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QubicGames and NoWay Studio Revving Up Remote Racers

Posted by Trevor Chan

Arcade racer speeds toward the DSi Shop with an ESRB rating

QubicGames has to date published two NoWay Studio-developed DSiWare flight titles, and they've recently gotten their next racing collaboration rated by the Entertainment Software Rating Board.

Having already released AiRace and the more bite-sized AiRace: Tunnel, QubicGames and NoWay Studio are about to start their third lap with the upcoming Remote Racers, which will allow players to take to the skies but race vehicles on the ground and underwater too.

The promo sheet lists a suggested retail price of $29.99, implying that perhaps this was previously meant to release as a full retail title and that the downloadable version will be scaled down a bit. We'll see how many features make it onto DSiWare, but its original incarnation was to include eight vehicles and the ability to transform your ride to suit the terrain. It also was to feature three different locations and 18 tracks, letting gamers tuck into four single-player modes as well as some multiplayer action with up to six players.

The following summary is taken from the ESRB page, and you can also view the promo sheet as well.

This is an arcade-style racing game in which players can compete with a variety of toy-like vehicles. As they navigate around each track, players utilise "cartoony" power-ups (e.g., rockets, jets, bombs/mines) to slow down opponents; targeted vehicles spin out amid small explosions and screeching sound effects.


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CHOVI3 said:

ESRB are lucky to be able to play those games before they're released



bboy2970 said:

I really enjoyed AiRace and liked AiRace Tunnel well enough. Hopefully this turns out good. If they use DS Download Play for multi-player (A criminally under-used feature in DSiWare games), then I will almost definitely buy it!



Kristof said:

ESRB people do not play games (they require DVD video for rating games).



Chris720 said:

@8 well that's stupid... I'd need to have a look around the actual game before I give my age rating.

Anyways, this game looks fairly promising. But where's the racing games for WiiWare? Haven't seen any good racing games on there since the launch of WiiWare. :/

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