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Research Shows More Consumers are Choosing Their Phones for Gaming

Posted by Trevor Chan

Whilst gaming on the DS/PSP are on the decline

With the technological capabilities of modern smartphones on the increase and the popularity of digital games from outlets such as the Apps Store, it's no wonder Nintendo has been as vocal as it has about how companies like Apple are the real enemy in relation to their own console sales.

In recent market research conducted by Interpret, it has found that consumers are playing more games on their phones than they are on their handheld consoles. Of the phone/DS/PSP gaming market that was surveyed, 43.8% played games on phones — a dramatic increase of 53.2% compared to the previous year. In contrast, those who play on the DS and PSP decreased by 13%. Interestingly, 27.2% of consumers don't even use their DS/PSP anymore, instead, only play games on their phones. For more details on this report, click here.

Courtney Johnson, Manager of Research and Analysis at Interpret states that:

Devices which satisfy a variety of entertainment and utility are fast outstripping single-function devices as consumer favorites.

The recent surge of Wii and DS sales is certainly encouraging and definitely what Nintendo needs in the short term. What about its long term plans regarding market competition? With the 3DS launch only months away, will it be a significant benefit if the system gets support from film studios to play 3D films? Or maybe the games will be enough to draw in enough consumers to fend off the rise of smartphones? Scratch chin. Discuss.


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Link79 said:

I don't even own a cell phone. What happened to the good old days when a phone was used to... oh I don't know, make phone calls? I prefer gaming on an actual gaming system.



zionich said:

I think whats not being said is the quality of games found on phones VS handhelds.



JeanLuc_Vaycard said:

I need to save my phone battery for actual phone calls, not gaming. Games are always such a big freakin drain on the battery.



KyubiStewie said:

This is why I don't have an iPhone, why should get an iPhone if I have a DSi to play games. And games like Fieldrunners and Zenonia have made it to the DSi.



madgear said:

A phone add-on for the 3DS would be nice - so people can have to option to use it as such if they wish. The rest of us can just use it for games.



StarDust4Ever said:

For me, quality is the number one factor when buying gadgets. Also, the convenience of having an all-in-one unit is somewhat of an afterthought. Apparently, this makes me a minority.

I have a Samsung flip phone cell phone for making calls, a Nikon L-110 for taking pictures, a Cowon media player for music and videos, a DS for playing games, and a laptop for surfing the web. The samsung drops fewer calls than an iphone, plus, it doesn't break if I drop it by accident. My Nikon takes much better pictures than an iphone. My Cowon media player plays almost every non-DRM'd format you can throw at it, including open source codecs. To use an iphone for that, I'd have to re-encode my entire music library. My DS makes one heck of a better gamepad than iphone/ ipad and it's one button, plus the games available for it are much higher quality. My Windows XP Laptop can run any software I want it to, commercial, free, or otherwise. IPhone can only run stuff that's been approved by Apple staff and downloaded through their store.

True, each gadget in my arsenal is capable of doing something the iphone can already do, but each gadget in my arsenal is also far higher quality and much better at what it does than an iphone. True, an iphone is expensive, although I've probably spend more collectively on all my other gadgets. Call me old fashioned, but I don't even have a text/data plan on my Samsung. Suits me just fine. I've got a laptop for email and internet



HipsterDashie said:

Yeah, but at the end of the day I suppose you have to consider what those games actually are. On the iPhone and such, they're likely to be small timewasters such as Angry Birds, whereas on the DS and PSP you end up playing proper games. I'd much rather play games on my DS than on my Nokia E63 anyday, the ease of gameplay on the DS and the quality of titles available far outstrips anything Apple has to offer.



DiggerandIndy said:

@Link79 I hear ya. It seems like EVERYTHING is on the phone these days. As for me, my cellphone's to primitive to play games (it's a Tracphone, so yeah.) and I would much prefer to play games on a video game system! What's wrong with playing games on a video game system?! Do we HAVE to play games on a smartphone?? Most of the games are shovelware and people are buying that garbage!! Check the SNES and Genesis! THOSE are good games!
(passes out)



blink83 said:

I don't really care I want my portable gaming systems! With real buttons and stuff!



