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Rayman 3D Rated by ESRB

Posted by Zach Kaplan

Ubisoft's old mascot is making a comeback

While the Raving Rabbids spin-off series has seemingly surpassed him in popularity, the berserk bunnies got their start tagging along with the limbless Rayman, once considered Ubisoft's mascot. It looks like one title on Nintendo's new handheld will see them take a backseat once more, however, as Rayman 3D just received an ESRB rating as well as one from the OFLC a little while back.

Neither ratings board provides a description of the game, so whether this will be a revamped version of his original adventure or a brand new outing (or whether the Rabbids will get involved at all) has yet to be seen. What do you hope to see from Rayman 3D?


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Punny said:

About time those Rabbids got kicked out! GOOD BYE AND GET LOST! (Sorry about that. I dislike the Rabbids. They were funny back in 2006, but they've been milked like long-eared cows.)



suburban_sensei said:

Very cool! I am also really excited for that new side-scrolling Rayman game with the cool art (can't remember the name, atm.)



Knux said:

Maybe it is either a port of Rayman Origins or a PROPER remake of Rayman 2.



motang said:

I loved Rayman (the original) I have it for the PC as well as DSiware, interested in this one for sure.



Advancedcaveman said:

I bet its another port of Rayman 2. That's fine; Rayman 2 is one of the greatest games ever made, but I wish they'd make a new one instead of all these Rabbids minigame collections. Make the damn 3d platformer Raving Rabbids was originally supposed to be...



Corbs said:

Here's hoping it's Rayman 2. It's about time that game get a remake.



retro_player_22 said:

Finally Rayman is coming back, hope we never get to see any of those rabbids in a future title ever again.



DF2506 said:

I like the Rabbids (especially in Rabbids Go Home), but I hope that Rayman 3D is a NEW Rayman platformer title for the 3DS.



LightSamus said:

I loved the original on PC, but I really did enjoy Rayman 2 better, throwing the little energy things was hella fun, i didn't like that it went back to throwing fists in number 3



RantingThespian said:

I would like to see a new game in the same style as Donkey Kong Country Returns and New Super Mario Bros.

Bring back the classic gameplay, but give a whole new adventure!



sillygostly said:

Rabbids In Time has recently been rated once again by the OFLC, and I assume that it will be a 3DS version of the game (a Wii port in 3D perhaps?).




Good news. Yeah, I'd like a Rayman 2 re-make or a new Rayman game of simila quality.

As for Rabbids (though its nothing to do with this blumin' thread ppl!), I'd happily take another Rabbids Go Home style game. Not another mini-game comp..Wii Party is the king of the pile there



ueI said:

What do I hope to see from Rayman 3D? All I ask is for the game to be fun.



Ski_Deuce said:

I'd hold back a bit on the excitement. This could easily be another release of Rayman 2. An amazing game, sure, but Ubisoft has re-released it a ton of times in the past.



siavm said:

Never played a rayman game and after this is released I probably still am not going to play a rayman game.



gatygun said:

played rayman the 3D version for the PC years years years years ago. The game even then was by standards really low quality already.

Therefor, even if they recreate it towards a complete new 3D game i wouldn't be interested.



DavynD said:

I'm hoping for something more akin to Rayman 2. That game is a masterpiece.



Kamuki said:

Considering Rayman 1 was on GBA (Rayman Advance) and Rayman 2 was on DS (Rayman DS) I'm guessing this'll just end up being Rayman 3 on 3DS. >_<



FonistofCruxis said:

Hopefully, it'll be a port of rayman origins. I hope that ubisoft port Scott Pilgrim to 3dsware as well.



Bensei said:

Lemme guess: Rayman DS in 3D.
Or Rayman 3-D? If yes, I'd buy it. Prefer the 3rd over the 2nd



Stuffgamer1 said:

Put me down for being in the "pessimistically expecting another damn Rayman 2 remake" crowd. Seriously, they always base it on The Great Escape, too, never mind Revolution is the best version (IMO, obviously).

But hey...with Rayman Origins coming, they MIGHT finally be getting back to Rayman proper...I hope. With the Rabbids having evolved (mutated?) into its own franchise, Rayman deserves his own games again.



Ayer99 said:

Ive been hooked on rayman ever since i played the first one when i was like 3.

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