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European 3DS Launch Line-up Close to Being Finalised

Posted by Trevor Chan

To be revealed a lot sooner than the Japanese launch

Seven weeks prior to the upcoming Japanese launch of the 3DS, Nintendo was in a position where it officially revealed the launch titles that will be released in conjunction with the console. Whilst Nintendo of Europe isn't quite ready to announce what titles will be available on 25th March, the company is confident the final line-up will be unveiled within the next week or so.

Speaking to CVG, Nintendo UK General Manager David Tarnton spoke about how close Nintendo is to finalising what games consumers will be able to choose from when they buy the 3DS system at launch:

We've still got to nail down the exact titles, because one of the big things when we look at a global launch - all of the markets in the space of four weeks - is trying to get a whole range of titles ready for launch... So we're pretty close. In the next week or so we'll be able to say "these are the exact launch titles." We're close but not quite ready to get exact titles.

When asked if Nintendo was giving itself enough time to perhaps include another big title in the mix, Yarnton said:

It's a combination of looking at third-party as well. We're launching with more titles than we probably ever have and it's a matter of trying to get that breadth but also being fair to everyone.

Incidentally, when Nintendo of Japan CEO Satoru Iwata spoke to Japanese newspapaer Nihon Keizai Shimbun earlier this month (as translated by AndriaSang), he expressed his feelings on why momentum eventually dropped for the Wii and DS consoles, and the steps Nintendo will be taking with the upcoming 3DS:

It's important that you be able to supply software with no pause... With the DS and Wii, following the titles that were released at launch, the momentum dropped when there was a gap in software releases. We're making plans so that this type of thing won't happen.

Will this "spreading out" of 3DS titles have an effect on how many first-party games we'll see on the European launch? Let's hope there will be more than there will be at the Japanese launch. Although if choice is going to be limited, we could always see what's available on the Nintendo eShop.


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Cipher said:

I heard NOE was due to announce the launch list this week, so... fingers crossed. At least they can't leave it three-and-a-half months like NCL did in Japan.



Stuffgamer1 said:

"We're launching with more titles than we probably ever have..."

Yeah, right! A web search showed that the GameCube launched in Europe with a whopping TWENTY games! There's no WAY the 3DS is going to have that many a mere month after it launches in Japan with only eight!

EDIT: Also, the Wii had twenty-THREE, plus sixteen VC games. And seventeen for the DS. Seriously, did this guy think this statement through AT ALL?



Trumpet-Hero said:

what's bad is that B&W comes out on the 6th so i probably won't have money to buy a new 3DS game right after it comes out D:



TromaDogg said:

I'm hoping for either Kid Icarus or Pilotwings Resort (got both of those preordered) but I'm guessing they'll most likly be delayed. Super Street Fighter 4 should be a dead cert at least....was going to pick that up at some point anyway. Will be interesting to see if the download service for GB/GBA games launches on the same day and how many games are on it if it does....



Token_Girl said:

If you never got the DSi, all of DSiWare is a launch title for you at least. There's def. enough there to hold one over for a couple months at least.



RedYoshi999 said:

While its true theres a whole range of DSiWare available to buy Day 1, it certainly wouldn't last months. These games are just small bites that are considerably cheaper than retail games and don't really last longer than a week. (if they have a huge amount of content) And I should know, when I got my DSi I spent all my money on it and couldnt get a game so I turned to DSiWare but it didnt really fulfill me and I needed to get an actual game that I bought the system for.




@Mario Party Fan 999 There's a massive amount of DsiWare to keep anyone happy for quite a while. I have a few dozen DsiWare games are quite a few of them are really good, and very addictive.

I'm pointing to games like Mario vs Donkey Kong, Need for Speed Nitro X, Dark Void Zero, Pop Island, ART Style:PiCTOBiTS, Chronos Twins, Dragon Quest Wars, Advanced Circuits, 10 Second Run, Defense Wars, Let's Golf, Little Red Riding Hood's Zombie BBQ, Mighty Flip Champs, Real Football, Reflect Missile, Starship Patrol, Tetris Party Live and WarioWare:Snapped! These are the better games that I own, some dirt cheap at 200 points, some at 800 points but all are great games. And let's not forget that two of the best games on DsiWare have still to be released outside the US!(Shantae and Cave Story)

So In my opinion there are PLENTY of DsiWare titles to last a few months.



JakobG said:

I preordered my 3DS yesterday, I just hope they'll have a decent lineup.
And even if there wouldn't be anything for me, I'd still have plenty of DS-games to plow through.



Rathe said:

So, maybe I missed something, maybe I'm just dumb...

The 3DS doesn't display ALL games in 3D, right? I thought I saw that somewhere, but maybe I didn't.

If that IS the case, why on Earth would you buy a 3DS and download DSiWare at launch? I'd want to show off that amazing 3D action.



thebluelight1 said:

@Rathe: I've had my original DS since 2004 and never upgraded, I was tempted to get a DSi for DSiWare but thought it would be cheaper to just wait for a that's why you'd buy DSi games at launch, that and the launch day games will probably suck, going to have to wait for Ocarina, Snake Eater, Kid Icarus etc.

And of course not all games are in 3D...



Rathe said:

Maybe I'm just crazy for wanting nothing to do with a 2D game for the first year of me owning a 3D system.



J-Forest-Esq said:

I'll be happy with just Paper Mario (although that seems like a long shot), I've still got plenty of DS games to play.



LuWiiGi said:

Well I don't mind what comes out on launch day 'cos I won't be getting a 3DS until June at the earliest, and by then most of the anticipated games will be out.



Luffymcduck said:

Paper Mario or Mario Kart and I´ll be be happy. If not then at least give us Kid Icarus.




According to GAME UK, the UK launch games on 25/3/2011 will be:

Nintendogs and Cats 3D: Bulldog

Nintendogs and Cats 3D: Golden Retriever

Super Street Fighter IV: 3D Edition

Pro Evolution Soccer 3D

Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon: Shadow Wars

Super Monkey Ball 3D

Asphalt 3D


Rabbids 3D

Combat of the Giants 3D



zeldafan42 said:

All I need when it comes out is
1.Paper Mario
2. Zelda!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (hence username!)
3. VC shop points

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