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No Love for Super Mario All-Stars in UK Top 20 Chart

Posted by James Newton

Donkey Kong in at 13 though

Plumbing collection Super Mario All-Stars 25th Anniversary Edition just launched in the UK and had an underwhelming first weekend of sales, missing the top 20 altogether and landing at number 22.

Simian platformer Donkey Kong Country Returns had a stronger showing, a new entry at number 13 behind strong climber Mario Kart Wii. Whether games purchased with bananas are included is not currently known.

This Friday sees the launch of the last high-profile Nintendo game before Christmas in the form of Golden Sun: Dark Dawn, so we'll keep a beady eye on the charts to see how it performs.

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Bankai said:

No surprises there, really. The game is for collectors, not 99% of gamers.

I am the happy owner of a copy though



SuperLink said:

Well that's a little upsetting. But then again, most people have already played all these games (in super mario all-stars, I mean) and don't see the point in doing it again. I for one, love a good platforming when I can get my hands on one. Maybe they were scared off by the game being in 50Hz. Hmmmmm? I really want to get it because it comes with well, first of all the games, a history booklet, and a mario song CD! Yay!



Cipher said:

I bought two copies. :3

The game being in 50Hz isn't as much of a problem as I think some people are making out. Sure, it's disappointing that it hasn't been converted to 60Hz for anyone who hasn't played the original, but as someone who has, I'm used to it. Won't stop the game from playing either - apparently, as long as SNES (VC) games or GC discs play fine on your TV, this will too.



NintyMan said:

It's a collector's item, so this isn't too terribly surprising for me. A 13 showing for Donkey Kong is pretty good though.



DrCruse said:

Seeing that it's a bare bones re-release of a 20 year old re-release, I'm not surprised.



DiggerandIndy said:

I don't care how bad the game sells , I'm still gonna get SMAS Wii version (even though I already have the SNES version) The 16-bit SMB 3 is my favorite port!



drexegar said:

I still expected more from an mario anniversary game, repackaging super mario all stars isn't all that great, especially for a mario fan...

At least they could of added some game facts and info to each game.



Bass_X0 said:

At least they could of added some game facts and info to each game.

Its a Virtual Console game at retail. No more, no less (other than the CD and booklet whose sole inclusion is to bump up the cost). Do they add game facts for other VC games?



WWammy said:

25th Anniversary while I'm glad it came out as I have always loved Mario Allstars ever since I first played it on the Snes all those years ago.
The potential for this release was huge and sadly it went completely untapped



Sean_Aaron said:

They really should have included extras like interviews and the like for a collection like this to enhance the value. I'm also a bit surprised they didn't go all the way and include the original Arcade Mario Bros. Donkey Kong and Donkey Kong Jr. games since they mark the first appearances of the characters. I'm not a big fan of the super Mario games, but that stuff would have made this a purchase for me.



Yosher said:

That Mario All-Stars game doesn't even deserve a top 20 spot anyway if you ask me, it's too much of a cheap cash-in to be deserving of that.... (The games are still great to play though.)



Linkstrikesback said:

The games are ok, but the presentation is very lackluster. They needed to take some hints from sonic mega collection (plus) and get 12 (18 on plus) games on the disc, as well as tons of promo art (and a couple of other things that elude me).



EdEN said:

Wait until the numbers for this game in the US are released and see how the UK didn't respond to it as well as Japan and the Americas have/will.



EdEN said:

@Sean Aaron: Well, the packaging, history booklet and soundtrack are worth the price of admission and the games for me are the extras.



andyutd97 said:

grrr i wish my mum would have paid for delivery on amazon. Its not come yet and im getting impatient



Alfred_ENG said:

No love for Nintendo in United kingdom is a very good thing.
They have treated PAL gamers bad for decades.
Buy a Xbox 360 or a PS3 and SEGA Mega Drive Ultimate Collection. It has 40+ games and is only £9.99. All in 60Hz too.



ToneDeath said:

I hear that the CD only has 10 tracks on it (which I'd imagine only last a couple minutes each), so neither disc is exactly jam-packed.



Ark said:

Woot. Never thought I'd be happy to see a game perform "poorly" but here I am. Since when is it okay to put an inferior version of a 20 year old game in new packaging and charge $30? They really ought to check out Sonic Mega Collection or Sonic's UGC. Clearly this game is only for the hardest of the hardcore Mario collectors. It's actually good that it isn't selling if you think about it that way, since it raises the value for collectors. xD Hard to judge a game's lifetime sales off one single chart though.

I wish Donkey Kong Country Returns was higher, since clearly some actual effort and skill went into designing that game. Though I'm sure it'll perform well anyhow, so whatever. Here's me rooting for one of the finest 2D platformers (imo) on Wii anywho.



Bankai said:

The game is $40 here in Australia. Which is the same cost as about 2,666 points.

The four Mario games, at 500 points apiece, come to 2000 points as digital downloads on VC.

So for 666 points you get a simple, but collectable booklet, a music CD that is limited, but nice nonetheless, great packaging, and a perfect port of the first SNES game that many people owned (given that Mario All Stars was bundled with SNES' for a while).

