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Renegade Kid's New DS Game is ATV Wild Ride

Posted by James Newton

Didn't see that coming

Renegade Kid has made a name for itself with atmospheric first-person games for DS – Dementium II and Moon in particular – but now it's trying something a little lighter, with ATV Wild Ride on the way in January.

Using the same engine that powered Moon and Dementium, the game runs at a smooth 60 frames per second and boasts four-player local multiplayer too. It may not be what fans of Jools Watsham's outfit may have been expecting, but a quality, portable arcade racer for DS could be a surprise hit.

Watsham himself told Destructoid:

There are only a few developers and publishers out there willing to put all of their effort into making great DS titles these days, which is a pity.

Whether you agree or disagree, check out the first trailer of ATV: Wild Ride below.

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Xkhaoz said:

Looks pretty cool. I'm surprised there isn't another game called ATV Wild Ride yet.



EdEN said:

Really don't like racing games nowadays but best of luck to them.



irken004 said:

I could use another racer on the DS, sounds good! "Sounds pretty wild, man..."



rosemo said:

I think he said in the comments on Destructoid that the game would retail for $19.99 when it launches. That may also provide more incentive to those who are on the fence.



Joejo said:

lol funny trailer,good detailed graphics,nice online play,..."mom were going shopping"

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