Varoennauraa said:

Well I don't play Dragon Quest on my phone... The games are the reason, why I need hand console, the controllers are another. I'd like gaming phone though. Its nice to have games always in your pocket...even if they are light and shallow...and have bad controls(which is the reason, why the games are light and shallow). Games on the phone tend to eat its battery real fast though, so I'm thinking that most gamers like to get hand console and a phone. Gamer can play 9 hour bus trip and still have battery life on the phone to call some one to get from bus station.

That PSP -phone looks nice, but something tells me that it will be overpriced. I guess from its specs, that its going to cost you at least 500€ and its game support is not certain.



Raylax said:

Well, yeah. The vast majority of consumers just want something fun to play. If mobiles can offer that now then obviously dedicated consoles are going to decline. How many people (asides from us weird lot) are going to purchase and carry around an extra chunk of plastic just to play Tetris or Super Mario when they could play similar games on their phone?



LordJumpMad said:

This may sound like a bad joke but, sadly its True.

People say cell phone games are cheaper,and also seeing it as a better deal for a game, they will spent about $50 bucks on Phone games, and only about 15% of those games will be played again.
I'm guessing most Cell Phone owners are not Gamers, so they wouldn't know if there getting a Good game or not.

I guess this is when Quality vs. Quantity comes in to play.



erv said:

Count me in on that one.

The games on my iphone are top notch. And instead of bag-sized, it's actually pocket sized.

So bye bye, nintendo chunky system.



theblackdragon said:

I'm not one of them. Sorry, I prefer my games on a system with proper buttons with screens that won't break if I drop it on soft carpet. I also vastly prefer the Nintendo library of handheld games to the crap that winds up on the App Store. Not interested. :3



LunarJade said:

I have an Iphone. I also have a DS.

I like the screen on the Iphone but mostly the apps I tend to use on it are not gaming. They are organization based and let me do several things I want to keep on hand with me...
I have a couple of games that are basically very short and only used for the odd time I need to waste about five minutes.
If I had to play something really long on it my battery wouldn't be able to take it.... besides I really do like buttons for playing a lot of games with.

I think it would be interesting to see Nintendo come up with a phone edition of something... but I also wonder how well that would work for them?



pixelman said:

Oh come on, guys. As if crap didn't end up on DSiWare, or the DS, or the Wii, or WiiWare.

I own an iPad, and when I'm browsing the store I actually have to look for bad apps. Shovelware doesn't show up on the "New and Noteworthy" page, and rarely on the top charts -- unlike the Nintendo Shops. On top of that, there's a user review system, so you can read feedback before you plunk down the cash.

Compared to the DS, it's incredibly easy to get a game on the App Store. Pay 99 bucks and get your application approved by Apple. This is probably the App Store's biggest problem, but it's also one of its coolest aspects. Guys like me who don't have $10,000 burning a hole in their pockets can get the iOS dev kit for free, and get a start on game development. Sure, not everyone's another Miyamoto, but the App Store is an outlet for indie unknowns to make themselves a name. It's risky, to be sure, but not anywhere near the risk of chunking down the "$2,000 to $10,000" Nintendo charges for its dev kits. And I don't need a friggin' office to get it either.

Apple's "seal of quality" is by promoting and featuring the awesome new games, whereas the bad ones are more or less buried. They don't play games and just disapprove them because they suck. (Seriously, how could you do that in this day and age anyway?)

Generally, iThing games aren't meant to be long, deep experiences, like Zelda or Metroid. It's short, fun, quick, addictive gaming. For developers, it's an outlet for creativity. After nearly a decade of mashing my thumbs on buttons, my iPad feels incredibly fresh and fun.



motang said:

Well yeah, but these consumers are the ones who play Famrville and not Dragon Quest!



pixelman said:

^^ I own Dragon Quest IX. I find it boring, repetitive, and not requiring any skill to play. Kinda like Farmville. Of course, that's a whole 'nother topic, lol.