Add in the fact that the presentation is better in these games than the NES originals, and you have pretty good value for 666 points, I would think.



Link-Hero said:

For the first time in my life, I'm actually glad a Mario game is selling poorly. It should of been sold on the VC, not retail. I couldn't really careless for the extra stuff when the games themselves have had little to no change to them from the original SNES version.



WaveBoy said:

Greedy money making 'no effort' Mario release it tis' Jingle all the way, I'm still getting But like a few of you pointed out, i bet the 50hz sealed the games fate.



Wolfenstein83 said:

This would be cool to own but come on, it's just Super Mario All-Stars.
I still have the original cartridge from back in the day, which was given away for free by Nintendo.
I love the game but why should I buy it again?
Maybe when Mario turns 50 we can get a re-issue of "New Super Mario Bros" for the Wii, since by then the Wii 3 (or whatever it will be called) will be out anyways.
Nintendo is awesome but this is such a lazy and un-creative way to make a few quick bucks.
I was actually wondering why this game never showed up on the VC, where it really belongs.



Bankai said:

This is funny, because so many people complain about digital downloads because they "prefer to have a box copy"

Then when they get a box copy they complain because "It shoulda been on the VC"

Proof here that you really will always have people complaining about something.

A VC release isn't a collectable. This game is. How hard is that to understand?



Ark said:

An SNES game on the Virtual Console is $8. This game is $30 for a doubly inferior version of a game (only 50Hz and no Super Mario World). At $30, it's in competition with mid-priced Wii games.

No, a VC game isn't collectible. But this game should arguably cost $8, which many people would be willing to pay for it. Ys I&II was released at a standard 800 points. Even back in the day, All Stars was bundles with SNES systems for some period I believe. Should Metroid Prime Trilogy for Wii have cost $90+ because it featured two last gen games ($20 a piece) and a $50 game? No, it was only $50 and clearly marketed as a collector's item (only a few amount of copies were ever made to begin with). Why does Mario cost more? Because they know they can jack up the price (and it'd be competing with the four NES games on VC) and people will still buy it anyhow. They almost can't lose any money in releasing this game, considering it's an SNES game put onto a disk, so they're simply trying to maximize profits as a good company would do. Obviously, that kind of thing angers some consumers.

Judging from the efforts of other companies and Nintendo themselves, this game falls short at being:
A) A worthwhile collectible (much less extra material than Prime Trilogy or SUGC for, example)
B) A good value (SUGC features 40+ games of similar age or younger at $30 total)
C) Worth buying (in some opinions, due to obvious reasons)

Not as simple as some people saying retail>downloadable and it applying to EVERY instance. Furthermore, I'm not even sure if it's the same people complaining about both things you mentioned.



Vinsanity said:

Man, what's up UK? I remember seeing lame first week sales stories for Epic Mickey, Sonic Colors, Enslaved and Castlevania: Lords of Shadow this quarter from you guys. Or was it Vanquish? Oh well - I'm sure you guys didn't turn out for that one in vast numbers either.

I gotta admit, I'm disappointed. Time was (back in '03) when you guys would swoop in and give a great game sales that it failed to net in the US. Like when Prince of Persia: Sands of Time tanked in the US, but the UK bought enough to greenlight a sequel (thank you, UK). Now you guys seem to be as bad as us uber-mainstream Americans who only seem to propel "Call of Duty 11" and "Madden 400" and "Assassin's Creed 2 Again" into the sales stratosphere.

Why won't real gamers come out in vast numbers to support great games these days?

Of course, I don't really care about Mario All Stars Wii. This is just lazy. If I wasn't relatively sure that it would actually become a collector's item someday, I'd skip it as well. This kinda crap is the reason people hate on Nintendo. It's just greedy and lazy, and really - this should just be on the Virtual Console.



GamerZack87 said:

Boo! First the British lash out at Transformers creators Hasbro, and now they won't show any love to four of the one of the best Super Nintendo games ever!

And yes, I did mean 'four of the one of the' etc., because it's a collection of four games in the one! in one!



MiiMiiMii said:

I'm with some of the other posters on here - there should have been more games. As a birthday celebration of the plumber, this is a lazy cash-in (or it would be if it sold more!) - Mario deserved better.

If they'd added more games (pre-NES, SNES and spin-offs) the production costs wouldn't have been much higher, and sales on VC/elsewhere wouldn't have suffered. And it would have become a £30 instabuy.

As its is, I have SMB 1 & 2 on VC, so won't buy this. I know some off you will and argue a leaflet is worth the money (you crazy sausages!), but you have to admit a collectable Wii disc with more games would have been a proper classic for many more folk (could have had a Gold version for those wanting rarity).



potomas said:

love mario,but this is the laziest thing nintendo have done for a while.25 years of mario should be celabrated properly.the games are all classics but there could have been so much more on here,original versions of all games,donkeykong,mario kart,supermarioworld1+2 and much more.



