it could be a gem that's well worth checking out for everyone.



Tommy said:

Yeah, i'm getting a strong blitzball vibe off it (a good thing)! And i think the game could have a good sense of humour. We'll find out soon enough!



nick_gc said:

There is/was a video of this on the Nintendo Channel last week. I'd like to know if it is coming out - I've on other websites that it's suspected for only certain markets in Europe. Hmmm, as it's a Level 5 game, I'd love to get it. It's not very authentic football so that's also a plus!



Tommy said:

I haven't played any of the Ace Attorny games i'm afraid (yet!). Was talking about Prof Layton series!



PiribroH said:

Best comments evar!

As for the game it looks fine and I'll probably buy it some day.



Raylax said:

Dutchland is an island just off the west coast of Atlantis, near the Tower Of Oz



Colors said:

No, you'rer mistaken, it's located on the WEST coast of Atlantis, and the tower of Oz dosen't exist, it's just a made-up story. It's next to Hyrule, in the previous area of CandyLand.



Colors said:

@James Newton Thank you. if you want to be a genius like I am, pour cayenne pepper on a lightbulb and then lick it. Afterwards, go to a casino and urinate on a slot machine. you'll feel a change within 24 hours.



grover said:

I hope Game/Gamestation/HMV etc are actually stocking this on Friday. It looks really good!



PALgamer said:

Has no one ever seen Captain Tsubasa here? They were very famous back in their time, best football cartoon ever.



KDR_11k said:

I've seen the game in a store on Wednesday.

Also there's a Captain Tsubasa DS game available here but I doubt it's any good.



grover said:

Predictably, this is a complete no-show at any of the major chains where I live in the UK : ( Shame, I was really looking forward to playing it.



grover said:

Thanks for the heads-up anster. I'll probably get it from there! The usual places I buy online from (ShopTo/Amazon) don't bloody have it either!

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