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Cross Everything and This Monster Hunter 3DS Rumour May Come True

Posted by James Newton

Wait and see

Monster Hunter's spiritual home is on the PSP, where its many incarnations have sold countless millions in Japan, and far fewer copies elsewhere in the world. Last year saw its first appearance on a Nintendo console with the formidable Monster Hunter 3 (~Tri), a critical success, and since the revelation of the 3DS fans of the series have been insisting Capcom bring the series to Nintendo's next portable.

Ryuji Tsujimoto, the game's producer, has heard these cries; he may even want to help out, if this cryptic statement is to be believed:

The 3DS is releasing, too, so I think the right time to switch [Monster Hunter] to new hardware is coming as well.

Bear in mind that Sony is expected to release a successor to the PSP in 2011, so Tsujimoto could be referring to this, or another form of hardware altogether. Take this with a pretty big pinch of salt and continue to dream of what could be.


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Raylax said:

I wasn't a huge fan of the Wii version. It hooked me for a while, but never held me there. However, handheld monster hunting on the go might be right up my street. I'll keep an eye on this one.



CHOVI3 said:

It looks like it's comming to the 3DS unless the new PSP really innovates (which I highly doubt)



Ecto-1 said:

Sounds great. If it is released on 3DS, I may pick one up sooner than I originally had planned to.



MERG said:

If this is true I'll be all over this like white on rice!



erv said:

hmm... I love tri, now how many more reasons to buy a 3ds I'll never play will pop up? I'm tempted!



Chris720 said:

Monsters in 3D... looks like they're about to bite your face off... how can this NOT be awesome?! crosses everything and prays to Jeebus



zionich said:

Lets just hope if the speculation is true, that it is announced before I have a chance to buy freedom 3 on the PsP........ course if theres a big enough gap in releases I still probably would.



Fuzzy said:

I can see nintendo really pushing for this. Wouldn't suprise me if it was coming to japan in a years time...then to the west a year later



GammaGames said:

I just got tri though... i hope theres a way to import an existing hunter (if it even is made)



XCWarrior said:

If this comes true, this will be what makes me buy a 3DS. MH3 was my first game in the series and I'm super addicted. Take that mobile and I may not need another game anymore.



triforceofcourage said:

he could mean he is hoping to give the next game to the 3DS' competition, but most likely he means its coming our way. Probly not until 2012ish anyway unless its a 3D port of an already released one.



HipsterDashie said:

Whilst a 3DS Monster Hunter would be fantastic news, I'm afraid to say I'm not a big fan of the franchise myself, having played Tri.



Colors said:

words cannot express the excitement that is building up inside of my liver.



J-Forest-Esq said:

Tri was alright. I played it at a friends house but it didn't entice me enough to buy it for myself. I can see a portable version appealing more though, for some reason.



Ret said:

Dunno, I thought the Wii version was pretty crap. It was very restrictive and repetative.



wes008 said:

I'd be there at the midnight launch
@Ret Open your eyes, man. (I respect you for the Meat Boy avatar though. Do you have the Steam version?)



Retrogamer88 said:

this is amazing and i dont see why capcom wouldnt make this game for 3DS,i just hope it has more RPG elements in the gameplay and less repetative missions and collecting items ect



zionich said:

Now that Capcom has announced its getting ported to NGP, im still crossing everything this isnt what was ment.

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