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Sega's 3DS Line-Up May Include Some Old IP Revivals

Posted by James Newton

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Sega's been pretty vocal about its 3DS version of Super Monkey Ball, but we know it's not the only game on the way from the house that Sonic built. Sega West's Alan Pritchard spoke to Game Informer about the company's plans, and without even confirming any new titles did enough to send the Nintendo Life Speculate-O-Tron into overdrive.

We have a number of 3DS titles in our line-up for next financial and calendar year. There’s four or five existing franchises, one or two from the old Sega IP locker, and we’re looking at one or two new IPs as well.

Of course the announcement of new series in development for 3DS is a welcome one, but with Sega's heritage there's an enormous number of franchises ripe for a 3DS revival: AfterBurner, Space Harrier and Streets of Rage to name but three.

Share with us your 3DS Sega dreams.


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Popyman said:

I'm more interested in the new IPs! A Platinum Games made one perhaps...?



Bass_X0 said:

I'm less interested in new IPs. New Zaxxon please. Also a new Congo Bongo.



taps said:

Sega, Nintendo, & Camelot team up to bring Shining Force III in to North America in its entirety?



SuperDel said:

Sega shouldn't be allowed to revive old classics. 9 times out if 10 they mess it up and is just a big let down.



Bass_X0 said:

So just be happy with the one time out of ten they don't mess up and ignore the others.



Raylax said:

They need to bring that old blue 'hog character back. Haven't seen him in years



Oregano said:

3D suits the style of HOTD: Overkill perfectly. I can even imagine the over the top narrator.



HolyMackerel said:

The 3DS is pretty much the perfect device for a new Panzer Dragoon game. But I'd really only like it if they got most of the original team together for it since Orta, while great, didn't quite live up to the old entries.



komicturtle said:

No, no no.... It's SPACE CHANNEL 5 people. Least, I hope it's one of the 'old' IPs. Because Ulala needs to come back- or at least a new game from it...



theblackdragon said:

@Ian Daemon: it's been over a decade since Space Channel 5 hit, y'know... how old does something have to be to qualify as 'old', anyway? :3



kurtasbestos said:

Awwww, you tricked me with that Shenmue picture! It seems like Sega has re-released its classics a billion times before on different systems and they either screw them up, or they're just not as exciting as they used to be. I hope to see them bring back some classic IPs that haven't had a chance since their original release. Come on, 3DS Sewer Shark!!!



Robo-goose said:

Phantasy Star Online. Only if it's like episode1&2+, I really wouldn't like to see another "whatever the last one was".

EDIT:@Kimiko Great, you caught me while I was reading, dangit!



Ristar42 said:

3DS Rez, SEGA Rally and OutRun 2 would do nicely.

As for Shenmue... if they evey decide to finish the story, that would be very cool.



liammiller18 said:

I swear to god, if a new Streets of Rage comes out I will buy at least six copies on launch.

I will also provide pictures.



kkslider5552000 said:

No, just no. Anytime Sega tries to bring back an old series, it's awful. Nights Wii sucked. Samba De Amigo Wii sucked. Toe Jam & Earl 3 apparently sucked. That weird attempt to bring back Golden Axe sucked. They all sucked, and this is from an extremely anti-nostalgiagoggles guy too.



Vizardvalor said:

Jet Set Radio, Sonic Adventure 1 & 2,Shenmue, and streets of Rage would be a nice port to the 3DS



shinobi88 said:

YES!!!!! SEGA!!!!! Still my favorite game developer at heart even though they haven't been pumping out great stuff lately. Existing franchises? They already teased us with Aliens and House of Dead so those better be in the works. Classic IPs?? That's where the real potential lies. Gimme Streets of Rage!! Gimme a new Shinobi!! Gimme Golden Axe!! Heck, everything Sega put out in the 90s was golden. I'll take a new Toejam & Earl, Comix Zone, VECTORMAN, Nights Into Dreams....anything!!! SEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEGGGGGGGAAAAAAAAAA!!!



