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Contents of 3DS Box Revealed

Posted by Zach Kaplan

Charging cradle and 2GB SD card included

Everyone loves packaging, and Gizmodo has just revealed what's inside that of the 3DS.

As well as the system, the box will hold a charging cradle, AC adaptor, 10cm touch pen, 2GB SD card, six augmented reality cards and instruction booklets, screen shots of which were earlier posted by Famitsu. They also showed off a shot of the 3DS menu with its exciting top and bottom rows. And Nintendo has commented that the charger cord is of normal charger cord length.

The Big N has yet to reveal whether the cradle will charge by induction or if it's just a stylish stand, but hopefully we'll find out soon – perhaps when we preview the 3DS on 19th January. Meanwhile, the included cards interact with pre-installed augmented reality software.


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zezhyrule said:

Only 2GB? Come on Nintendo, do you want it to actually hold games? I'd think at least 4GB as lowest. I imagine 3D pics will take up more space than 2D, and even my old DSi 2GB SD card is 3/4 full, and there are no games on it! D:



warioswoods said:

It doesn't look like an induction charger, for it wouldn't likely need the snap-in and locking mechanism that seems to be pictured. Also, I'll venture a guess that the main charger cord must be plugged into the cradle, so that's sort of an either-or, rather than two different charging devices which plug into the wall.



ToastyYogurt said:

@Crystalking18: Pack in game? Nobody ever said the 3DS came with a pack in game. Shouldn't those 6 Augmented Reality Cards be enough of a pack in game?

The charger looks like that for a DSi. If so, the 3DS is following the footsteps on the original DS in more ways than one (You know, as in using the charger from the console before it, not to mention the fact that it's a new innovating console).



TingLz said:

@zez: First of all, what else is taking up that SD card space?

Secondly, SD cards are cheap anyway



TingLz said:

Also, the 3DS may hold games too

Is the charger 1.5 ft long?



Slapshot said:

Well, I hope there is some packaging boxes to keep my 3DS safe on its way to the US from Japan, seeing that the system is region protected, I think I'm going with the import version.

..... instruction manuals would be nice too!



zezhyrule said:

@8: Wait, that's exactly my point, lz. What do you mean? D:

Edit: Oh, and the SD card is all Flipnotes, Pictures/Art Academy drawings, and Music (not much though)
And yeah, SD cards are cheap, but it seems a waste to include such a small one.



NintyMan said:

Cool, the charger cord is exactly like the DSi XL one. Not only that, but the 3DS menu is top and bottom. There shouldn't be very much fear about running out of space now. My only question is how those augmented reality cards would work without a game. Do you just look at the cool augmented reality content hidden inside them?



shinesprite said:

@13 If so, than its the same as the original DSi too. Which means I already have an extra power cable (for travel) and a car charger which I've never used! All of a sudden, the small battery life doesn't seem to matter.



TingLz said:

@zez: Well they haven't announced how much memory the 3DS itself will have, so you gotta factor that in as well



ianmage1 said:

look at the top screen of the menu shot. It looks like the channels will rotate in a 3D circle. This is exactly as I hoped the menu would look.



NintyMan said:

@16: You're right, it really is in a circle. Pretty neat. It might not be extra space, but I think the 3DS menu has enough channels as it is.



Megumi said:

I wanna know the deal with the cradle...I mean, if we have the cord adapter thingamajig, then...what's the point of the cradle, gah! xD



V8_Ninja said:

Considering what comes in the package, $300 wouldn't seem too bad of a price point...



zezhyrule said:

@19: Easier than plugging in I assume. Also looks better. What I'm wondering is if it's not an induction charger, where does the 3DS plug into to charge?

@20: So a couple pieces of paper and a 2gb SD card is worth much to you?



Megumi said:

An SD card too, well...I already have an 8GB for my DSi, but whatever, lol.



skywake said:

This thing is going to cost ~$350AU and you can get 2GB SD cards for ~$8, 4GB for ~$15, 8GB for ~$25 and 16GB for ~$40AU. Is this really that much of a problem? If space is that much of an issue get another SD card! If you are anything like me you would definitely find a use for a spare 2GB card.



Slapshot said:

In Japan the 3DS is 25,000yen so that is right at $310.

I expect a US release to be $299, which has been my thoughts since the first specs of the system. Cool, powerful toys don't come cheap!



Robo-goose said:

And here I was thinking that we'd have to buy the AC adapter. I doubted you, Nintendo.



komicturtle said:

For those who forgot or didn't know- that cradle is for 'enhancing' download speeds when the 3DS is charging. Im sure the AC Charger plugs into the cradle and you just place the 3DS snugly on the cradle and there you go. Of course, im sure the option of just plugging the ac adapter directly to the 3DS is 'there'.

And I beleive the same like a few- the AC adapter looks like the DSi's. Which is sweet.



Blue_Cat said:

What would be really neat is if the cradle held it's own charge- so it was essentially another battery pack. That doesn't seem likely, but hey, it would be cool!



TingLz said:

@zez: Think of the SD card as a bonus. The 3DS is supposed to be a beast of a handheld



Token_Girl said:


You have to figure a good chunk of gamers won't use the online store at all. Even more won't have a need to put music or many pictures on there either - that'll be what their smartphone/ipod/camera, etc will be for. Then you have the chunk downloading Tetris Party and Mario Land and..basically nothing else. There's a rumored 1.5 GB of internal memory which would be more than enough for those gamers. A 2 GB SD card wouldn't fill up all that quickly either, even if Nintendo does significantly up the file size limit.

