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Smash Bros. Game Boy Demake is Amazing in Action

Posted by James Newton

Demo out this Friday

Have you ever wished that Super Smash Bros. had seen the green light of day on the original Game Boy? Here to prove that wishes can sometimes come true in some form or another is Super Smash Land, a decidedly not-endorsed-by-Nintendo take on the fighting franchise that aims to condense all its mechanics into just two buttons.

Removing the dodge, grab and block moves makes for a very different game indeed, but it's still laudably faithful in many of its features and graphical style. It currently only contains Kirby and Mario, meaning there's a long way to go for completion, but even at this stage it's looking ace.

Although there's no easy way to get take this game and put it in your Game Boy, there is a PC-compatible demo scheduled for release this Friday.

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bboy2970 said:

Is this actually like something that could run on Gameboy or just something made to LOOK like a gameboy game? If its the former, then that is amazing!!!



JebbyDeringer said:

Good question, I'd like to know too. From the sounds of it the game won't be Gameboy compatible.

"Famous for his chiptune covers, musical artist Inverse Phase is the brain behind the audio of Super Smash Land. Not only has he created 8-bit remixes of the famous original SSB soundtrack, but he’s redone every single sound effect to fit the GameBoy’s original hardware."

Also from what I can find he uses samples not software like LSDJ so the music wouldn't be in a gameboy playable format which would mean the gameboy is out.



pixelman said:

It's made in Game Maker 7, so it's essentially impossible to run on a Game Boy.

It's still awesomely fantastic though.



Punny said:

WOW! A Smash Bros. fan game that actually looks interesting! COOL!



Rensch said:

Looks really amazing. This would have been awesome in the Game Boy days.



metakirbyknight said:

Why even bother?
I want a .gb file that I can put on GameBoy. It's possible and I've got the hardware to do it.



WaveBoy said:

Pretty cool, but ditching the guard, dashing and grabbing would basically destroy SSB.



SuperLink said:

Okay, this is amazing. I would buy this in a heartbeat! Classic (looking) and new at the same time! (and as long you have an A button, a B button, and a D-pad, you're good to go!)



LittleIrves said:

Loved that the tree in the background actually blew you away at a few points... Bkgd interaction ftw



Capt_N said:


@WaltzElf: In time...

I have a strong feeling 3DS will be the home of 1 of the next 2 Smash games, if there comes any more.



GammaGames said:

This looks fun, I always get lost with all the stuff flying around, so maybe this simple version is the oen for me Get nintendo's approval and make it on ds NOW!



wiiandthekid said:

counting down till friday. probably the only chance to play before the cease and desist letter's start flying in.



Morpheel said:

i dont think nintendo would get mad at a non-profit fangame... would it?
Yoyogames (game maker's 'make 'n share' page) would be doomed then.



Phobos said:

Game Maker 7? Bleh, I have Game Maker 8. I gotta find this thing on the share page. Then download it, of course.



Hey_Listen- said:

I think they need to make an all-new smash bros. for the 3ds! the possibilities are endless



Vinsanity said:

@abgar: Well, NOA hasn't shut down fan games in the past. Titles like Star Fox Shadows of Lylat, Super Mario Bros. X and New Super Mario Bros 3 have all been allowed to exist, and none of them charge anyone to download and play. As long as Nintendo doesn't lose money, they don't seem to care. Which is something that they should be commended for.

Unlike Squaresoft, who shut down stuff like Chrono Resurrection.



bezerker99 said:

SSB is the most overrated video game ever. I will never sway from that opinion so no need to flame me.



Boyoshi said:

It Completely Takes the magic of SSBB and moves it to a four colored dimension Incredible.

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