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Yes, People Really Did Buy Donkey Kong Country Returns with Bananas

Posted by James Newton

Photographic proof!

Remember the news that Donkey Kong Country Returns would cost bananas for speedy UK gamers? If you thought it was just a marketing stunt, well, you were right, but it clearly worked as plenty of gamers turned out to swap a bunch of ripe ones for the ape's latest title.

Despite the freezing cold weather currently gripping the UK there were eager beavers lined up outside Game Oxford Street this morning, with 20 lucky punters walking away with a copy of the game having paid for them in bananas. Some even came dressed in suitable simian costumes to stave off the cold or, perhaps, to frighten anyone else thinking of buying one of this year's best Wii games with a cheap bunch of fruit.


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V8_Ninja said:

Michael Cera lives near Game Oxford Street WHAT?!?!

EDIT: Seriously? Am I the only one seeing the resemblance of the banana-wielding UK citizen to Michael Cera? Please don't tell me I'm insane.



NintyMan said:

Well, the shop couldn't stash all those bananas in a bank, so maybe they put them all in a banana horde somewhere.



TKOWL said:

What about Coconuts? My African Swallows could deliver 'em in a heartbeat!



SwerdMurd said:

And thus concludes the only joy anyone will ever get from Monty Python and the Holy Grail



SuperLink said:

Well, now that gets me to thinking, with a stunt like this, maybe they'll do this for other games: gold coins for Mario, rings for Sonic, rupees for Zelda (I don't know how you'd get rupees though), and I don't know what you'd do for Pokémon, since the poké-dollars don't really exist.....unless you use the money from the Pokémon Monopoly game. Hmmm...
Excellent Monty Python reference by the way



Traxx said:

Only 3 bananas? I thought you had to come up with a real bunch of bananas, but this is cheap. I buy at least twice as many in a week. I'm in good health though



Azx619 said:

They gave it out to everyone with bananas, I know because I was the last one.



Ahiru77 said:

1. ONM: People buy Donkey Kong Returns with bananas. (Must be some joke...)
2. Nintendolife: Yes, people really did buy DKR with bananas!! (Wait....what ?!)
These sites are such a good follow up to eachother. xD



California_Jake said:

Uh... I can just use cold hard cash. Not bananas. Besides, I may have eaten all the bananas by the time I get to the game store.



Bass_X0 said:

So do I have to find monkey's balls to pay for the next Super Monkey Ball?



StarDust4Ever said:

@110percentful: Yeah, but unlike bananas, you can store cash in a bank/ safe with the confidence that it won't be rotten when you go to withdraw it

Besides, printing money doesn't kill trees, as bills are made from a specially formulated rag paper that does not disintegrate in water the way wood-pulp paper does. I'm not sure exactly what fibers they use though.



Boman said:

How about buying the next Wario / Wario Ware game with garlic cloves?!!!



rocketknightuk said:

lol I rang up gamestation on december 3rd if I can get DKCR if I bring in 10 bunch of bananas.... it didn't work but when I bought the game they let me take the special display case that wasn't meant to come with the actual game and the huge stand up advertisements to lol.

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