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Improved Rhythm Core Alpha Hitting PAL Regions Next Week

Posted by Trevor Chan

Music to Europe, UK, and Australia's ears

Last August saw the NA release of the music creation application Rhythm Core Alpha from SoftEgg Enterprises. While the rest of the world is still waiting on a localized version to hit their DSi Shop, the developer has recently revealed that it's almost here and with it come numerous improvements over the original release.

Launching in Europe, the United Kingdom, and Australia on 21st January, the music application will cost 500 points but will also feature several new additions: a new multi-waveform vibrato, a solo mode that can be recorded into tracks, key and block changes that can be recorded into patterns, and improved pattern editing. Despite the low pricing of such a powerful application, SoftEgg Enterprises is keen to stress the value of the package:

... it is actually the most advanced music program on the Nintendo DSi. The user interface actually resembles that of professional music sequencers like Cubase, FruityLoops, Ableton Live and Reason.

The ADSR and vibrato features allow great sound customization, which, when combined with the 100's of sounds available give nearly infinite capabilities to create your own sounds.

It is also the only program that lets you change the key and scale of your own compositions on-the-fly. This, combined with the unique 2d solo mode make it really flexible for playing live or composing. These are features that no other program has.

Although it crams a lot of controls onto the screen, it is actually an easier to use interface than other music programs, because you can see all of your musical parts at once.

It is not a program for making songs with canned beats. You really make your own music!

For the full press release - which you can view as a PDF file - click here.

As we've already expressed in our review, the application certainly is a powerful tool with a heavy emphasis on functionality rather than aesthetics. For a further glimpse into what this software is capable of, check out the latest trailer for it below and tell us what you think. Will these new features entice you to purchase Rhythm Core Alpha?

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edhe said:

Although I already own Mix Superstar, and both Rytmiks, this sounds quite appealing.

If it's trying to draw comparisons with FL Studio (they stopped calling it Fruity Loops years ago) I hope they at least allow a piano roll style function when composing - I have real trouble with Rytmiks key layout - as great as both packages are.



TrevorTheChan said:

We're certainly spoilt for choice. I wonder if we will see anymore retail music creation applications. As this is such a niche market, it probably makes sense for studios to keep the development costs down to a minimum and release them via download services. Still, this is excellent news for people interested in this sort of thing.



TrevorTheChan said:

It's not clear whether the North American version will get an update or not, but we have emailed SoftEgg Enterprises so stay tuned to Nintendo Life.



kurtasbestos said:

Man, they're really trying hard to convince people that theirs is the best audio software for DS. I'll give them some credit because it is indeed a very impressive tool... but it sure is ugly to look at and hard to use. I would be very interested in checking out the updated version, though.



SoftEgg said:

It's not that hard! You tap the spots on the grid, and drum beats come out! If you wanted to do that in Rytmik, you'd have to build each drum's track separately without being able to see the other tracks. How would that be easier? And you have to do it in chunks of 4 tracks for some unknown reason...
Plus, we have all the note tracks on the same screen, so you can make sure they line up on the right beats. Again, the other programs make that really complicated.
The reason the graphics are so basic is because I have used all of the available characters to render the drum and chord names that appear as tiny text. This gives us a lot more info on the screen, but there are no characters or space left for making it pretty. Now, since the purpose of the program is to make music, I am unwilling to sacrifice program capability just to make it pretty
Honestly, watch the videos and then give it a shot. You'll find that it is actually easier AND more capable than any other music program on the DSi. In fact, it's actually got some features that even the big pro packages don't have, because it is all about being able to perform live with it.
Oh, let's not forget. I've got the only program that actually lets you adjust your sounds. The only other program that does that on the DSi is Korg DS-10+, and that is only 4 synth notes at a time, not nearly as good sequencing, soloing, and no pattern mode at all. It cost 5x as much and is about equally as ugly.
Really, I've tried very hard to make the most capable music product on the Nintendo DSi. The other programs out there are just toys in comparison.
Try it. You'll see.




yodude said:

Dear SoftEgg (Tim), Yes I agree with you I think yours is the most robust and easiest to pick up music application for the DS/DSi after many months of owning all 3 music programs.
If us NA's wanted a copy of the latest version, will there be away to get that update in the future?



SoftEgg said:

I don't want to spill the beans until I have Nintendo approval for it, but I have a plan to make sure that everyone who buys the presently available version of Rhythm Core Alpha in the Americas will be able to get an even more enhanced version than even the EU version as a freebie (or as close as they will let me). But Nintendo hasn't seen or approved this plan yet, so it is not yet official.

Rest assured, I intend to reward my loyal users!


P.S. I am going to be at MagFest in Alexandria, Virginia this Thursday-Sunday showing Rhythm Core Alpha to everybody, and if anybody asks I'd be glad to show off some of the new features. (Rest assured, I do all my normal demos with the current Americas release, though!)

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