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Boom Boom Squaries Goes Bang on January 28th

Posted by James Newton

200 Points for animal puzzler

Gamelion's Boom Boom Squaries is an off-shoot of its Furry Legends series, heading to DSiWare in Europe on January 28th.

An animal-themed puzzler, your 200 Points net you four gameplay modes, with 26 classic mode levels and 40 challenges to pit your wits against. Rather than matching objects you must blow up Squaries with Furries, which despite sounding like something that would get you arrested in most countries is actually quite safe and legal.

Boom Boom Squaries is out in Europe on January 28th for 200 Points. Wondering about Furry Legends: Beginnings, Gamelion's old-school 2D platformer for DSiWare? The team is "making good progress", we're told.

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shinesprite said:

Could be good.

I really enjoyed Robot Rescue, so I'm all for cheap puzzlers with tons of content!



Bassman_Q said:

Wouldn't mind spilling in 200 points for this if its decent. Looks pretty solid from the screenshots.

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