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Say Hello to this Addictive Rabbids Travel in Time Flash Minigame

Posted by James Newton

Explosive toilet rolls included

Raving Rabbids Travel in Time has probably given historians plenty of bother with its anachronistic view of history, but now it can similarly perplex anyone with a web browser with the official Flash minigame from Ubisoft.

The aim of the game is to throw explosive toilet rolls at targets, taking them all out as quickly and with as few throws as possible. It's fiendishly addictive and a good way to kick off your week.

The Official Raving Rabbids Travel in Time Flash minigame is just a click away.


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Olorin said:

You should link to the html page with the swf embedding code instead of linking directly to the swf. Now we can see all the offscreen stuff we're not supposed to see.



James said:

@Olorin That's all I was given by Ant and as he's flying to Singapore at the moment there's not much I can do, sadly.



Sean_Aaron said:

For shame. I'm starting to think I should get the last game again. I was gifted Rabbids Lab, but I didn't realise quite how inferior it was to the full release.

If Ubisoft put out a full-featured make-your-own-Rabbid app for WiiWare, I'd gladly pay 1000-1500 points for it!



BulbasaurusRex said:

@1 After the first couple hype tiers, it's pretty much a crapshoot as to which Wii disc games will get reviews here.

Still waiting for the final Rabbids game where Rayman gets to go Metroid 2 on that annoying species...



James said:

@Bulbasaurus Rex As I'm sure you know, we can only review what we're sent or what we purchase ourselves, and at this time of year most of us are busy with family/work commitments too.

Sean would know all this better than most as he used to write for us, of course!

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