Rebel81 said:

Still think it's ok it's not selling that well, they at least could use the rom from the later cart which included smw.



jbrodack said:

Its selling well for what it is and how little effort nintendo put into it. If there were more mario games on the disc, maybe bonus minigames, interviews, galleries, and such then it would be worth and and be worth selling more.

I'm guessing they didn't put additional mario games in there to avoid hurting VC sales. Still, there was so much more they could have done to celebrate mario's history than this. The soundtrack and booklet are nice but mario fans deserve more than a fancy VC release on disc.



SuperLink said:

Let's not forget, the whole box comes with a mario history booklet AND a CD, so it's not JUST about the game. And there's also for the people who have never played the original, this will be a good little platforming package for them. they will get to see what nintendo did to bundle 4 great games together. It's harmless platforming. And don't forget, it's just a little 25th anniversary gift...nothing big



MiiMiiMii said:

@41 - you don't pay for a gift. If you get charged for something, it is not a gift.

Plus 'Mario History Booklet and CD', is a very weak excuse to make you cough up for this lazy half-arsed effort. A booklet that is basically a printed out article from Nintendo Magazine, and a CD only 1% of buyers will put anywhere near a CD player.

As previous posters have said, a proper celebration of Mario would have aimed to thrash the Sonic Collections.



Pj1 said:

I'm really surprised at the negative press the game has recieved, I thought the SMAS would one day would have been released via VC but when I use to post that on here people would tell me that wouldn't happen. It's funny that people still think it should have been on the VC and not been given a retail release. I'm happy that it was given a retail release as to me this is a classic game and should not be ignored. Also apart from appearing as a pop up on Offical Nintendo magazine webstie and an advert on the back page of retro gamer so little advertising has been done by Nintendo. They could have re-run the 25th Birthday ad's of the celebrities talking about Mario and then say at the end of them some thing about SMAS, the 50 Hz situation also could have hurt sales for this game. I read a lot of posts from peoplein the UK saying that they had cancelled their pre-orders, how can a company like Nintendo please every consumer? afterall the big N has the technology to have made it run at 60mz on PAL Wii consoles but they choose not to. The booklet is a nice feature but how many times did you read the word 'fun' Also guys, in 1994 when the big N put Mario World on the SMAS cart they for some reason didn't release it in Japan so why would they do it now? I have heard that the main reason for the game to be sold in retail stores was and is Nintendo wanted people who havn't put their Wii's online to get a taste of the early Mario games but why end it there when they could have put Mario World, Yoshi's island and Mario 64 on the same disc. That is what a lot of people have asked for or said about, there must be Wii owners who don't have their Wii online who havn't played the 'other' Mario games?
I dowloaded all the NES Mario games (apart from Mario 2) from the VC and I must admit it that I prefar Super Mario All Stars, I'm happy that this game was released on the Wii. It just means that my SNES can offically reitre...



niggyt2004 said:

i ordered mine last week and still waiting for it. In the mean time i have been playing donkey country returns which did turn up?



Doma said:

It surprises me that anybody is willing to pay £20 for an unchanged ROM in the first place...
Who can really consider that cheap booklet and CD as anything more than 'freebees' (rubbish ones).



Weskerb said:

Nintendo = Scrooge

It's not on the VC because Nintendo don't want to charge only 800 points for it. Hence - retail, booklet, soundtrack, £20 etc.

All we really want is for it to occupy a slot on our Wii menu next to all the other Nintendo classics, where we can boot it up anytime. Pretty shoddy on Nintendo's part if you ask me, especially when you consider that they actually removed Super Mario World.



EpicShow said:

No shock for me...
I'm more surprised from DKCR's low place =|
any way..
Both of them are on their way to ME



Betagam7 said:


Nintendo deserves to see this bomb in sales. Credit to the informed consumer who doesn't purchase their shoddy goods.



Capt_N said:

I understand that this is a celebration of Super Mario Bros., so it could, & probably would be argued that only the SMB games were necessary. However, as that would be the case, then indeed only the 4 SMB titles were necessary(the ones that were in the basic All-Stars), unless of course you consider Super Mario World a SMB title, but that opens more argument about Yoshi's Island possibly being SMB5.

Instead of going off track, where I'm going w/ this ~ If N wanted to concentrate game-wise on only the 4 Nes titles to bear the Super Mario Bros. name, then they should have simply released the basic All-Stars as a VC release, as 1 possible(out of many) option in that direction, & charged more Wii points, since it's a compilation title.

If the game is on a disc, despite being $30 compared to regular priced Wii games, it's only $2 less than all 4 Nes titles priced @ 800 points(the normal SNes price point, obviously due to the games' 16-bit upgrade). That's the only good thing I can say of it @ this moment.

@ $32 for the All-Stars package, Nintendo could have charged $50, & put in $18 worth of bonus, whatever that might have been.

Edit: I still wanna get 2 copies of this game. 1 for me, & 1 for selling later. But I do believe this should have either included more, & better appealing bonus material, or simply been released as a higher priced VC. This game was of little effort to Nintendo, & was lazy on their part, considering how much they've been creating this idea that they think SMB's 25th is a big deal.

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