JimLad said:


In reality It'll probably be Project Rub and Billy Hatcher



koops330 said:

All three Valkriya Chronicles. Great game at least the first one was don't have a PSP so i can't play the second one and third isn't out yet but even when it comes out it is only for PSP



Token_Girl said:

Vectorman, NiGHTS (a port of the original would be super hot, seeing as I never got a Saturn), and Skies of Arcadia would be my top three.



belmont said:

Of course Afterburner is not a "dead" series as mentioned in the article since there have been recent games for PSP and PS3.

I'd like Skies of Arcadia since I haven't played it.



Ultranintendofanboy said:

Phantasy Star Online , Shenmue , Streets of Rage , Panzer Dragon, Jet Grind Radio , Virtua Fighter and OutRun it would be amazing.



edhe said:

Skies. Skies of Arcadia. Arcadia, Skies of Arcadia SKIES OF ARCADIA!!

Although it was developed by a second party, I'm sure SEGA would be able to make it happen.

Or re-release Legends, and p#ss off all the money grabbers on Amazon, who try to sell it for £99

It should be noted that Shenmue will be seeing a revival - albeit on the mobile platform. I can't cite because I've lost the link though...



Sabrewing said:

Well, given that a lot of Sega franchises dealt with flying into the screen (Space Harrier, Panzer Dragoon, etc.), this really isn't a surprise since they'd get to make use of the 3D really easily that way.



barneygumble said:


should be retrived since 2001 ( last seen on Dreamcast ) and still we didnt see any ports of Daytona2 and the other Sega Racers like Scud Race etc.
Always just Sega Rally sucks.



WaveGhoul said:

Streets of Rage! Hell yes!
They better get the same Music composer though or I'll cry!



LittleIrves said:

I believe Sega was behind an old arcade game that actually used rudimentary 3D effects... Sub-ROC 3D, or something like that. It was a submarine game where you looked through a periscope and shoot torpedos at ships and whatnot. A pretty cool game. Wouldn't be the same without the periscope viewfinder, though. Actually, it was a lot like the Virtual Boy headpiece, now that I think about it.... Hmm.....



siavm said:

I rather they just make new games. Seeing what they have done to Sonic, golden axe, and their other franchises I rather they just make new non-licensed games. They are the only ones sega have been getting right lately. But sadly those are just Platinum Games projects.



Yadoking said:

A PSO would be really interesting to see and I actually hope for it. If they can put some time into developing another PSO that works, and surpasses the two on the PSP, money will be obtained and fans will be pleased. Along with 'fans' being pleased, folks who didn't play the others get a chance to have a good experience. If they decide to do something with it, they better put in hard work.
Anyways, Space Harrier for sure, Toe Jam and Earl would be totally funky, Afterburner yes, Vectorman yes, another NiGHTS would be interesting too but I'm not sure it's realistic.I don't doubt that Jet Grind/Set Radio would be incredible on the 3DS, but I'm just a tad skeptic due to previous hand held ports.



ecco6t9 said:

In all honesty I see Sega screwing this up and we will just end up with downloadable Genesis/Mega Drive games again since that's the only thing they seem to do remotely right these days.



Retrogamer88 said:

sega wants me to share my 3DS sega dreams? ok then,well first we need to bring back GOLDEN AXE,HOUSE OF THE DEAD,TIME CRISIS 3DS,VIRTUAL ON,SHINOBI,SHINING FORCE,VIRTUA FIGHTER,VECTOR MAN,SKIES OF ARCADIA,JET GRIND RADIO,PHANTASY STAR,PANZER DRAGOON,ALIEN SOLDIER,FANTASY ZONE,CRAZY TAXI,BEYOND OASIS,STREETS OF RAGE,SHENMUE,sorry the list is long but you did ask me what sega games i would like to see on the 3DS and i didnt say sonic because its going to be on the system eather way,and i might have missed some games also,maybe LAZER GHOST should be on the 3DS?

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