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Pull Up a Chair and Get Acquainted with Okamiden's Cast

Posted by James Newton

Susano, Kushi, Issun and more

If you've played Okami you're probably already familiar with many of the characters in Capcom's upcoming DS spin-off Okamiden, but here's a few videos to remind you and fill in any gaps just in case.

Okamiden reaches North America on March 15th, with a European release date to follow on March 18th.

Kushi video

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Susano video

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Issun video

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Sakayu video

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bboy2970 said:

This game looks absolutely fantastic. I mean really, it looks to be pushing the DS's graphical capabilities to the limit. I loved Okami on Wii and I'm sure I will love this as well! March is looking to be a good month for me between the 3DS, Okamiden, and Patapon 3!



PiribroH said:

Susano...coolest guy on the game. Game looks great and as a fan of the original this is a must buy for me.



JakobG said:

Does anyone have a problem with the fact that Susano got drunk until falling asleep in front of his son, who gave him the alcohol in first place?



Popyman said:

They better not screw the story up, that's the only thing I'm worried about. The ending of the first was amazing, having another one just feels out of place...



Objection said:

I'd say I'm planning on getting this...but 3DS!! I need to save my money in 2011 for that~!



Ian_Daemon said:

These videos tell you nothing. I knew little about Okami before and I still only know that it's about a dog or a wolf or something running around Japan. Okamiden changes it up by making the gameplay video really tiny and only using one of the two screens.



Burny said:

These videos are quite obviously supposed to show off returning characters to those who played the original Okami. In short: Those, who don't need to be told.

As Okami is quite cheap nowadays, you should play it, provided you own a Wii (or PS2) and do like Action Adventures. It's easily one of the best Wii games out there.



she_gamer said:

Getting so hyped about this!! Definitely need to replay Okami (again, for the sixth time) before this comes out.



Bassman_Q said:

Man this just keeps looking better and better! I'm betting on it being the DS's 2011 GOTY.

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