I am having a lot of fun with FF: 4HOL though. <3



theblackdragon said:

lol, i knew i should've said 'in b4 pix and/or waltz'... :3

i'm not saying i don't enjoy short little bite-sized games and stuff -- if it weren't for 'ware and downloadables, we'd never have the Bit.Trip or Art Style series games. i'm also not saying that Nintendo doesn't allow any crap on their handhelds. i'm just saying that i prefer my games on a dedicated console with proper buttons that will stand up to my rugged use (and my purse, hahaha). i'm also saying that i enjoy the Nintendo IPs and their library of handheld games, most of which aren't and probably will never be available on the App store. the latter is the same reason I don't own a PSP, btw.



kurtasbestos said:

Let the masses waste their lives on their do-all-devices. I'm perfectly happy with my real games, real camera, real books, actual factual social interaction, and really old crappy cell phone.



Alphack3r said:

...Ya know how ya fix this? Make a Nokia N-Gage equivilant with teh priorities reversed! In other words, make a portable that doubles as a phone! Of course, a system like this could be insanely expensive w/o a contract (like all unlocked phones), but something tells me that it wouldn't work even if the price was right...

I guess it's like people with PS3's buying blu-ray movies even though their TV's are standard definition - they're just doing it for novelty...or maybe the extra 'special features'? Ah well, If the PSP is still kickin' w/ it's shoddy (in comparison) sales/support, our beloved Gameboy's aren't gunna go away anytime soon.

(In a way, I think that the news sites are getting paid by Crapintosh to brainwash us into thinking their crApps are gunna overtake Big N and Sony so we will go ahead and invest in their platform.)

And no, I'm not a fan of Fail-tosh computers - they promote a streamlined lifestyle that requirres absolutely no effort or outside knowledge to understand. That's an argument for another time and another



Link-Hero said:

Meh. I don't really care if Nintendo ever adds a phone function as long as it doesn't affect my games (like no butttons and only a touch screen like the iPhone) and it's optional.



pixelman said:

@tbd: Gotcha. Still you implied that nothing but crap winds up on the App Store (which people do a lot D:), so I had to do my duty as lord high Apple protector, madam. bows

man Waltz is going to kill me for saying that.



Skrubber said:

Absolutely! This is true in my case as well. At the moment I don't play as much on dedicated gaming systems as i used to. While commuting it's way more convinient for me to just pick and play something on my iPhone. And I get the chance to enjoy some good music at the same time!



bboy2970 said:

I can't stand the average consumer!! We all know that 99 cent games on ipod are not as good as a full fledged game on DS or PSP. But the problem is that people are quite simply, stupid. The average device owner looks at a 20-30 dollar DS game and then looks at a 99 cent ipod download and thinks them to both be games therefore, they're the same thing, but one is cheaper. The gaming division of ipod is surviving soley on the fact that it has cheap games. The quality is quite awful but to the average consumer, that doesn't matter. As long as they can get it for a buck, they don't care. It really is quite a sad situation and one that Apple knows very well. Apple knows exactly what's going on because that is what they aim for. Apple always plays off of the not so smart consumer...



JebbyDeringer said:

You're crazy if you wouldn't rather a device that will do both. The iphone/ipod/ipad don't have buttons so obviously some games just aren't as good (the simulated d-pad sucks in most games that use one). There are a ton of good games available though. Sure most of them are more shallow but they're also at 1/5th the price at minimum. Still there are some deep games.

