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Fan-Made Petition to Bring Last Story Westward Gains Steam

Posted by James Newton

6,800 signatures and growing

The other day we brought you news that Nintendo has no plans to bring Last Story Westward, and naturally it gave rise to plenty of ire amongst Wii gamers.

Keen to do something about it, one fan created a petition to bring the game to North America and Europe, and it's already gained close to 7,000 signatures.

If you want to lend your support to the petition, you can sign it here and cross your fingers that someone high-up takes notice.

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Archy said:

I just wonder if it's worth the effort, are they doing this just because the game has shiny graphics or is there something special about it?



grenworthshero said:

YES. I'm signing this NOW. Even if it doesn't do anything, at least I tried, and it takes 30 seconds.



Link-Hero said:

Signed it. Hope it does actually make Nintendo decide to bring it out to other countries. The Wii needs more games like this.



Noire said:

Ehh, usually I could care less about petitions (except the one for Moogle Mystery Dungeon, omg), but... I'll sign it. I have no idea why, but I will.



JimLad said:

Not really my thing, but there are many who will appreciate the support.



sykotek said:

I'm not gonna sign any petitions, its not worth my time. It is not because I don't want it released, but I've recently learned petitioning for signatures is a waste of time and will inevitably end in disappointment. If they release it, they'll get my money, if they don't then I'll spend it on something else.



theblackdragon said:

it's at 6939 now. I don't think a petition is necessary, but it only took two seconds to e-sign the thing, so whatev'. :3



Pod said:

I am not signing this petition, even if I desire the game.
Not only is it very vague, poorly written, and rather impolite, it also presents a misspelling of the production studio's name (i.e. "Mistawalker")

Count me out.



Hardy83 said:

These are pointless. Everone knows Nintendo doesn't care what fans want, they do what's financially smart. I mean they are a business, they are suppose to do it that way, and they are good at it.

Sucks, but that's how it is.



HolyMackerel said:

Signed it. Doesn't matter if it's poorly written or whatever, if it does gather enough steam to land on Mistwalker's doorstep then everyone benefits. If not, there's no loss in signing it.



madgear said:

Oh it will come out anyway. These things take time to translate and it's not even released in Japan yet. It might be a flop for a start - get bad reviews, low sales etc. They have to take these things into account before announcing it for other countries. I think it's a little early to be starting petitions.

Look at Tatsunoko Vs Capcom for a start - we thought it would never be released out of Japan but it did. Just took a bit of time and that's a way more obscure title than Last Story. Be patient - it will come.




Signed because I'm sick of the EU Wii owners getting the rough end of the stick wrt games releases in general - on nintendo consoles.



ElFlorro said:

Signed of course!!! Europe is in desperate need of Wii RPGs! If the Wii3D isn't going to come out this year with new RPGs, what else should I play?



Crystalking18 said:

Signed. When a game by the maker of Final Fantasy is coming out, but not in America, then I will get sad. I honestly am not a fan of the graphics, but more so by the story and music of the game



Hawker said:

<---7239, Now if we could just start one for getting more of the Tales series here.



alLabouTandroiD said:

Thanks for the link ! I signed the petition although i'm not very optimistic it will change the big N's mind.
In the end i think Nintendo should try another distribution model for these niché-games.
You could declare that you will pay the game in advance or preorder it. If there are enough people doing this they wouldn't have to worry about the costs much and could bring the game over to western markets without bigger problems.



VoltSlash said:

Fortunately the graphics argument is always void with the Wii since people who buy it, if they really wanted graphics, they'd have gotten a 360 os P$3.

On-topic: Signed. Might stir something up. I'll be pissed if it does go to the USA and not Europe, though.



DarkTitanII said:

Hello, I’m the Founder of the petition, Michele Larini. I’d like to notice you the important events of these days. First We reach an important achievement, the 7000 signs, a great result in less than a week. And this has been possible only with your help, thank you^^ Second I report you that now, Mr Sakaguchi and the Mistwalker know the petition and our support to him, to the company and to the game. This is the proof of Sakaguchi sama on twitter and there is another from the mistwalker (Gianluca Gus I a man who still work with me for the petition)
Third I notice you that also with your help many video games website report the news. Only for quoting some website, many of the most important website in Italy, Spain and German. And now gonintendo, vg247, some important blog like destructoid and many more. Now we want reach the achievement of publishing the petition on IGN and more important international website. Fourth we reach each place in the world: Germany, Spain, UK, France, Portugal, US, Greece, Russia and Arabian Countries, Australia, Brazil, Mexico, ecc… Then I ask you some more things to help us again: Sign the petition, if you didn’t do it first, publish again and everywhere you can the petition and contact to sign it everyone you know and try to contact website for the publication of the petition link. I remind that this is the link of the petition:
And I remind also the link where you can find all the place where the petition is published:
And, if you want spread this message.