If yours does fill up, you can always buy a larger one for cheap. This strikes the balance of encouraging people to use the online store with as little expense as possible, since many people won't need more than that.



Megumi said:

Honestly...what if the cradle has a battery itself, and can act as extra battery time for your 3DS? (course, it may be uncomfortable carrying the cradle when playing a game...dunno, just a random thought. xD



skywake said:

@zezhyrule I thought my point was pretty clear. Even with really conservative estimates the 3DS is going to cost almost 10x more than even a 16GB SD card. If you are THAT annoyed about only having a 2GB SD card then buy a bigger one. If you can afford the 3DS then a bigger SD card is hardly going to break the bank.



skywake said:

oh, and there is a good chance there will be 1TB+ cards floating around by the time most people have filled the 2GB card. They'll cost an arm and a leg but they will exist. You can also expect 32 and 64GB cards to cost about the same amount as 8 and 16GB cards do now in the next year or so..... Food for thought.



Warioware said:

Dang, that charger's never going to work in my UK socket. Couldn't resist, I'll go now.....



HolyMackerel said:

@zez Isn't it obvious? The included SD card is there to clue people in and get them started with the online store. That was one of the failings of the Wii and the DSi. If someone downloads more than 2GB worth of apps then they'll know they can buy a bigger SD card.

Besides, if a larger capacity SD card was included then the retail price of the 3DS would increase even more. You don't actually want that, do you?



Phobos said:

Saw the contents quite a while ago, but it's still awesome to see 'em over and over again.



Kirk said:

Does having the charging cradle mean we won't be able to play the 3DS when it's plugged in and charging (be it for actual charging purposes or just so you are not using the battery directly)?

That would seriously be a big negative imo.



astarisborn94 said:

Not sure why people are taking this as confirmation that the 3DS will only be 2 GB, that's just how much additional memory you can save. Which IMO, is a good thing.

@Kirk: Meh, I don't have a problem not playing the game while the 3DS is charging. Not like I did that with my DS or DSi either.



HeroOfTime007 said:

But what class is the SDcard? If it is class 2 then its a clear sign we wont be putting games on it, or at least loading directly from it.



zezhyrule said:

Right that makes sense @Token and @HMack. Especially since now, like tbd said, we can play games straight from the SD card.

Now I just need to hope the SD card integration is nothing like on the Wii... I can't stand that separate menu :3



shinesprite said:

@48 Hopefully, they'll be on the same menu, but with a different colored border, indicating that they are on the SD card.

I also hope that the menu (eg. the background) is customizable.



MitchVogel said:

The home screen looks amazing, but how would you navigate both screens? Maybe you navigate the bottom screen with the d-pad and the top screen with the analog slider. It looks like the top screen will be in 3D and rotates out towards you.



shinesprite said:

@53 Here my conclusions from watching a few videos(skip to around 1:35) of the menu.
On the menu, the top screen is displays the game title and publisher in a brief animation, similar to the animations which play when selecting a Wii channel. If no App/the cartridge app but no game inserted is currently selected, the apps which are currently running (remember multitasking) revolve on the top screen. Also, it appears that the menu can be set to either single or dual lines (2nd and 3rd options on the touchscreen toolbar).

The first option of the toolbar and slider-controlled volume disturbs me. I really like being able to use Select + volume buttons shortcut on my DSi to change brightness. Of course, if you can return to the menu without quitting what you're doing, I guess its okay.



triforceofcourage said:

i was kinda exited to be able to listen to tunes on my dsi, but they need to be in AAC format.
So i looked it up and aparently i needed to buy an AAC music converter! Hopefuly the 3DS can just play normal formatting of music.
Wonder what all the different pre installed channels are.



shinesprite said:

@57 Triforce, any of the mods/admins on this site would've told you to use iTunes (its free).

The DSi can play ".aac", ".m4a", and I believe ".mp4 files" (just like the Wii's Photo Channel).



Ecto-1 said:

Is anyone else noticing the wireless signal indicator in the upper left corner of the top screen in the picture of the system? Why would you need to know your wireless signal strength on the system menu?



MeloMan said:

I think it's just whatever network you're connected to, and I think the Japanese words next to it is the network you're connected to. Heaven knows if the 3DS could just connect to phone towers like regular cell phones then that "would" be awesome, but would also explain a relatively low battery life. One day maybe, who knows...

What I wanna know is where the microphone is on the 3DS? I see the interior camera at the extreme top, but the 3DS will have a microphone, right? Or is that a microphone at the top and there's no interior camera?



Capt_N said:

@triforceofcourage: The current Realplayer comes w/ a converter that supports the formats you mentioned.

I think the sd card is simply to encourage online purchasing, like HolyMackerel mentioned.



Ecto-1 said:

That makes sense I guess.

By the way there is a mic. It is located about where the mic was on the original DS (just below the lower screen to the right), but it has a much smaller opening (more like the openings on the DSi). If you look at the above picture, you will see a gap in the glossy shine along the raised edge below the start button. That is the the opening for the mic. The interior camera is directly above the top screen.



rockman0 said:

Heh, I'll just use the 8GB SD cards that I have lying around from the countless smartphones that I've gone through.



Jr-Joe said:

charging cradle "set it and forget it" lol
the cradle and the mp3 playback did it for me.

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