I have an itouch & and ipad no DS but a GBA (brighter screen) I bought about 4 months ago. I missed out on portable gaming since the Game Gear and I forgot how convenient it was. Being tied to the TV with my Wii is such a pain when you have to share the TV. And it's amazing how long I can ride the bike at the gym when I'm playing a tower defense game. There are a lot of great things about the Apple Devices. The screens are brilliant, there are a ton of games, lot's of original games, a lot of retro inspired games, the control is excellent when the developer takes advantage of the positives. My Ipad has far better sound coming from the speaker than any of my laptops do there's definitely a smaller selection of games for the ipad (that aren't scaled up) but the quality ratio is higher. Nintendo still has the upper hand with deeper games but it's starting to change. Still Nintendo is the reason I bought a Wii, their games are unrivaled. Mario Kart for DS is a ton of fun multiplayer.

I don't have a cellphone, I hate the things, my last cellphone was 9 years ago. I might eventually feel the need for one but for now...



Stargazer said:

I play SNES, Genesis, GBA, GB, Neo Geo, TG-16, and Sega Master System / Game Gear games on my phone.

So yes, my phone takes priority over anything else (at least until the 3DS comes out).



EdEN said:

Well, I wasn't chosen for this research. Good thing because I would have laughed at their face for such a stupid study...



Token_Girl said:

This makes a wholE lot of sense. This is probably the percentage of portable gamers that had only tetris and brain age on their ds, so iPhones are perfect for them.

I have both a DSi and iPhone. The iPhone is small, has my calendar and email, and is great to play on the train to work or waiting places. The ds is great for long bus/plane trips and vacations. For longer, more immersive games buttons can't be beat. The bigger size and screen is great for games and travel, but it's a bit bulky to take around everyday. That's why they both have a place for me.

Also, iPhones don't just break when you drop them, and it's nearly impossible to scratch the screen, unlike the DSi.



pixelman said:

"We all know that 99 cent games on ipod are not as good as a full fledged game on DS or PSP"

That's... highly debatable. I know I at least own plenty of 99 cent iPad games that I've enjoyed and played far more than 29.99 DS games -- or even 49.99 Wii games. Plus, most of those games are constantly getting free updates which add new levels, features, and modes... something you either don't get or have to pay for on WiiWare or DSiWare.

I think a lot of gamers think that just because a game is 99 cents it's automatically going to suck, which is completely false. Price doesn't make a game. It's obviously not going to have the levels of production behind it like a Nintendo-made game would, but the App Store games are still pretty damn fun.

Also, I'd like to quickly show you guys what the iThings are capable of:

Infinity Blade Shot #1, Infinity Blade Shot #2, Infinity Blade Shot #3, Rage, and NOVA 2

Infinity Blade by Chair and Epic Games hits the App Store tomorrow for 5.99. Rage by ID Software is already out for 1.99. NOVA 2 by Gameloft will be out this month, probably for 6.99.

As you can see, the iPhone isn't just a device to play Angry Birds on anymore. We're getting our core games fix, and for under 10 bucks. I'm loving it.

okay okay, big images are big. sorry tbd, lol



Varoennauraa said:

And heres 3DS vs XBox360/PS3 comparison:;jsessionid=1kavqiktjr4mk?page=mediaFull
Which is which? (and again, 3DS will have to process each frame twice for 3d effect, so comparing flattened 2d imaged don't do 3d justice. So 3DS is going to look even better than mock ups)

What comes to shaders, those iProduct's mannequin screenshots look rather plain ps2-xbox graphics.



pixelman said:

iThings supports shaders. That's the reason they look so fantastic. As a matter of fact, the Unreal Engine 3 (which is used for the PS3 smash-hit Gears of War 3) apparently won't run on the 3DS, but does on the iPhone.

I don't want to get into a big tech war here. I'm just as excited about the 3DS as the next guy. Just saying that the App Store isn't the big heap of horse crap that people make it out to be.



Varoennauraa said:

Yes I know the talk, but the screens don't support it. They look plain and uninteresting compared to 3DS. They are only impressive, when compared to iPhone 3G.



pixelman said:

I'm impressed by them. They definitely look better than a PS2 or Xbox game, too (just look up screenshots of GoW2 or FFXII and compare them with the Infinity Blade shots above).

