With last weekend's Nintendo World 2011 event comes fresh new details on several anticipated 3DS titles, one of which is Super Street Fighter IV: 3D Edition from Capcom.

We've previously reported on the game featuring an action figure collection mode which utilises the 3DS's StreetPass feature whilst in sleep mode, and the Arcade Standby mode where gamers in proximity can challenge each other, both of which are shown in the latest Japanese trailer. Incidentally, a code for a golden Chun-Li figure has been given out as "zAAkcHVbHk".

However, there are a couple of new nuggets of information which can be gleaned from the trailer too. The game will feature at least 35 characters to choose from, equaling that of the PS3 and Xbox 360 versions. There's also a spectator mode where up to six players can watch others battle it out via a "Channel Live" feature. A report by AndriaSang mentions some sort of Download Play, where gamers who download the game can share it with others, which doesn't sound too dissimilar to two separate DS features.

Below is the full 30-minute live presentation, with talking points that include the touchscreen controls, and alternative costumes for the characters. It is, however, in Japanese, so unless you understand the language, just look at the pretty footage.

[via nintendo3dsblog.com]