Stine said:

Signed. This game looks great, and the Wii needs more RPGs. And I'm sick of games only being released in one region when there are thousands of people who would gladly buy it in the other regions.



Spoony_Tech said:

I'm signing. The Wii has had to few good rpgs! However we don't even know if this game will be that good. Looks aren't everything.



TingLz said:

Unfortunately it's gonna take a lot more than 7500 people for a game to have big sales



bro2dragons said:

I just signed as Number 7500. Not that it will do anything, but that sounds like a decent number.

I'm pretty well convinced this is coming over, anyway, though, given all the extraordinarily heavy press it's gotten over here.



Aronos said:

I signed. It really takes no time at all and it helps the gaming community overall. I wish all games were released everywhere, so people all over have a fair chance to play what they want.
If I knew about a petition for One Piece Unlimited Cruise to come out in the US, I would've signed that too. I'll never get over those games not being released.



Objection said:

Idk if these do anything but I hope that it catches NOA's attention a little. It's now at over 7,640. (I signed)



WarioFan63 said:

I'm gonna laugh if this gets announced on Wednesday and that was when they were planning to announce it the entire time.

I'm gonna sigh if people think this petition is why they announced it.



sykotek said:

@accc: I'd buy it on day one if it is released, but signing a petition is an absolute waste of time, its more productive to discuss it and to educate others on the futility of it all.

Petitions aren't an accurate barometer of critical period sales, it'll most likely flop. Besides, as is standard with these types of things, there are too many fakes or duplicate entries.

Anyways, if Mistwalker already knows about the petition and are still unsure about releasing it, a few thousand fake signatures aren't gonna change their collective minds.

There are lots of costs to consider in the localization of such a title and its not like they're backed financially by JRPG-hungry Microsoft this time around.

TL;DR: I'm not gonna bother signing, nor are my family or pets or deceased ancestors. Petitions = useless, discussion because of petition on the other hand...



astarisborn94 said:

I signed at #7675. Summary of thought; not looking forward to this year for the Wii, localizing this game would help make the year better for everyone. Will also buy the game new.

Usually, I consider petitions useless due to the nature of most of them, but considering that I can see the use of this, I'll be willing to make an exception for this one.



SamIAm69 said:

I signed this the other day, I was like 600 and something. I've tried posting it other places.



The_Fox said:

So, 7,000+ have signed it? That probably means 50 or so people have been busy spamming the petition, which is why these things are an absolute waste of time.



FluttershyGuy said:

I'm going to sign it, just in case. But, it seems Nintendo and most everyone else releases games based on what they want to release, regardless of demand. Not getting on the Earthbound bandwagon. I'm pretty much indifferent about it's release. But, it was mentioned in one Nintendo Power issue that it was the most-wanted VC game. This was some time ago. And yet, it's not been released yet. Nintendo's going to do what Nintendo wants to do. Sometimes it'll coincide with what fans want them to do, sometimes it won't.



Gamesake said:

I signed it a week ago but I'm not convinced petitions really help. I remember hearing about one floating around for Seiken Densetsu 3.



Token_Girl said:


The idea is that if there is enough demand for the game represented on the petition to make it clear to Nintendo that the game would be a financial success in the west, Nintendo would bring it over. What that magical number would be, I don't know.



kkslider5552000 said:

Yeah, if the SMRPG remake/sequel petitions didn't work (we only got a VC version LOOOONG after it was forgotten about), if we still haven't gotten more Earthbound games again in America, do you honestly believe this will matter?



zionich said:


True a petition might not really do anything but raise awareness, but If a creator of a game is that hessitant to release a game when there is demand, to me, that speaks more about the quality of there product. Or at least how they percive it.



timp29 said:

8143rd person on the bandwagon. Will probably never play this game lol.



nintendo87 said:

i think theses things do help anyone remember Tatsunoko vs.Capcom that was not commin to the NA but the people voices where heard



Azikira said:

Signed. Almost 10,000 people on board, NIIICE. We may have a chance at this yet



Machu said:

I never sign petitions, they seem silly. I signed this one though, cos I really really want that game and have to at least try.



wes008 said:

This MUST happen, peoples! Maybe if it break 10,000 they'll do it (it's close!)



retro_player_22 said:

Nintendo should rename the Wii, the Petitioning videogame console since in more cases than one, there's always a lot of petition to do in order to get Nintendo or game developers who created games for the Wii to get to release their title here.



Pod said:

They not at all saying Kirby might be to blame. He's just using the opportunity to mention that Nintendo DOES have games coming out.

All he said about Last Story was that for the game to be a viable release in Europe, they'd have to release it in a number of languages, which may or may not be feasible.

Anyway, I caved in and signed it. It's over eleven thousand now!

Do give the Xenoblade petitions a chance as well, though:

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