I think Infinity Blade certainly looks much better than any Wii game -- technically, of course, not necessarily artistically. But like I said, I'm not trying to say this system or that system is better. Just saying how awesome iThings are. <3



SennaKurosaki said:

It might be that many gamers are switching from Nintendo DS and PSP to playing simple games on their mobile phones. This might have many reasons: 1) people carry their phone with them all the time, so it's convenient; 2) games are cheaper. But I believe that true quality always will sell. Games like New Super Mario Bros DS, Kirby, Nintendogs, Prof. Layton, Dragon Quest IX, will always be way for fun. And the DSiWare store could become a rival over iTunes but then it needs more quality. Also iTunes might have tons of cheap games, but many are just a waste of money. There are only a few pearls on iTunes. Sooner or later people will realize this. And maybe also cross-platform compatibility could be another solution. Also there is a new console just around the corner! I'm sure that the Nintendo 3DS will bring back many gamers. Maybe some users are just waiting a bit, not feeling too eager to spend 30-40 euros on a DS game at the moment. Anyway, when the 3DS hits the world's streets it will be an instant hit and people will forget their phone games for a while.



SennaKurosaki said:

Great idea would be to add wi-fi and Skype to the Nintendo 3DS. I'm sure it could compete with Facetime on the iPhone4. Using Skype would be a much more open platform compared to the closed Apple structure. So Nintendo doesn't need to add any real phone function, like the new PSP might have, but just good old Skype to be used with wi-fi. And about the safety aspect, Nintendo could add a simple parental control function. I would love to Skype some friend in China just by using my Nintendo 3DS at a free wi-fi hotspot (like at McDonalds).



NintyMan said:

Well, there's a whole lot more cell phones and iphones in the world than portable gaming handhelds. However, those iphone games don't match up with a full-fledged DS game in the quality department. I would rather play DS games with a long time of fun than cell phone games where I only have short bursts of fun.



armoredghor said:

iphone & phone games are time wasters and home consoles are quality games, so what's the ds's niche. btw @kyubi those games are like a dollar on iphone. I don't own one and it is interesting enough to play for that amount



Varoennauraa said:

While Wii certainly isn't a platform of many technically impressive visuals, I haven't yet seen Mario Galaxy-kind of visual pleasure on iProducts. Open the NOVA2 picture and press control and roll up on your mouses wheel. It looses its "impressiveness" real fast. Those miniscule 3DS pictures goes as cruddy as fast, but they still look fascinating because of those shaders(that are no where to be seen on even the most famous iProduct mannequin screenshots)(AND 3ds is not supposed to be played on that big screen). The infamous Rage is school example of how very ordinary PS2 games look. If thats the best that Carmack can do on a on rails game, I'm disappointed.

And I'm not trying to say this system or that system is better either. iStuff is awesome, as well as other similar phones and tablets from other manufacturers are. Just saying how iThings are not that awesome graphically in anywhere else than hype speeches coming out of developer of the game or system. <3



Bankai said:

True story: Someone mentions iPhone/ iPad gaming, and immediately the "hardcore gamer" thinks of the $0.99 cent crap games that are on the App store.

But in reality iOS devices have developed into wonderful gaming consoles, with real support from the likes of Square Enix, Activision, Namco Bandai, EA and Tecmo Koei.

I can't get a decent Romance of the Three Kingdoms or Nobunaga's Ambition on the DS in English (or a decent copy of that kind of game, even), but I have both on iPhone and iPad, and love both. Both Romance of the Three Kingdoms and Nobunaga's Ambition are as hardcore as strategy games come.

Also, the iPad has become a device with great potential for board games. Its size (relatively large) makes it easy to share content around, or sit it on a table and play a social board game with friends and family. Can't have that experience on DS.

So this "iPhone just gets bite sized $0.99 cent games" argument is complete crap, and no doubt it comes from people who have never actually used a iPhone or iPad for more than 20 minutes.

