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Wii Balance Board Gets its First Horror Title Next Year

Posted by James Newton

From Marvelous Entertainment, surprisingly

Fitness, physiotherapy, monkeys: that's largely the array of gaming styles you can play with the Wii Balance Board, but Marvelous Entertainment is about to introduce the horror genre to the board's repertoire with next year's Ikenie no Yoru, or Night of the Sacrifice.

Players will be using the Wii Remote like a flashlight to explore a spooky abandoned mansion, although the Balance Board's applications haven't yet been revealed. The trailer below also reveals an intriguing Feel the Magic-style graphical effect for certain characters, making them stand out against the typically grimy, gloomy locales.

Hopefully Ikenie no Yoru will make its way to the West as you can never have enough horror games, can you?

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WaveGhoul said:

Looks pretty ineresting, and I'm dieing for a new solid Wii horror experience....But seriously, the long haired asian ghost thing has been played out to death, and nobody has done it better than the Ju-on/The Grudge films. Anyways Marvelous Entertainment? What exactly have they done?



Pastry said:

Sounds a bit like Luigi's Mansion. Maybe you stomp on the Balance Board to make dust rain down on ghosts. Hmm...



Oregano said:

'Anyways Marvelous Entertainment? What exactly have they done?'

Marvelous are responsible for Harvest Moon, Rune Factory, Little King's Story, Arc Rise Fantasia, No More Heroes, Muramasa and Valhalla Knights... and that's just on the Wii!



Sylverstone said:

At first, a "What the Hell" ran through my head.

Seeing that it's Marvelous Entertainment, I had a sigh of relief. Seems interesting.



FonistofCruxis said:

I don't really like the project rub art style used for some of the characters, it doesn't look right in a game like this but this could still be a pretty good game. I wonder how the balance board will be used?



XCWarrior said:

I'll keep my eye on it. Glad someone wants to use the balance board for something new.



SKTTR said:

Yeah, finally. I waited too long for this: the first actual hardcore game for the Wii Balance Board.
This is the game I bought the Wii Balance Board for.



DiggerandIndy said:

Who needs a Balance Board? All I need is a shotgun, the Vampire Killer, and some holy water and I'll tear out the place in a heartbeat!



longtimegamer said:

I agree. You (I definately) can never have too many horror games.
I think they'll make you use the board to walk around for one (or in the case of some creepy thing coming for you, RUN.), at least. Of course if something grabbed your leg maybe you could try to shake it off (The thing grabbing you.....not your leg. ).



WaveGhoul said:


Than color me interested! And like someone pointed out, I too don't really like that project rub Art style for some of the characters as it doesn't fit with the game. But it's somewhat creative and makes the game stand out even more. But the way I see not exactly in a good way, takes that horror element right out the window and anime-fies it.

But who knows, this game could turn out to be a gem! And it may be the reason to get a balance board aside from Wii Fit Plus.

Really though, I'm dieing for a first person survival-horror hyrbid on the Wii. With tons of interactive motion controlled and immersive puzzles, the works! Silent Hill was a little fun one although I disliked the Nightmares and the fact that it just wasn't scary at least for me anyways. But the awesome IR flash light controls and interactive(yet super simplifed) puzzles were a total treat! I love that kind of stuff. But Zack & Wiki did it best!



TheBaconator said:

I think the Rub-Rabbit type characters are scarier then the normal human-monster looking ones.



Wolfenstein83 said:

No James, I cannot have enough horror games.
Especially ones that are as cool as this one seems to be.



EdEN said:

Very, very interesting. Hope we get it localized over here. Running away from ghosts is a great way to loose weight!



JimLad said:

There needs to be more games that use the balance board for walking/running. Taking us closer to virtual reality. :]



Wolfenstein83 said:

@longtimegamer: Oh, how nice of you to notice!
Actually the old Friday The 13th game was pretty cheesy, if you remember?
But I still enjoyed it.
More horror games, now!



Gameday said:

Thats whats up , seriously where are all the freakish horror/story type games for the Wii...?



MeloMan said:

I see so many inspriations for this game in this... Can't wait to hear more on how the balance board is applied.



MeloMan said:

I see so many inspriations for this game in this... Can't wait to hear more on how the balance board is applied.



ogo79 said:

if this comes to usa ill get it for my girlfriend depending on the reviews...ill wait for more news of this to develop



Demonic_St33V said:

I would imagine the balance board would be tied to some sort of fear system. Example: Get startled and loose your balance? In-game character stumbles. Startled bad enough you step off the board? BAM! Face-plant your character into the dirt.

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