Edit: And why are people comparing the App store to a home console's online shop? WiiWare has an entirely different market to the App store. DSiWare is closer, and the app store kicks it into the dirt - both in quality and quantity.

If you want to compare WiiWare to something, compare it to PSN or Xbox Live...



Varoennauraa said:

I expect GREAT things from phones and especially tablets(I secretly hoped that 3DS would have been a tablet, until I realized how expensive it would have been). Just like WaltzElf said, I have dreamed of being able to carry my multiplayable board games with me and I know that these devices will get the support that HC gamers want, but THATS not today. These things have mostly $0.99 games and a couple of "flagships", that are nothing to brag about either. What is the "real support" of lets say Square Software? Thats Voice Fantasy à $2.99.
I think its best described as better than nothing.
They will come, some day, but not while they cost $0.99-2.99.



Bankai said:

Where are the games from Square Enix?

Chaos Rings
Crystal Defenders (the best version across all consolies is the iOS games, and it's the best tower defence game I've played)
Final Fantasy 1 and 2 ports (good ports, at that)
Song Summoner
Hills and Rivers Remain
Vanguard Storm
Space Invaders Infinity Gene (Square Enix owns Taito)
Bubble Bobble Double
Morita Shogi (Japanese Chess, great version of it)
Cooking Mama
Gardening Mama
Mikado Defenders
Big Cup Cricket (Square Enix owns Eidos)
Championship Manager

That's just one publisher - that's a heck of a games line up... none of which are $0.99 cheap and nasty games...



WaveBoy said:

I can't stand these weak App games, let alone using a touchscreen for the D-pad is uintuitive, horrible and barely works.

Comparing a Nintendo retail game compared to something on a cell phone is ridiculous, unless it's a basic puzzle game.



Varoennauraa said:


Those are exactly the 0.99-2.99 games everyone is talking about. Are you suggesting, that if you pile enough of those mini games, you would eventually make it look like 1 proper game. As a Wii owner, and well as tablet owner and fact I'm tablet enthusiast, I can tell you that its not going to change for anything else than what it is. As I said, I know we are getting there though. Tablets are in boom, every manufacturer have at least two more waves of tablets coming. Tablets will take over the computer world. It wont take too long to get "the REAL SUPPORT", like Final Fantasy, Dragon Quest, Zelda and Smash Bros, but we must wait for as long as they are called appz that cost $0.99-2.99. Lack of controllers will also always be limiting gameplay design, although not in every genre and some genres, like old school adventure, strategy and rpgs are the best with touch screen, and I cannot wait for them. But one thing remains, you don't play Smash Bros on tablet, unless it gets buttons.



Bankai said:

All of those games I listed above can and are released either on cartridge/ disc, or via digital download platforms on other consoles.

There are some things that the iPhone/ iPad can't do, but that doen't mean the iPhone/ iPad can't be a good gaming device in its own right. Like I said. I can't play Nobunaga's Ambition on DS. And that is to me, as bad as not having Smash Brothers on iPad.



Varoennauraa said:

Of course you can release any game on cartridge or disc. Its the purpose of gaming console; to be able to play all kinds of games, small and huge, fun and serious...iStuff isnt there yet.



pixelman said:

@WaveBoy: The best games on the store don't use v-sticks, though I personally don't have a problem using them. :3

@Varo: Chaos Rings is an original SE RPG for the App Store. It's also 15.99 on the iPad. Oh yeah, and everyone knows how the classic FInal Fantasy RPGs, are in reality, "mini games".

Like Waltz said, there is so much more on the App Store than Fruit Ninja and Angry Birds. I've given hardly any attention to my Wii and DS since I got my iPad.



Bankai said:

@55 Now you're making no sense. Stuff that is equivilent quality to what goes on the DS/ PSP is "not there" because it's on the iPhone/ iPad?



ReddLionz said:

To be honest, I do most of my real, immersive gaming on consoles. On the go, simple pick up and play type things that are on my iTouch are awesome, not to mention often cheap. I could play NinJump on my iTouch for an hour straight, as long as I'm motivated by some kind of high score.
And for people who don't think that you get a quality game for $.99, have you PLAYED Trainyard? Or Plants vs. Zombies? Or Angry Birds? Or Fling? (I could go on all day)

And yeah, I also agree with Pixelman in that you can also get awesome core games on iDevices.
Can't wait for NOVA 2.



Bankai said:


Tiger Woods
NBA Elite
The Sims
Need for Speed Shift/ Hot Persuit
Trivial Persuit
Command and Conquer
The Game of Life
Surviving High School
Spore Origins
Rock Band
Sim City

Crash Bandicoot Nitro Kart
Call of Duty: Zombies
Cabela's Dangerous Hunts
Rapala Pro Bass Fishing
Tony Hawk
Geometry Wars
Call of duty: World at War

Prince of Persia
The Settlers of Tandria
Silent Hunter
Anno: The Harbour
Voodoo Dice
My xxxx Coach

I don't know how many more examples you need that games publishers treat the iOS devices in much the same way they treat other consoles.



Varoennauraa said:

yachzee etc etc etc Fortunately Pixelman mentioned Chaos Rings! I need to try it. Looks like nice little rpg. I hope it sells, so that it will draw more of that kind into tablets.



Token_Girl said:

Chinatown Wars is on the iPhone. /argument over.

I hate virtual dpads, but not every game needs a dpad. If you have a Droid phone, problem solved, they have buttons. The processor in the 3DS is similar to the iPhone 3GS. iPhone 4 is faster and it's screen resolution kicks the 3DS to the floor. In two years when you start seeing iPhone 4 exclusives, it'll be sweet. That won't happen until all the 3GS folks will be able to upgrade though (2 yr. Contracts).

Also without the iPhone, there would be virtually no DSiWare. So many games are ports. Many are crappy gameloft ports, but others are indie devs who established themselves by publishing on the app store first. Those games are designed for the iPhone, and are always cheaper there too. (I have bought some DSiWare because I was able to demo the game on the app store, but wanted buttons, so I guess it works both ways for me...if I had a Droid I'd get them there tho).



GamerZack87 said:

But smartphone games are so uninteresting compared to Nintendo's handheld games. I think the 3DS is going to prove extremely popular considering the features built-in to it. My biggest draw, unsurprisingly, is the new Virtual Console service for Game Boy series games. For the same price as a smartphone game you can get a fully-featured Game Boy title such as the immersive Link's Awakening DX or the incredibly fun Super Mario Land 2: 6 Golden Coins or even the tough-but-fair Donkey Kong Land. Let's see Spore: Origins compete with that barrel of monkeys!
NOTE: Pun not intended...or is it?



Moco_Loco said:

People want convenience and people want low prices. The various smartphone app markets provide both. I have a Droid, which has nowhere near the selection of games that the App Store has. Nevertheless, I can usually find more than enough to keep me busy when I have time to play games. I'm not even sure how much time I've sunk into Pocket Legends, and I haven't paid for any of the premium areas yet.

Don't get me wrong. I like the precision of buttons, and occasionally pick up my DS lite. The DS is definitely the better device for gaming, but my phone does the job for most of my gaming needs and is much more convenient. And Angry Birds is awesome (and free on Android phones).

The 3DS looks like a great device, but it will probably have to succeed as a hardcore device this time around. I don't think the casual gamers will be as enthralled as they were with the DS, especially with the first 3D phones already on the way.



ToneDeath said:

I hate to say it, but I can see the 3DS being a five minute wonder with a lot of people, who'll just go back to their iPhones or whatever because they've always got them with them anyway.

What I'd like to have (if anything were possible) is a Game Boy Micro with the ability to save numbers, send text messages (no keypad, the d-pad and buttons should suffice if the on-screen display helps you out) and download old GB, GBC and GBA games. Oh, and no removable faceplate, as it just lets dust and dirt get behind the screen.
Very basic then, so it would be as cheap as chips too.



danschemen said:

well duh but it doesn't matter all the games are little games for the iphone does not provide long time enjoyment, fun at first but then get boring



Wolfenstein83 said:

I don't own a cellphone either, too much of a nuisance for me.
Anywho, I have always thought a dedicated gaming machine was better than something that tried to do everything, like an electronic swiss army knife.
There are some really fun games on the iPhone/iPodTouch but I like my DS much better, no offense to phone gamers.
I can't wait until the 3DS comes out, that's going to be amazing!
Sony seems to be ready to incorporate a phone into the PSP, and maybe someday Nintendo will do the same.
I don't really care, as long as I can get some quality games.



BulbasaurusRex said:

I only use my cell phone on rare occasions to make phone calls. It's a lot cheaper (for my whole family) to just use my parents' home phone most of the time. I don't even have the option of using text messaging on my cell phone, and I don't miss it.

I think the data is skewed by the fact that most people who only like handheld games on a handheld console will still use his/her cell phone to play a basic pre-installed game on their phone when they need to pass the time away from home and didn't bring his/her handheld console. On the other hand, those 27.2% who only like using a cell phone to play games have no such handicap.

Whatever the reasons, the 3DS is going to shift these numbers back towards handheld consoles significantly.



Varoennauraa said:

@Token Girl
3DS has two processors and it doesn't have to mind heavy background processes of a telephone. 3DS also don't have to waste processing power into vain resolution. This small screen don't need that many pixels to look like HD, but phones need unnecessary amounts of pixels competition and marketing -vise.

Eventually phones will be new hand consoles and I think 3DS will be the last dedicated hand console, if nothing weird happens. We are starting to have buttons and PSP -phone is already coming. Theres only couple more issues still to solve. Phones are pretty expensive. Buttons are still rare and battery life is problem that might take a little longer to solve.



deadly_by_design said:

It's true, though my case would be an iPod Touch instead of a phone. I don't want to be that nerd playing a DS/PSP game in public. Touch games have a certain cool/casual factor to them, and are easy to get observers involved.

That, and my real gaming mostly happens on the PC. A little on the Wii, but not much.



Link-Hero said:

I don't really see why people are bothered with having a cell-phone feature in a gaming device. I really doubt Nintendo will force you to use that feature. A PC can do just about everything you can think of, but does it force you to use it to its full potential? No, it doesn't. That is your choice in what you want to do with it.

Also, having everything in one device is not a bad thing. In fact, it should be a good thing. You only need to buy one product and that is all you need until you want to upgrade it or something. You are not forced to use everything on that device (or at least you shouldn't have too).



OldBoy said:

Well havin' a very crappy phone means that games aren't something I have to think about.DS all the way for me (till 3DS of course!!)
Having said that I can definetly understand the appeal of iPhones etc. for gaming.
There are definately good games/apps on there and some nice little time wasters.And as @pixelman has enlightened me, it also sounds like a great platform for Devs so I can only see this trend growing.



HapsNinFan said:

I Honestly Hate The Games On The iPhone!
DSI XL MUCH BETTER! (: Just My Opinion. It Has PROPER Games On It.
And Better Quality
Tetris Super Mario MarioKart WarioWareDIY
Theres Nothing Like Wario Ware DIY On The iPhone



rainbowkirby6000 said:

frankly it depends what type of gaming you like i wish apple and nintendo would team up even though they are sworn enemies we need mario and kirby and zelda on ipod touch and iphone.
if phones come with games play them a little bit never ever waste your credit buying them unless you have left over credit
for any1 here with an ipod touch or iphone they will know there's lots of good games that apple make ds and wii and xbox are fine to have if your below 13 but as soon as you hit that age its better to have an ipod touch,i had sum1 in my class last year and they keept bringing their ds to school and then they got told not to and started crying and i just thought classic guy gamer lol

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